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Army Rage BETA

By: FirstPersonShoter in Army Rageposted at 11:14 am Jan 11,2012

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Army Rage is an upcoming Free-to-Play MMOFPS set in World War II. Yacuba Games is happy to announce that the shooter has now entered closed beta. The closed beta test will run until February 2012, until that time, players can experience everything the game has to offer completely free. Army Rage's main focus is to offer realistic gameplay that regularly requires players to adapt to very dynamic styles of play. With four different classes and several different game modes, players will have to utilize their best strategies and work as a team to come out on top. For participating in the closed beta and helping Yacuba Games test for bugs, players will be rewarded with many in-game gifts and surprises.

Army Rage game modes include:
    Capture the flag - where the two sides of 12 play

Good news for those still wanting to get into Blacklight's CBT

By: Zevri in Blacklight Retributionposted at 8:37 pm Nov 18,2011

Tags: beta  keys  fps  f2p 


So you didn’t get into Blacklights Closed bet tests yet, but you still want a shot at getting in. I do have some good news for some of you. I say some of you because this method does require you either have a active IGN Prime Subscription, or a PayPal account. (It won’t be charged.)

IGN Prime is currently having a promotion for Blacklight beta keys for their upcoming test December 1st. All you need to do is have an active prime account, if you have that, just skip to the bottom and go to the link, if not, read on.

You can get an active 7 day free trial for IGN Prime if you have a PayPal account that you haven’t used to get prime already. All you need to do is sign up for the trial, log in to your PayPal, accept and you get the trial. You won’t be charged until the ren

Hellgate Global is not an FPS!!!

By: kashiegamer in Hellgate Globalposted at 12:47 am Nov 15,2011

Tags: Hellgate Global  Hellgate  ARPG  MMO  FPS 


 This came from my blog, kashiewannaplay.wordpress.com/


Hellgate Global is described by many uninformed sites as a first-person shooter game with RPG elements. I beg to disagree. I believe what they're talking about is Borderlands. Hellgate Global is a far different game from what they are trying to portray.Why is Hellgate Global not a first-person shooter game? Although Hellgate Global can be ticked to play in the first-person perspective, Hellgate Global lacks the general features of a first-person shooter:


1.) Realism - This is the umbrella feature of first-person shooters. Most, if not all, first-person shooters strive to achieve realism by imitating real-life guns and its features. Hellgate Global doesn't do this, which can be further explained by the next points, twitch, aim, reach/range, and projectile.

2.) Twitch Gameplay - first-person shooters rely on reaction-based gameplay. Hellgate Global, although timing is important, too, doesn't necessarily fall un

MMO Dictionary

By: Ottoha in defaultposted at 9:03 am Dec 19,2009

Tags: mmo  rpg  dps  tps  fps  rts  dictionary  words 


Hi again!

Are you new to MMOGs?

Have you ever joined  a game and after a while, you almost left cause people in it seemed to be talking in codes that you wouldnt understand?!

Well you dont need to feel like you are talking another language... I will try to put here the most usual "codes" used in MMOs.

MMO - Massive Multiplayer Online: Its the type of game where you play online with a bunch of other people. Ex: Perfect World, Counter Strike, Tibia, Runescape, etc, 

RPG - Role Playing Game: Its the type of game that you make a character and you fight your way throughout the game and you can improove your chararcter, making it stronger. It often has levels and the higher the level, the stronger your character is. Ex: Ultima Online, Perfect World, RF Online, etc.

FPS - First Person Shooter: Its the type of game where you see only your weapon (often a gun), like you are the one holding the weapon. Ex: Counter Strike, Doom, Wolfstein, etc.

RTS - Real Time Strategy: Its the type of game where you build an empire, an army and go conquer your enemies empire. Ex: Age of empires, Warcraft, Starcraft, etc.

TPS - Third Person Shooter: Its the type of game where you see your characte

BattleSwarm Review: 6 marines vs an Angry Mob of Bugs

By: Ajatz in Battleswarm: Field of Honorposted at 9:17 pm Oct 10,2009

Tags: Battleswarm  Battleswarm: Field of Honor  Review  Game  FPS 


BattleSwarm Review: 6 marines vs an Angry Mob of Bugs



Battleswarm is a first/third person shooter with real time strategy elements and revolves around the ever lasting cliche of marines vs aliens (have you ever seen a game where marines and aliens were friends?). Well anyways my first impressions of this game were quite good actually. I will start off with saying that I enjoyed playing the game and it was a new experience since I never played anything like this. But as time went on, it just got more and more frustrating, well anyways here is my review.



There is no story but I can make one up if you like. The army has a budget shortfall so they could only afford 6 marines to fight against an army of bugs, but luckily for them each marine was the secret love child of Rambo and could somehow fight on equal terms with the insect-like invaders.


Server Population:

Very very very very very small. Probably because it was just released from beta, but nevertheless if I have to wait 6-10 mins at night to find people to play a match with, I might just have to rage quit.

Maybe it is just my timezone? (which is PST), so unless everyone else lives in Russi

The Collector’s Edition Craze

By: retribute in defaultposted at 3:04 am Jul 17,2009

Tags: call of duty  fps  limited  collector  Halo  Gears 


Popular video game franchises like Halo 3, Sims 3, C&C Red Alert 3 (what’s with all these 3s), Street Fighter 4, Gears Of War 2, and many others have had collector’s editions and sometimes super-elite-overpriced-but-cool-limited collector’s editions.

 Halo 3 Legendary Box and the Gears of War 2 Lancer

So, is this the new trend for big titles?  We’ll probably be seeing a lot more of this in the future.  I know one game that is going include some pretty epic gear.  The new [Call of Duty] Modern Warfare 2 is going on sale in this November.  They will include a standard box, a “Hardened” edition and a much more expensive “Prestige” edition.&nbs

Duke Nukem Forever: 1997-2009

By: GarrettSkye in defaultposted at 6:46 pm May 08,2009

Tags: dnf  duke nukem forever  fps  gaming  news  tribute  3D  3dr 


I'm not sure how on earth I missed this bit of news, but 3D Realms, creators of numerous classic games, has closed it's doors.  However, they're probably more famous for developing the ultimate piece of vaporware: Duke Nukem Forever.  The game was first announced in 1997, and was meant to be a highly interactive first person shooter, where everything in the environment could be interacted with.  I can not remember where I read this, but apparently a demo shown at E3 some years ago showed a developer sending an email from an ingame terminal.  While adding nothing really to the gameplay, it was a rather interesting tech demo, and could be used to create some interesting game play mechanics.

It's still uncertain what effect 3D Realms closure will have on the game that these guys poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into.  Take-Two has only said that they still have the publishing rights to the game, so there is a chance that they may try to get the material to another developer to polish, finish, and ship to at least get it out into the wild.  I think that if the game ever does come out, it'll be like so many works to achieve fame after th

As Gamers We Save the World

By: furiosknight in defaultposted at 1:29 pm Dec 18,2008

Tags: mmorpg  mmo  and  of  it  mmofps  rpg  fps  mmosite.com  mmo 


    Ever wondered what you are doing for Mother Earth? Well, think about it this way... As gamers we do not harm many things, we spend time on an unlimited source, and we are given vision of what is right or wrong.  Would you expect a gamer to run outside and start burning random objects on a "controlled" fire? Of course not... you would expect to see them playing a game!

    Earth is deteriorating as we know it and most of the reason why is because of us (not gamers), us as in human beings.  From the destruction of war to the darkest and quietest spot of an ancient forest, humans are not slowly but rapidly eating away all in their path, just like fire.  Although we are expanding and upgrading to more sufficient and environment-friendly usables, we will at some point loose this life supporting planet.  Scientists of today are trying to find ways that we may live on other planets, or maybe even galaxies, but there are no safe solutions...  As gamers, we not only have fun while unknowingly helping this big blue beautiful rock, we also portray safety to our own kind.

    Believe me or not, it is freakin

What people don't know about Darkfall

By: chimps in defaultposted at 3:08 pm Dec 06,2008

Tags: Darkfall  PvP  FPS  Town  Raid  Game  Online  Character 


Ok in this article i will be telling you stuff that you might not know about darkfall.



Ok so basicly people think this game is another WoW Copy but people don't know that the game isn't grindy or have bad graphics, Basicly people say the game has bad graphics but it don't the graphics is actually way better than WoW, In a recent topic they explained to us that WoWs graphics is terrible the animations is not well made at all.

Anyways in this game you dont have an arrow to point on a enemy with you only have a pointer when you talk to an npc or so that's where you have it, In this game you need to click mouse to make combos/slashes it's basicly a fps game but since fps means first person shooter i will rename it to fpb first person battler XD, Yes the game is first person you only see yourself when you ride a mount where the camera zooms out so you can see anything around you so it wont feel so bad.

And know i will tell you how different classes succeed in making strikes, Well not classes since all "classes" is divided into races from what i know.

Mage: They basicly have a staff which i dunno if they can slash with it cause in videos they dont slash eve

Netdevil Announces Post Apoc MMOG

By: leo0815 in defaultposted at 3:14 am Sep 19,2007

Tags: FPS  Netdevil  Warmonger  Operation: Downt 

NetDevil, an independent game company and leading developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), today announced it is launching its revolutionary new title called Warmonger, Operation: Downtown Destruction, an apocalyptic, first-person shooter (FPS) powered by the AGEIA(TM) PhysX(TM) processor. Unlike other FPS titles, Warmonger features a unique, piece-by-piece destruction system and is designed to deliver stunning fluid and cloth-based effects unlike anything seen before. Warmonger will be available on October 16, 2007 to PC gamers via digital download and from leading edge hardware makers selling PhysX-based cards and gaming PCs. New assets, screens, and information may be found at: www.warmongergame.com.

Utilizing the AGEIA PhysX processor, Warmonger allows for dynamic game play to emerge from the results of combat. Destruction is enabled procedurally, rather than with standard pre-canned animations that are found in most games today. In Warmonger, destruction can also be used as a tactical tool or a weapon. Safe cover is no longer a forgone conclusion. For example, a sniper can blow up the stairs behind him to block access, but a rocket blast to the floor beneath him

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