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Is DCUniverse Online Pay 2 Win?

By: GeorgeWashington in DC UNIVERSE ONLINE posted at 12:08 am Jan 25,2013

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Whats up gamers im Zach Sharpes from EVGN here to answer one simple question... is DC Universe Online Pay 2 Win? DCUO was my Top F2P MMO of 2012 and for good reason, it combines a nice flair of awesome fully voiced questing content, Action MMO combat, and also superb Endgame! However, some say it is P2W and filled with hacks... is this true? Find out!

Thanks for watching!
Zach Sharpes

DC Universe Online F2P First Impressions!

By: GeorgeWashington in DC UNIVERSE ONLINE posted at 10:31 pm Nov 08,2011

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 Whats up MMOSite.com, im Zach Sharpes as always here to bring you my DC Universe Online F2P First Impressions! I thought this would be a timely thing since many are wondering how the game is in the first hour and what they can expect when they download the large file that is this MMORPG.  Question Of The Video:I know this one (question of the video) is lame, but do you think DCUO is Casual? Or Hardcore? Voice your thoughts down in the comment section of the video or the comment section on MMOsite.com. Also make sure you hit the "Like" button because it helps me out and tells me you liked the video!  


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DC Universe Online Gone Free to Play

By: Shadic0 in DC UNIVERSE ONLINE posted at 6:09 pm Nov 02,2011

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Sony Online Entertainment has announced that DC Universe Online has been switched to a free-to-play model as of today.

The game offers three different levels of content.  Free access players can play any of the base content from the DCUO world, including all raids and alerts not included as downloaded content.  Premium access is given to players whom purchase a minimum of $5 of in-game items.  This will unlock more character slots, additional inventory space, and the ability to hold more money.  Finally, Legendary access is available for a monthly fee of $14.99 with multi-month discounts available.

Legendary access includes all DLC packs, more than 16 character slots, 60 inventory spaces and the ability to form Leagues (guilds).

Free : New players now have access to the b

DCUO - Flawless Victory? - Discuss

By: Pelagato in DC UNIVERSE ONLINE posted at 5:09 pm Jan 28,2011

Tags: DCUO  sportsmanship  match  flawless victory  worried 


Hey guys, check out the picture, specially the final scores and you will get an idea of why this entry title is Flawless Victory...

See what I mean? 100 points at my side and 0 at the other one... This is not strange at all,I have been in flawless victory matches before and in some humiliating defeat ones too.... Normally, people will celebrate and throw a party when something like this happen but honesty I dont feel any better at all...

At the best I feel worried... Why???

Because this game is sorta new and some people are already pulling some crazy stunts... sometimes I wonder how the hell do they do that. I know that there is two posible reasons for this, one is that the winning team is much more better, they have superior gear, better skills and they are stronger all around... The ot

DCUO Bugging Issues..... News Report by a player...

By: Pelagato in DC UNIVERSE ONLINE posted at 7:03 pm Jan 14,2011

Tags: DCUO  news report from a player  bugs 


Hey peeps, I have been playing a lot of DCUO this days... The game is awesome and cool, and goes beyond what I like, but there is a few issues around the place that are messing up the game, I dont know if this is a big deal, I just know that some of them dont feel right...

You probably ask why I never manage to discover this issues in beta... One reason is because the Beta had low population, only a few people was selected, so the stress on the server was minimum and the pvp was also limited. Not to mention that I only reached level 11 or 12 in beta...

Ok here is the deal... The issues!!!!

1... For some reason the League chat turns off every day at peak times... I dotn know what is going on but its kinda bad when you cant chat with your buddies in a guild because the server is clog with

DCUO server is down... omg!!!

By: Pelagato in defaultposted at 5:29 am Jan 13,2011

Tags: DCUO  server down  pvp 


Hey peeps, I cant take this anymore... the DCUO server went down this mourning for some unknown reason at all, I was playing and then boom! 1 minute until shutdown.... I was like OMG!!!!!!

I need to beat the crap out of some npcs or join the Legend PvP and use Harley to smash a king size bomb into someones head lol!!!!


lol it never gets old... if you ask me DCUO is one of the best mmos ever made, its kinda bad that all the fanboys of WoW and other games are not pitching in... maybe they should improve their reflexes and get use of the combat style... 

No worries peeps, if you get pwned in pvp, at least you will know that someone is already getting into the right tracks, the cool thing is that you wont be alone later on in the game LOL!!!

ps: I add a few pics later on when the servers get back online...

DC Universe Online Beta Gameplay Trailer

By: Mavlock in DC UNIVERSE ONLINE posted at 8:08 am Oct 06,2010

Tags: dcuo  combat  beta  soe  game play  trailer  mmo 



SOE released a new video for DC Universe Online featuring combat from the current beta. The intense

DC Universe Online Cinematic Trailer with Commentary

By: Mavlock in DC UNIVERSE ONLINE posted at 8:05 am Oct 06,2010

Tags: DCUO  comic books  SOE  blur studio  jim lee 


Tim Miller of Blur Studio and Jim Lee give us behind the scene highlights of the thought process and subtl

Chris Cao Talks DCUO and Grouping with Jim Lee

By: Mavlock in DC UNIVERSE ONLINE posted at 11:10 am Sep 09,2010

Tags: dcuo  jim lee  sony  soe  grouping  quests 


This week Sony Online Entertainment released a video of Chris Cao, Game Director of DC Universe Online, recapping his play session with Jim Lee in DCUO. This being Jim’s first time in game Chris says he took to it quickly picking up the role of a tank in their group. Chris hints at a quest line in the JLA Watchtower involving Brainiac releasing the prisoners from the containment cells inside. This would be where some of the worst JLA rogues gallery is kept. He goes on to inform us that raid was moving fairly well and then points out how PHYSX system is in play kicking debris about the play area. Moving on he talks about how the various players were using some of their super powers, for example his super speed allowed him to run up the walls and across the ceiling to avoid the onslaug

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