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Defiance Going Free to Play My Thoughts

By: Scion Storm in Defianceposted at 9:05 am May 08,2014

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Defiance going free to play is a nice thing. I heard a few times people say "I would play buy I don't like pay gates" Or that they wished it was free to play. Well in June all of those I woulds. Can now be hey I can do it now. You can be the run and gun cowboy you always wanted to be. And Explore a new world yet to be tamed.

Defiance is a fun game to try out. Ok the storyline from what I can see. Is a little drawned out but I like how it mirrors the tv show a bit. The reason why I cheer this game on. Is because it's trying something different. Can you imagine if we had a Firefly mmo? And that it followed show when it was on air?

We don't have many different things in the MMO industry. A lot of the games mirror each other. So I would like to see Defiance succeed at the shooter/MMORPG setting. Because things like Firefall and Global Agenda have faltered.

Defiance: Endless Free Trial Fun

By: Scion Storm in Defianceposted at 2:21 pm Dec 23,2013

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I don't know how I feel about this game. It has a lot of fun parts to it. But they refuse to update character creation. And address the fact a lot of gun imbalance still exists. I won't get into the free to play and buy to play stance. Because honestly I don't know actual numbers. Only the company can decide because they know the numbers. What I can speak on is game play. I like sniper guns so, I love sniper in this game. 

It's fun in Defiance plenty of side missions and things to do. I would like the world to be more alive. Even if it's a dying world I still like to see more interaction with it. And a more rallying system with the players. As it is now it's more of a run around and hope you run into someone. The story for the most part seems amusing. The sound is ok across the board. I look for good gun quality with sound it's there.

What I think this game needs is more interaction. So it has more personality when playing. I think it's best described as you're playing a ga

My Review of Defiance (So Far)

By: DefianceGuide in Defianceposted at 12:31 pm Jun 22,2013

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Defiance is by far one of the most interesting games that's been released in the past year. It was already uncommon to see a MMO to be published on consoles but Trion Worlds and Syfy didn't stop there. Not only is this a game title it is also a TV series. Wanting to increase the engagement involved in both the game and TV show, Trion and Syfy create content for both that work together. This helps promote both sides of the business.

Defiance as a video game is regarded to be ordinary at the very best. The majority of folks refer to it as being a extremely generic video game with very little to do within it. This is to some extent accurate. The video game does have numerous different elements such as open world activities ( player vs environment ), aggressive multi-player ( player vs player

Defiance PC First Look!

By: GeorgeWashington in Defianceposted at 1:38 am Apr 10,2013

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Defiance First Look!


Whats up gamers im Zach Sharpes here with another LUGO First Look! This time around though we get to check out Trion Worlds newest MMOTPS Defiance thanks to G2PO.com and Gamersgate.com! Defiance is a Buy 2 Play open world MMO set around a TV show releasing the 20th of April that will tie in with content patches by Trion and the games story line. Is this game a gimmick, or a fun experience people need to check out? Find out!

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Thanks for watching!

Zach Sharpes

Defiance First Major Story Mission

By: Scion Storm in Defianceposted at 1:50 am Mar 26,2013

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This was rather hard because I was forcing using a weapon. I made it harder then it had to be but still fun. At any rate I'm winding down on my content left. I'll be wrapping this up soon and give my honest opinion of things.

Defiance Arkfall Event

By: Scion Storm in Defianceposted at 11:47 am Mar 25,2013

Tags: Defiance  MMORPG  FPS  Shooter 


Here is a Arkfall event that i was rather late too :( But I still had fun with it and it was very similar to Rifts in Rift Online. My one gripe is more ammo should drop for all the shots we needed to kill everything. I was ill prepared and had a electric shotgun. That put together with my sniper rifle means lack of instant impact damage

Defiance: The Greatest Game I Probably Won't Buy

By: Philip Archer Domo F in Defianceposted at 4:08 am Mar 24,2013

Tags: Defiance  SyFy  Shooter  Beta Review 


I've been aware of Defiance for a long time now. At first I thought it was just a marketing gimmick type thing, an MMO to tie in with a TV series. Then I heard the opposite, that the TV series (which will be on Syfy) was the gimmick being used to market the game. The fact that it was being produced by Trion meant it wasn't something I could just ignore, though, so I signed up for the beta. And then forgot about it. A few weeks ago I got an email informing me I got into the third round of beta, so I loaded it up, not really expecting a great deal.

Let me start by saying the game impressed me. Really impressed me. That said, I'm probably not going to buy it. The game won't have a subscription cost, but 60 dollars seems a lot to shell out when the MMO market is currently flooded with aweso

Defiance Second Look Immersing Yourself In

By: Scion Storm in Defianceposted at 3:45 am Mar 23,2013

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This second look is more in depth all about the nuts and bolts of the game enjoy.

Defiance Beta Gameplay NDA Lifted First 2 hours

By: Scion Storm in Defianceposted at 1:26 am Mar 22,2013

Tags: Defiance  MMORPG  FPS  Shooter 


I did not speak in this one due to not feeling well. It's definitely me playing and giving you guys a quick look. Well to start NDA is over as of right now so I can post all my Defiance related material. I'll start by saying the game is fun and reminds me a lot of Rift and Firefall smashed into the same game. Is that a good thing I don't know it could be? I like both Rift and Firefall for what they are.

It still seems like a lot of the game is still under wraps. We will see what the patch brings in a few hours from now. From what I have witnessed while playing around is. The gun play seems at least legit in how it works. No wonky Apb gun physics that makes you run away.

If you like cyber punk themed games this may also be up your alley. The game basically is set in an end of the world cyber human sort of tone. That comes complete with a Ghost in the Shell typed AI you get. Also making its appearance for you is an ATV you can ride. The fun of that alone is well worth at least look

Syfy and Trion Collab Project Finally Has a Name

By: Sir Loin of Beef in defaultposted at 11:46 am Mar 23,2011

Tags: Trion  Syfy  Rift  Defiance  collaboration 



For those that have been following Trion’s progress outside of Rift may be aware that they’ve been working on another project in recent years, in collaboration with the Syfy channel. Well, that project has now been given an official name.

Defiance is the new science fiction oriented MMO that is designed to work in conjunction with Syfy’s original prog

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