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MMO! Show: Episode 145 Week 1/13/2017 "WoW, R.O, HeroWarz, Soul Workers"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 8:55 am Jan 14,2017

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Plenty of news this week. Including a very shocking closing of Hero Warz already. WoW's new patch went live, and it went a long way in making the game even more solid. Revelation is about to CBT for the third time. Can they get it right this time? Or will it be more of the same not transated?

Guild Wars 2: So We Are 80 What Now? - Ep.40 "Escaping L.A."

By: Scion Storm in Guild Wars 2posted at 8:41 am Feb 19,2014

Tags: gw2  Guild Wars 2  Endgame  Balance Patches  Living Story 


No intro needed for this. It's the end get your popcorn ready. And get in there get some loot experience the carnage. I was expecting more cinema and Scarlet ranting. Strangely this would be the time for it. But she is very quiet considering her out there personality. For now she is being tight lipped. Before last week I would of applauded that. But now doesn't seem like the time for mute behavior. After you just did a 300 on Lions Arch.

Guild Wars 2: Guardian Paladin 3.0

By: Scion Storm in Guild Wars 2posted at 10:45 pm Dec 18,2013

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Calc Build Link= http://full.sc/1c4F57a

Ok next up on the build tour is redoing Paladin 2.0. And explaining what I use the original for and what I use 3.0 for now. What you will notice is I abandoned AH. Because it isn't being buffed, and is falling more behind. So no reason to hang onto it anymore for now. This build is mainly for WvW/Support however in fractals it works ok too. But I wouldn't use it there. Look to my new Holy Fire Guardian Build for that. No it won't be condition damage.

But if you find yourself favoring being damage/support type of guy. This is a fun way to do it and be a total pain in the ass. It has a lot of flexibility. You can go Aoe healing, Condition Removal, Damage Buffer, or WvW tank/Fractal Tank. Without ever needing to head back to the trainer. When I'm bored and want to roam WvW this is how I roll. Also when I want to be front line. But want the skill to judge the situation and change on the fly. I like game play like that so that's what this is based

Guild Wars 2: Blood and Madness Pt.1-3 "Sealing the Blood Prince" Achievements

By: Scion Storm in Guild Wars 2posted at 1:25 pm Oct 22,2013

Tags: gw2  Guild Wars 2  Endgame  Blood Prince 


Pt.1 “The Reliquary”

Pt.2 “Mad King’s Labyrinth 2.0”

What’s up all? You already know who is at it again. This time we are stomping our way through some more content. What I’m going to do today is show how to get 13 out of the 13 points.

First you head to Black Citadel the Haunted Nolani waypoint. Just a bit northeast of these is a char named Venna Castblade. Talk to her to get into the Reliquary. It’s easy you can do it alone. If you want spoilers on what to do you can watch Part 1 above.

Once your done with that comical affair you head into the Mad Kings Realm. You can find a door there easily in Queensdale. Once inside the mad realm again for this year. You can basically do every achievement inside. Kill the main 4 big bosses who appear from the doors. The first day at best you can take out 10-11 of the 13 achievements needed.

You need 13 achievements to get the candy corn mini. That unlocks the final show down with the blood prince. You will see in part three. After you ship him back t

Guild Wars 2: So We Are 80 Ep.22 "Livestream Balance Changes Truncated"

By: Scion Storm in Guild Wars 2posted at 4:03 pm Oct 14,2013

Tags: gw2  Guild Wars 2  Endgame  Halloween  Mad King  Balance Cha 


Just to make it easier for those not wanting to watch the live stream. This week on "So We Are 80" I took the liberty of taking down all the information said in the stream. And give my opinions video wise. But for those who don't want to watch anything. I will type it all out here below.


All pets in game receive 71% health increase
Aoe now counts all targets and doesn't ignore blocked targets.  This is a overall AOE damage nerf
Chill now has a more visual effect. Also you will see time is slowed for you.

Tooltips for all skills are now interactive and advanced. They now show all effects if multilayered and used. This gets rid of guessing on what any skill does.

Dot damage or damage of time now has a more visual look. This effect needs to be cut on. But its well worth the time to do so.

Aoe now has a third option you can cut on in options. This option is more accurate and stream lined. It allows faster casting and ease of movement.

Stunbreakers now return you to a normal state.

So We Are 80 What Now? Ep.17 "Somethings Coming!, Lfg, Skill Balances"

By: Scion Storm in Guild Wars 2posted at 2:48 am Sep 17,2013

Tags: gw2  Guild Wars 2  Endgame  Tequatl  Lfg Tool 


Well somethings coming we will see how imposing it is. We watched the live stream and had our comments. But in person in living color does more justice. The thing in question is Tequatl his revenge redo or retake. Whatever you want to call it hopefully it's epic. Also DAT loot gimmie that sword skin you fail dragon remix. Yea I know that won't happen first day but one can hope?

Now something I want to touch on is this. People have been raging on the LFG tool. Saying they're making this game a WOW part 2. I don't see it that way at all. Because you want your game to be streamlined. You don't want it to be a lazyathon. Blizzard went too far and made it Lazy town. I don't see this game ending up like that. So the sky is falling LFG conspiracy guys go have some tea.

I'll end it this episode with a few things. For one I have my original pc back fixed. So every video for now on will be high quality. Thank you for putting up with average so long. I'll make up for it making videos a lot

Guild Wars 2: Queens Jubilee Events

By: Scion Storm in Guild Wars 2posted at 4:00 pm Aug 06,2013

Tags: gw2  Guild Wars 2  Endgame  Queens Jubilee  Living Story 


So We are 80 "Queens Jubilee"

This is going to be a mega post with a lot of info and videos. I have a bunch of things to cover so look forward to this being constantly updated. Today’s Guild Wars 2 patch was, by far, one of the best patches ever. A nice unified grinding area is ready for all kudos A-net. Although new storyline is predictable, it is interesting. The Queens Gauntlet now is my favorite during all the time in game. Words are enough; have a look for yourself.


Opening Ceremony Living Story

Enjoy the opening ceremony of the Queens Jubilee. With a few surprises in store.


Queens Gauntlet

This is the first 5 bosses for the gauntlet. Suriel I did defeat but the video for that corupted. So it will be in my second montage of bosses sorry.


Crown Pavillion B

Guild Wars 2: So We Are 80 What Now? Episode 7 "Bazaar Prep"

By: Scion Storm in Guild Wars 2posted at 3:50 am Jul 09,2013

Tags: gw2  Guild Wars 2  Endgame 


Watch Episode 6 Bi Weekly Content

This week in so we are 80. We talk about prepping for the new content coming in a few hours. Also what do you guys think of the last two content updates? Has it made things better or worse for you. For me it's been a rather nice run of content for Arena Net. Some rough patches like the dungeon debacle, but fun nonetheless.

So after watching the video let me know what you think. Are you amped up or dialed out at this point. Either way it's all good enjoy your day people :)

Guild Wars 2: Dragon Bash Achievements

By: Scion Storm in Guild Wars 2posted at 10:11 am Jun 12,2013

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Dragon Bash is here and the response is mixed. I however like it no it doesn't blow me away but I do like it. And I'll do what I need to do for those wings feel me? You can only do 8 out of the 14 achievements this week. So no wings for us this week as you need 10 for the meta. Below is what you can actually do right now. For exact locations you can check the vid.


This achievement is one of the easiest. 250 pieces of candy needs to be consumed. Do not buy the pieces I know it's tempting. But while taking on So Lifelike you get dragon coffers. These coffers give you plenty candy. By the time you finish that achievement you will have plenty of candy to spam.

*Color In the Sky

Like Zhaitasty you can easily get fireworks from doing So lifelike. Then spam fireworks to all get out. Bring a book it will take a long time

*Paper Dragons

Really easy just smash pinata's in Lions Arche. You can see exactly where in the video. To make this easy I suggest using alts.

*Winners Circle

Guild Wars 2: So We Are 80 What Now? Volume 4 Last Stand at Southsun

By: Scion Storm in Guild Wars 2posted at 3:59 pm May 21,2013

Tags: gw2  Guild Wars 2  Endgame 


In this installment we talk about the new things coming to Guild Wars 2 May 28th.
You can see the original Page here https://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/releases/may-28-2013/

A lot of good changes this time especially adding pvp ascended gear. I really love that one makes things more interesting.

You Can watch Part One-Three Below
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StfHT5ac8v0 
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHd6N_oMkpg
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yVyJW-48OU

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