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Black Desert KR Character Selection A Look In English

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 8:11 pm Feb 10,2015

Tags: Black Desert Online  MMO  BDO  Black Desert  Character Custo 


I wanted to show you guys character customization. But this time how it looks in English. Basically it changes your entire outlook on everything.

Thx to LokiReborn's Patch

Black Desert: Ep.4 Tamer the making of Dawnstrike

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 9:10 am Jan 22,2015

Tags: Black Desert Online  MMO  BDO  Black Desert  Character Custo 


Now that Tamer is out for a few days. Let's take a look at all the fun you can have creating her. I also show you how to make the character I made in this video. Now a few interesting things to note. She plays like a Ninja more than any beast master class I have used. That aside I screen shot all her clothes and some poses. You should enjoy them and look forward to future game play.

Black Desert: Ep.3 Tips Ip Bypasses&More

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 1:41 pm Jan 13,2015

Tags: Black Desert Online  MMO  BDO  Black Desert  Character Custo 


After watching the Tamer trailer the new class coming. I decided yep I'm starting Purefate over as that. So you won't see me using the other class much longer.

This episode is all about tips and questions I get asked a lot. A main question is why does the IP block keep happening? Well to be honest I don't know. But here is how you combat it when it happens.

As you guys know you can use
When that still gets the block change the second line. Try different combos. For example or I find myself having to change between each one. Doesn't happen often but when it does I do that.

Another question I get is how do I deal with lag. In some cases pretty much nothing you can do with it. But lowering visual settings does help. What I use is the setting 1 from the right. And I cut off smoothing and max distance. Both of them seem to not do much of anything anyway.

Another tip for you guys is don't buy gear until level 30. And even then I don't think it's much needed

Black Desert: Thoughts After the Dust Settled

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 7:12 am Dec 29,2014

Tags: Black Desert Online  MMO  BDO  Black Desert  Character Custo 


Just my thoughts on the game as it stands early on. For starters I applaud the cash shop. It makes sense and isn't too intrusive on the game. Mainly it's cosmetic, that bothers me a little. But I rather that than paying to win any day.

For the most part the English community is rather large in the game. Bigger then I thought it would be. I even run into people who know who I am. Which is funny when you get those random am in the video messages. The game is what I hoped it would be. An adventure sandbox with nice pve involved.

It's not reinventing the wheel by any means. Just if anything making it fun to ride on it again. Something we lost in 2014, it seems all the fun has left the genre. And cash shops and stuffy game design is littered all over the place.

I hope Black Desert even in the s

Black Desert: How to get good ping and video settings

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 4:33 pm Dec 18,2014

Tags: Black Desert Online  MMO  BDO  Black Desert  Character Custo 


A lot of people have message me about my settings in Black Desert. I did a stream yesterday and it went well. So even though my voice is really bad. You no longer need to get beyond the Ip block. Because that has been lifted. Now all you need to do is link WTFast to the games exe file. For example mine is (C:\Daum Games\Black Desert\bin64) Because I use the 64bit client

And the main page here= http://black.game.daum.net/black/index.daum
If all goes well you should be able to work
Now as for the video settings this is easy to understand. I covered if in the video but I'll list it again here.

The options are listed as you see them in game

Full Screen, Fullscreen Windowed, Window
UI Scale
Camera Shake
Field of View
Texture= Slider Low to High
Graphics= Slider Low to High

You can mix and match settings until you get a stable FPS. I suggest going mid and going up slowly. But at any rate you should be good to go from here


Black Desert: Customization Remaking Scion and Pure

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 7:42 pm Dec 13,2014

Tags: Black Desert Online  MMO  BDO  Black Desert  Character Custo 


So I got the game working no lag. Took me two days but yea....This is me pretty much making the basis of Scionstorm and Purefate. We seem to lost a lot of the options we had in CBT. I will be able to jump into the game the 15th so stay tuned for that. Full review and everything going deep into the game.

But I have concerns. As you will see in the link, majority of the options I had in CBT3 are gone or locked. I'm not quite sure why that is. I'm hoping it's not all locked behind pay walls. Because it's a little weird to not be able to customize completely. In a beta called "Open Beta Early Character Creation". Could be just my jadedness coming out but yea...something don't seem right here.

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