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ArcheAge Skill Combos and Builds How to

By: Scion Storm in ArcheAgeposted at 5:23 pm Apr 28,2014

Tags: ArcheAge  MMORPG  Skills  Combos 


Fielding questions on my live stream. I came up with the idea to do this video. Because out of everything in the questioning. What I get asked the most is how the combos work. Because guys see most of my attacks combo. So this video I'm explaining how I do that. And how everyone can understand the skills and do the same thing.

The main thing you need to know is this. Most attacks have an debuff or effect that can be chained into another. In most cases it tells you right on the skills. So you just need to read each skill and see what combos with it. From there you need to figure out what classes benefit each other the most. And fit your style of play. It takes a hour or so to understand it. 

But once you do the game will be all the more fun for you.

Captain Hook Tips by Undrawn

By: Undrawn in Lost Sagaposted at 9:06 am Jul 17,2010

Tags: Lost Saga  Hook  Tips  Combos 



Hey everyone I am Undrawn and i want to show you everything about Hook

Attention: Before reading this guide you are hardly suggested to listen to the Pirates of the Carribean Theme Song!



 Captain Hook is best for intermediate or highly skilled players. His outfit includes the captain´s hat, with a mysterious skull symbol, that is said to be cursed with the power to make whoever looks at it to drop a piece of gear. He´s a bomb specialist who always carries a small bomb, and also creates Bomb Showers that rain destruction down on his opponents.



General Information about Captain Hook


So, Hook has a super Jump which is quite nice because that way he can throw his bombs especially the big bomb to enemies standing on the other

[Lost_Saga] Hero Combo

By: DAznJim in Lost Sagaposted at 6:48 am Jul 10,2010

Tags: lost saga  hero combo  jimme12  jiM-me  DAznJim  combos  how 


What are combos (according to wikipedia):

In video games, a combo (short for combination) is a term that designates a set of actions performed in sequence, usually with strict timing limitations, that yield a significant benefit or advantage

What I define combo as:

A simultaneous execution of a player's movements on another player, disabling him/her from normal movement. (The reason for 'normal' is because in lost saga, oneself can use a jetpack or monk's robe to free themselves from the combo.) I consider a minimum of 3 consecutive hits that disable a player's movements as a combo.

I've demonstrated the common combos of almost every hero in Lost Saga in the video below. The heros have no epic gears and only use 1 hero for the combo. Other videos will show hero swap combos even further b

Lost saga tips for Justice Defender

By: keithafriye in Lost Sagaposted at 4:20 pm Jul 08,2010

Tags: Lost saga  games  tips  combos 


Justice Defender is a helpful melee hero in big Team Matches and 1on1's.Here are Justice Defenders tips and combos.

Combo 1:[Eye Beam]>[Tornado]>[D.Strikes]>Attack.The tip for this combo is Tornado.You can fit alot of skills after it like Uppercut,Shackles,Hat-a-rang and Savage slam.

Combo2:Attack until 3rd hit then D.Strikes on 4th hit>Attack.Tip:Juggling.Simple.

Combo3:[Tornado]>D.Strikes>Attack.Tip:You might want to use Berserk for this because you will get larger to catch the enemy.

Tips:Justice defender is good for chasing fast enemies and its dash attack sometimes hits enemies to the side of him or her and [Protection[ goes good with A Ice mage hat so when you are out of invincibility,you can use [Frost shield]! And walk half of the way for long travels because [Swift Flight] wastes out of fuel fast.

I Hope you Justice Defender lovers get better at it! Good-bye! 

lost saga combo.

By: SJT_Jason in Lost Sagaposted at 5:10 am Jul 07,2010

Tags: lost saga  combos  kage ninja 


 Hi I am here just to show tell you guys a combo I have thought about. I know it may be noob but I spent a few hours to figure it out.

I couldn't make a video cause I dunno how to. But if I needs to use images please tell. I will try my best to gather images usable for this post.                                            

First combo: we need 3 heros. Namely: Muskeeter,   Firemage, & Kage Ninja(needs to have epic infantry hat for this combo. )
This combo can do a bit of dmg and distance. (Increase chance of edging)
First to start off, Muskeeter to shoot from far range to deal a few hits(not impt but may help).
When opponent is near enuff to hit you or do any skills to you, face them and counter them with thrust(Muskeeter's trinket skill).Do a few hits just by tapping attack button as the opponent collapse to the ground.
Next change to Firemage and use flame wave

The Lost Saga Cowboy Blog!

By: InuNekoKitsune in Lost Sagaposted at 5:02 pm Jun 30,2010

Tags: Lost Saga  Blog  Cowboy  Combos 


Hi there! My name is Natzuka..Here on the inside story on how to play.. Cowboy


Or rather, Cowgirl.


Here in Lost Saga we have all your Shoot 'em Down needs!

The main thing to think about while playing the Cowboy, or girl!, is that the Weapon is pure-ranged, and should be used as support for your Melee teammates to pick off the annoyances or Low health enemies.

Simply holding D will cause a circle to appear on the screen, pressing the directional keys will cause you to face that way while you hold down D. The circle will instantly go to the first character you point it towards, however if you hold it there for a moment the circle will glow blue, indicating a Charged Shot!

The Charged shot hits for roughly 1.5x the amount of a normal bullet, and it causes them to fall o

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