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Sparklers For Birthday Celebration: Jagex Will Open Runescape's 18th Birthday Event With Fireworks

By: SLX9 in Runescapeposted at 12:27 am Jan 03,2019

Tags: 18th birthday  adulthood  bunch  colours  effects  festival 


As we mentioned several days before the startup when we were still in the countdown of 2018, the Runescape 18th birthday celebration will launch on today as scheduled. The opening ceremony, reportedly, was a firework show in the game hosted by players themselves. The sparklers, which can be freely acquired from Treasure Hunter, are the main prop to maintain this firework show and features different colours and different effects during their sparking. 

Based on the announcement from Runescape official site, we are convinced that these sparklers have been categorized into four different types according to numbers of grabbing and colours. In former categorization, there are four different types of sparklers to choose from: Purple, Double, Tripple, Quadruple. The bunches of different numbers of sparklers separate them each other. Other than Bunch amounts categorization, the latter one is Color Taxis. All two different colours, including red and purple, are on t

Moonlight Blade-Spring Festival Update

By: Rankochan in Moonlight Bladeposted at 5:12 pm Jan 15,2017

Tags: moonlight blade  spring  festival  update 


This years Spring Festival in Moonlight Blade will give us some very nice looking costumes, festive items, and a new feature that looks like time freeze, and can be found at 2:30 in the video 

La Tale Update - Jiendia is in a festival mood: October. 7th

By: ogplanet_latale in LaTaleposted at 9:32 am Oct 07,2010

Tags: La Tale  Fashion  Festival 


Yay! Jiendia is in a festive mood and we are happy to see that La Taler’s are coming out to enjoy the festivities!

Check out new fashion outfits, the Dark Gothic Set (Male), and Dark Gothic Set (Female). There are a few more outfits being released, but they are full sets.  Don’t forget to check all of them in the fashion shop.

It’s beginning of October, which means there will be a new update of functional fashion set, the cardboard robot set will be coming to user’s hand. This unique functional set gives reasonable options so don’t forget to check them in the fashion shop and on the LaDeck board.

A season of gamble item has come back. Gift box is on its way to the fashion shop, and this time users are able to open the item directly purchasing from the fas

Fun and cosplay at the New York Anime Festival

By: DrProfessor in defaultposted at 9:39 am Oct 03,2009

Tags: NYAF  New  your  anime  festival 


Hello mmositers! I've been out for a while, schools keeping me busy, and I enjoyed myself at the New York Anime Festival. I'm sure alot of you went. I wanted to share my experiences from the con with all of you.

    This was alot of fun to watch. The artist here goes to many conventions and does wall sized drawings in chalk. He took the entire 3 days to do it.

ANd the finished product!A soul eater group shot!

. . . I'm happy this shirt exist . . .

There were hilarious T-shirts a plenty but this one was the best.

And now the cosplay! 

A fantastic Mello and MisaMisa

Nagato has far more important things to do than pictures. Like tackling mikuru before she sets the world on fire and learning how to work a camera.

A fighting stance Luffy and Zorro from one piece.

 A personal favorite of mine.

Random bunny girl, mikuru, hard to tell the difference. Question is, does it matter?

Yoko Litner is what happens when you mix Sex and Action. A winning combination thats been continued for years of videogaming anime and action movies.

There was tons to see and it was more rare to find someone not cosplaying than cosplaying. As for me?



Altana Festival in Osaka: Super Ultimate Complete Guide

By: Falkner in Final Fantasy XIposted at 11:00 pm Nov 06,2007

Tags: Altana  Festival  Osaka  Guide 


(some pictures from: http://www.famitsu.com/game/news/...7_1124.html)

Translated by: Elmer the Pointy

On November 3rd, Square Enix held the “Altana Festival in Osaka” in Umeda, at the Umeda Fine Arts Theater in support of their MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, which currently serves players in Japan, North America, and Europe.

With an attendance limit of 1,800, this was a hot ticket, including a mini-concert and the revelation of highly anticipated information on the new expansion, Wings of the Goddess, set to go on sale November 22nd. Final Fantasy XI Producer Tanaka Hiromichi led an array of development team members in divulging news across a two-part event, and we’ve outlined everything we could below. So let’s get to the good stuff.

The latest new job with Magic-boosting abilities: Scholar! Then, Dancer and Campaign Info

At beginning and end of the festival, there were opportunities for the fans of Final Fantasy XI to hear the latest scoop on Wings of the Goddess.

The first presentation revealed “Campaign,” a new battle system mixing elements of

FFXI Harvest Festival Begins

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 1:56 am Oct 19,2007

Tags: festival  ffxi  harvest 

The FFXI Harvest Festival kicks off today. With that in mind, Square Enix has released details on the event over at the official Final Fantasy XI Online website. The event will be running from today, October 18th, thro

[GW] Dragon Festival Returns

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 7:23 pm Jul 03,2007

Tags: guild  wars  Dragon  Festival  Returns 

 Triumphant Return of the Dragon FestivalAll who attended last year?s Dragon Festival recall a mixture of merriment and terror dominating the weekend. The annual festival, which celebrates the rise of the Dragon Empi

[GW] The Scribe: Festival Alert!

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 7:19 pm Jul 03,2007

Tags: guild  wars  Scribe  Festival  Alert 

The Dragon Festival ReturnsAs many of you may recall, a series of demonic attacks nearly ruined last year?s Dragon Festival. Luckily, the valiant acts of countless heroes destroyed the dark source of these attacks and

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