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The Mummy Online Enters Closed Beta

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 6:36 pm Nov 15,2011

Tags: news  beta  f2p 


So if you’re from the states, you probably have seen at least one of The Mummy movies, they made several and they were fairly popular, but did you know they are making a mmo on it? Well, not so much a downloadable one but a browser based one using the Unity Engine, the same engine used for the Battle Star Galactic mmo.

Well, if you’re interested they actually entered the CBT phase. Now, some of you may be wondering about where to get a key…. This is the odd part, it is closed beta but if you register, you can play. So wouldn’t that technically make it open beta? I don’t know, but the good news is if you want to try it out, you can.

The game itself is an Action-Adventure RPG set in The Mummy universe. The game is free to play and does feature both pve and pvp co

[Breaking News]EverQuest II's New Free-to-Play; New Details Released for Age of Discovery

By: LordYanLiang in EverQuest IIposted at 10:30 am Nov 10,2011

Tags: EverQuest II  F2P  Age of Discovery  breaking news  Beastlor 



EDIT : I made a small change to get my facts correct. I had misheard Dave on the phone; mercenaries are already a playable class, but Age of Discovery will add mercenaries to the world. I apologize for the misinformation; but if you feel the need to correct me, keep your passive-aggressive hating to yourself, and keep your overall stupid shit trolling to yourself.


Two nights ago, EverQuest II celebrated its 7th anniversary in operation, and their celebration is extending all week long. But it’s the players themselves that have cause for celebration for EQII’s 7th year, because Sony Online Entertainment has dropped a piece of fantastic news several days ago that has been kept under wraps until this very moment. That news? EverQuest II will go COMPLETELY free-to-play e

Troy Online - The War is coming

By: Zevri in Troyposted at 12:18 pm Oct 10,2011

Tags: war  news  update  pvp  f2p 


Players of Troy Online, by ATL1 Games can expect some big things on Oct. 15.  What is it you can expect? How about some large-scale warfare?

That’s right, their new war system is coming up in a new update on Oct.15, and players can expect to duke it out with other factions in orders to claim honor, prizes, and buffs. The prizes and buffs are based off how well the players defend their fortresses and relics and how well they destroyed the oppositions.

The war itself plays a little odd in my opinion. The whole war will be held on the Islands of Dispute. I said Islands, because one neat thing about the war is it takes place on different islands depending on your level bracket. So say you’re level 18 and taking part in the war, you don’t need to fret and worry that a leve

WoW goes F2P till level 20.

By: Zevri in World of Warcraftposted at 8:06 pm Jun 28,2011

Tags: WoW  F2p  MMo  game  odd  news 



Okay, so I never really gave WoW a shot, mostly since I haven't really been looking for a p2p mmo to get into, but I still found this news odd. Yes, World of Warcraft is now joining the bandwagon for nabbing up those free to play players by adding a "Starter" Edition for new players.

This new starter edition is meant to give players a taste of the game, without giving the full experience, and is meant to replace the 14 day trial. The best way I can think of it, is almost like a dumbed down version of what Dofus has been doing for years, and in other mmos cases, since about the 90s. Limit the players, give them an unlimited taste of the game, then when they're hooked, get them to pay for the full experience. 

But for a heavy weight in the mmo industry such as WoW to inc

Team Fortress 2 F2P forever?

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 7:25 pm Jun 23,2011

Tags: tf2  steam  team  fortress  2  f2p  free  download 


That's the new news and it is a bit of a surprise, to me especially, since I wasn't expecting it to happen. But it did and it is free to play now. The game will be supported by microtransactions and premium accounts.

For a comparison of the free and premium accounts check below:



Like I said, this is a huge surprise to me, and a pleasant one at that. Why? Because I kept pushing back buying the game until this year, which I was going to do it during their huge summer sale. Why am I surprised? Because I didn't think they would actually do it, despite what rumours said. That is because a) It is still a very popular shooter by vavle and b) because they really didn't need the money from it. I mean they sold the keys to chests you find in game and we all know how that turns out for

11 year-old boy created a browser game

By: neo_punker in defaultposted at 12:37 am Aug 03,2010

Tags: browser  games  mmo  pirates  f2p 


An 11-year-old Peter Fitsgerald following his father’s footsteps (Also Peter Fitzgerald – founder of the medical diagnostics company Randox Laboratories) has developed a game in just eight months, and within four weeks, he has already seen 10,000 users signing up to play.

“I saw a gap,” he said, “when I couldn’t find an interactive, multiplayer game that featured pirates after watching Pirates of the Caribbean and series such as Hornblower TV,”

Then Peter set out his plan and develop a game with the help of his partner Andrew Cuthbirth (web developer) that was aimed at ages 8-12 and set during the Napoleonic Wars.

The game is free to play but like any other game in the web,  you need to buy more gold in order for you to iprove your ship/s.


SOE announces Everquest II is adding F2P option

By: Mandifesto in EverQuest IIposted at 2:16 pm Jul 27,2010

Tags: Everquest II  free-to-play  F2P  EverQuest II Extended 


I know I'm surprised, but only slightly so, to learn that EverQuest II will now offer subscription-free content through a new version of the game they are calling EverQuest II Extended.  What I am surprised about is the fact that there will still be a subscription service available through what they call the Live Game. 

It sounds as if EverQuest II Extended will have most of the same content as the subscription content, with some key differences.  Here's the breakdown as they explained it today:

If you're willing to give up some freedoms the Bronze level free-to-play option will allow you to have two character slots, limited communication functionality, and restricted access to some of the social functions of the game, such as guilds, brokers, and spell tiers.  Free-t

Older Sony Online Games Now Free To Play

By: alibaba in defaultposted at 2:31 am Sep 26,2007

Tags: soe  f2p 

Sony Online has announced that three of their older online games (Tanarus, Cosmic Rift, and Infantry), are now free to play online without a monthly fee. The three games were released before Sony Online launched the orig

CABAL Online to go Free

By: little_shiba in defaultposted at 12:32 am May 11,2007

Tags: cabal online  f2p 

Games-Masters.com today announced that its hit game, CABAL Online, will soon cease to charge a monthly fee. Players will be able to CABAL Online for absolutely FREE!

The decision may come as a shock to many current players, with the game increasingly achieving higher playing figures we believe it is a logical progression for the game dubbed a ‘Revolution of Action’.

With the changes of payment system in both Japan and Korea, the game increasingly fits a new model. It was a natural decision to make and we believe the new model will allow for the increasing success of CABAL Online in Europe.

Based in the fantasy world of Nevareth, CABAL Online has been a great global success, captivating audiences with its fast paced role playing action. In a world that is forever changing, players have been excited by the introduction of features rarely seen in other worlds such as the power to build up numerous attacks, in the form of a combo attack system.

From the end of June, CABAL will be a Free to Play service. Players will be able to enter and join the world of Nevareth, simply by downloading the client and registering on the CABAL Online website. In what is set to be an exciting
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