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Still have your FFXIV 1.0 Collector's Edition? You get a Warrior of Light hat and other goodies!

By: Dododoro in Final Fantasy XIVposted at 5:51 pm May 05,2013

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Final Fantasy 14 1.0 Collector's Edition

During Neko Neko Chokaigi back in April, SE revealed that old Collector's Edition buyers for 1.0

will get a Warrior of Light hat, based on the hero of FF1.

It was also revealed that Collector's edition buyers 

(bonus if you're a legacy and 1.0 collector's edition buyer)

will get a few extra goodies along with the WoL hat specifically made for the 1.0 CE buyers

who were unhappy with the first game's collector's edition (Some which consisted of moldy unusable tumblers).

More information thus far regarding Phase 3 and other stuff:

- The third (of four) beta testing phases will begin this June. This will also include the PlayStation 3 version of the game.- The game will release this summer “when it’s hot”, perhaps ruling out September. They may be able to announce a date next month.-

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