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Attack on Saiyan: Another Look Review

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 5:12 am Mar 06,2018

Tags: Attack on Saiyan  Android  Gaming  DBZ 


So I decided to give this another look. I covered it earlier last year, but that version was a CBT version of this game. So let's take a look at it now in a more final form. Sort out of in honor of the recent super episode.


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Dragonball Online Begins Open Beta

By: Sir Loin of Beef in Dragon Ball Onlineposted at 12:48 pm Jun 30,2011

Tags: Dragon Ball Online  MMO  anime  open beta  DBZ 


Anime fans, get hyped! DragonBall Online is finally in open beta. And you can get in on the action too by downloading the Taiwanese client (that is, if you're good at speaking Mandarin).

The game is being handled by NetMarble, responsible for other titles such as Uncharted Waters Online, and SD Gundam Capsule Fighter. The story of DragonBall Online takes place 216 years after the events of the original manga series (meaning no bullcrap relating to the awful GT series, since it's not even considered canon by the original author, Akira Toriyama). Players will be tasked with fixing various "cracks in time" that have been caused by a shadowy organization, with the help of Time Patrol Trunks.

Fansite DBOcom has an English patch available for download for those who don't have Mandarin

Remarkable Power ups in Anime

By: yia in defaultposted at 2:21 am Jul 12,2010

Tags: anime  onepiece  Dbz  bleach  naruto  manga 


These are five characters from five different anime in which how they get powered up. The scenes i chose are the first time these characters ever transformed ( Of course i'm providing basic info about the characters.)

Vegeta, The Forever Prince of Saiyans

By: Hyuk in Dragon Ball Onlineposted at 4:47 pm Sep 20,2008

Tags: dbz  vegeta  dbzo  fanart 



it's meaningless to judge Vegeta a good guy or not, in fact, to most of DBZ fans, Vegeta's whole life, what he did, his changes, that's what made him nobody but VEGETA. Indubitability that's why we love him. Last week I re-watched Dragonball Z (I finished 260 more volumes in 7days, lol..im crazy..), now i think it's time I SHOULD post something about this cool face Saiyan. Here we go, I found some awesome fanarts and a video (You might watch it before)

CEO of Capsule Corp.

I forget where it originally come from....anyone tell me?

Blue Brothers, Lol

Television: Does cosmic man really exsit?
Vegeta: -_-"

Fantastic Life T_T

BULMA! Where are you!! Help -_-"

I uploaded 35 more pictures in my album check it out

Video: DBZ Vegeta David Usher-Black Black Heart

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