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Closers Online Closed Beta Will Have No Progress Wipe?!

By: Nocht in Closers Onlineposted at 11:12 pm Nov 07,2017

Tags: Closers Online  Closed Beta Testing 


Closers Online English Closed Beta is now live starting November 7! En Masse Entertainment has given access to those that buy founder's packs from the site as well as giveaways in the Closers community. There's one major questionable decision made by En Masse Entertainment that's got a lot of fans scratching their heads. This closed beta will not have a progression wipe once it ends. Characters will retain their progress to the next phase.

The Closed Beta introduces the addition of a dedicated European server on top of the already existing North American server.

Closers Online NA Alpha Gameplay & Alpha Dates

By: Nocht in Closers Onlineposted at 3:46 pm Sep 28,2017

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Closers Online’s North American alpha weekend will be starting its third session this coming Friday and ending on Sunday.
Alpha testers can play the Black Lambs characters over the weekend and provide feedback on their experience in the En Masse Entertainment forums.

Here is my gameplay in the alpha server playing the Misteltein the Genius (Lancer class).


Here is the schedule for the alpha weekend.

Closers Online Western Alpha & Beta First 5 Playable Characters

By: Nocht in Closers Onlineposted at 8:00 pm Aug 26,2017

Tags: Closers Online  CLOSERS 


Closers Online, the anime styled action combat MMORPG, has been officially announced for NA and EU by En Masse Entertainment. Alpha is set to start in September and beta later this fall of 2017. There are no confirmed dates yet, but you can sign up for closed beta testing now.

The Closers main web-page shows only five of the eleven total playable characters of the Closers universe. The 'Black Sheep' characters will be playable while the 'Wolf Dog' characters will be added at a later date.

Playable characters in NA/EU Alpha and Beta:
Seha the Hothead, Sylvi the Leader, Yuri the Heart, Misteltein the Genius, and J the Soul

Characters to be added in the future:
Nata the Hunter, Tina the Arms, Levia the Witch, Harpy the Rogue, Violet the Valkyrie, and Wolfgang Schneider the Librarian

En Masse di

Closers Online Dance Routine

By: Scion Storm in Closers Onlineposted at 1:59 am Jan 02,2016

Tags: Closers Online  MMO  MMORPG  Gaming 


I found this and almost fell out my chair. It's too awesome not to show you guys, Ace Yeon did a good job with this.

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Closers Online Nata Released KR Server

By: Scion Storm in Closers Onlineposted at 8:46 am Jul 20,2015

Tags: Closers Online  MMO  Gaming 


Nata maybe the best character released so far for the game. He seems to be crazy are a fruit bat, but that doesn't stop him from being the most dangerous character released. He can combo and link almost every move he has. Unfortunately they seem to have released him incomplete. He is missing a lot of his moves. Even with a reduced arsenal you still have a lot of fun with him.

Closers Online - New Class Character Nata Gameplay

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 5:43 pm Jul 17,2015

Tags: Closers Online  New Class  Nata  Uodate 


Nata is the latest character added to Closers Online. Nata is an agile hero with two swords and here we see him in action in early levels.

Closers Online KR Mistletein's Debut

By: Scion Storm in Closers Onlineposted at 3:18 am Feb 15,2015

Tags: Closers Online  MMO  Dungeon Crawler  Fighting  Mistletein 


Closers Mistletein Debut's she/he is a weird character. It is a she I got it confirmed...But yea certain times and clothing put a troll on the situation. It's a gender bending mess. I can't 100% say it's a girl or a guy. It's Chung all over again Nexon you A-holes.

It's a damn Trap!

But onto more serious matters. Mistletein is a close ranged lancer fighter. She/he is very powerful and has good reach. It will take a little while to get used to her/him. Her/him combos are slower and wider than the others. And it's also harder to cancel her normal attacks. She has what appears to be more frames. So her follow through is tough to break out of.

All in all she/he is a fun character to use, and a change of pace. If you can get over the loli weirding you out.

Gangs all here now

MMO! Show Episode 60 "Week 2/1/2015" 2015 comes out swinging

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 4:04 pm Feb 01,2015

Tags: Closers Online  Elder Scrolls Online  Elsword  Trove  Das Ta 


The beginning of the year normally isn't this busy. So let's talk about this for a bit. This time last year more games actually were released. But they really didn't have much of a impact. This year we have Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls making big announcements. Borderlands is making an MMO debut. Even Blizzard making a MOBA splash with Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm.

With so many big middle and small names. All making a push for your wallet. How do you feel about the first month of the year? Does this truly look better for you than 2014?

Elder Scrolls Online

Closers Online



Das Tal

Guild Wars 2


If you

MMO! Show Episode 58 "Week 1/18/2015" Story don't take it for granted

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 6:11 pm Jan 18,2015

Tags: Final Fantasy 14  BrawlHalla  Rift Online  Closers Online  H 


In MMO's a lot of people say they want graphics, maybe game play or even sound. Maybe I'm weird but I want a good story. Or at least something that makes sense in fighting for. If a game has bad writing or story plot. I will not play that game, because I can't identify with the world. That may seem silly, but that is how I operate. So this week what I would like. Is the reason you play MMO's and what gravitates you towards them.

Games covered this week are:

Final Fantasy 14


Rift Online

Closers Online


Guild Wars 2

Marvel Heroes


MMO! Show Episode 52 "Week 12/7/2014" Will 2015 be better than 2014?

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 9:58 am Dec 07,2014

Tags: MMO  Closers Online  Black Desert  Valiance Online  Beast of 


Let's face it 2014 closing out is a bad year in gaming. And a even worse year in MMO's. I think in my twenty years of MMO. I have never seen so many flops in a one year span. Who knows why this is even happening? You can guess on economy bad CEO's or even communities destroying games. But let's not dwell on it.

In 2015 we have hope. Black Desert, Revelations, Lost Ark, Civilizations Online, Skyforge, Bless Online, and Blade and Soul. All are confirmed for 2015. For the genre's sake all of these games need not to fail. Because investors and boards will stop investing in MMO's. And that will be the true death of MMO. You can see the signs already far less triple A titles exist. And even less games over all.

Basically Korea and China are curb stomping the rest of the world. Because th

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