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Blade and Soul China : 10/2/14 Patch Notes to reduce Weapon and Acc Feeding Requirement!

By: Aspenach in Blade and Soulposted at 7:26 am Feb 10,2014

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Credits to Mark Anthony D for the image, please check out more of his awesome works at his deviant art page 

With Valentine's Day just round the corner, we have a new patch inbound! Wait but this is not the Valentine's Event yet but a patch to revise some of the drop rates for certain loots. =)

1. Increase drop rate in 24 men Pohwan

During this Valentine period, the drop rate for the 24 men Pohwan Weapon 暴风恶女武器 aka the Typhoon Evil Girl Weapon will be doubled. The Weapon Chest can be obtained from killing Pohwan and the chances for you to get a Typhoon Evil Girl Weapon now will be 200%. After Valentine, the drop rate will decrease but will still be significantly higher than the current drop rate.

2. Weapon or Accessories Feeding will be easier

The requirement f

Blade and Soul China : Struggling with the Bosses of Pohwan? Check out the Boss Guides here!

By: Aspenach in Blade and Soulposted at 12:14 am Jan 16,2014

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Today I have painstakingly salvage information through the net and Chinese forums to put together some guides on how to tackle the various bosses in the Pohwan instance. The amount of information is too much for the blog so I have put up the guides on my webby. This might not be the best guide out there but this was something I could put together. I will most likely take some time to concentrate on clearing this instance so might be inactive in blogging for the next few days.

Website layout example:

For more details on the Pohwan Instance Guide, please click on the link here.

Please feel free to drop me some of your own tips for any of the bosses should you have. =)

As always, follow me on Facebook to get the most up to date news on Blade and Soul China! =)

Guild :&nb

Blade and Soul China : Intro to Pohwan + Suggested paths for completing Daily Quests

By: Aspenach in Blade and Soulposted at 5:31 pm Jan 12,2014

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Few more days before Pohwan is released! How are you guys today? I was busy over the weekend getting myself into Test Server and recording some videos of my Pohwan 24 men experience. Now, let me share with you what I find over there.

How to receive the Pohwan Quests?

Once you enter the Su Wul Plains after patch, you should receive an invitation quest for the Pohwan Instance. The Quest will prompt you to complete your 4 Big Instance, namely the Pig, Spider, YongLing and Monkey. Once you have completed the 4 instances, open up your map and head on over to hand in your quest. From here you will receive an invitation letter to enter Pohwan Instance and you are good to go! (Please refer to map below)

The amount of gold the quest gives

The quests at the 24 men Pohwan Instance is a go

Blade and Soul China : 8 Change/Bugs Resolved before Christmas! Estimated Patch Date 18th December 2013

By: Aspenach in Blade and Soulposted at 11:11 pm Dec 15,2013

Tags: aspenach  Blade and Soul China  CBT  OBT 


With my afternoon coffee in my hand I read through the list of changes listed on the official website. I have heard about these changes on the official website a while ago and well its finally here!

1. Improvement of Trading House

Are you like me spamming left clicks whenever you try to buy an item from the trading house just to have someone beat you to it? Anyone changing mouse because of this reason?

I always thought it was needless to scroll through tons of bid pages just to find an item which i wanna buy instantly. My personal best is 80 pages for Horns, what about you? LOL! Anyway jokes aside, now we can categories how we want to see the items listed in the Trading House. Soon, you will be able to view them by either bid or buy now.

2. Enhanced Auto Party

Enhanced auto party sy

Blade and Soul China : Download your OBT launcher now + Warning to all CBT Players

By: Aspenach in Blade and Soulposted at 6:54 pm Nov 20,2013

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UPDATES :**Official Announcement : Due to overwhelming response, the Create a Char event has ended earlier than expected. The newest server 电信6区was filled up in 2 hours. With that we wrap up the event and look forward to seeing you guys on the 28th Nov during OBT. Ciao~**

For players who did not score a chance to create your character, fret not, get your launcher ready and read through all the guides in this forum to prepare for the 28th of Nov. I will be throwing out a few more posts to make your entry into the game as smooth as possible. I tried my best to reply comments as timely as I could and I would like to thank the helpful members for attending to some of the queries posted here. =)

Many people have wondered why is there an extended maintenance time on the server today. T

[Review] Eternal Blade JP CBT

By: Zugai in Eternal Bladeposted at 9:24 am Mar 25,2013

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Many might think it’s just another Anime style point n click MMO, but it isn’t.

It’s not even a point n click/action hybrid.

It uses regular MMO perspective and you aim skills/attacks with your cursor at all times.

First off: Character Creation

Since the game is genderlocked you miss out on about half the possible combinations.

Knight: female

Thief: female

Archer: female

Berserker: male

Mage: male

Soul Summoner: female

4 Hairstyles per gender

9 Haircolors (same for both genders)

5 skin colors (same for both genders)

10 eyes per gender

4 eyecolors


The standard control setup might not be the best to begin with:

Skills on ASDFGHJK & F1-F8
Items and pet skills on 1-4/5-8
RBM to adjust cam, cursor to aim, Arrow keys to move. (I don’t expect anyone to have 3 hands to keep that)

X to sit down,

Space to loot,

G to collect "Souls" from dead mobs.


The basic idea was to get away from pure point n click.

In the previous version (iL:S) you already could use skills w/o clicking on a certain t

So, did you get into Dragon Nest CBT? (Nexon)

By: Zevri in Dragon Nestposted at 6:04 pm Jun 13,2011

Tags: dragon nest  DN  cbt  f2p  nexon  mmo 



So that is the question of the week. Why the week you say? Well the game will be open to testers this week, the 15th to be exact, but that only applies if you got in, that is. As most of you know, the game was originally meant to start testing last month, but was delayed due to one reason or another, and was pushed to this month.

The game itself has stirred up a lot of buzz, and blew up in popularity in other regions. So I, as I am sure, many of you have been waiting impatiently for it to come out in English. Some of you probably already started off in the Chinese version. The game may only feature four classes but the style of the game itself along witht he features it has, seem to be attracting the masses, myself included.

Well, I dunno about the rest of you, but I checked my email,

Chaos Online starts its Closed Beta on Dec. 13th, 2008

By: lous55 in Chaos Onlineposted at 6:51 am Dec 11,2008

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 Chaos Online starts its Closed Beta on Dec. 13th, 2008!

Enjoymmo.com is pleased to announce that the Closed Beta of Chaos Online (http://co.enjoymmo.com) will start on December 13, 2008 at 0:01am EST.
Once the Closed Beta starts, all players’ information will be kept and there will no longer be any server wipes.

Chaos Online is a free to play fantasy MMORPG where modern technology & weaponry battle with Ancient Myth and Martial Arts. The game is made with the latest 2.5D engine: SancoX, specializing in magnificent effects and expandability. The game is designed by a group of insane game makers, implementing all the impossibilities into the game – For example, you can cast spells while ridding on a modern motorcycle!

During alpha testing, players contributed a lot good ideas and we have implemented most of them into the game. Like always, we are willing to listen to our players and we are willing to make their good ideas come true in the coming closed beta!

Chaos Online is also recruiting for forum mods and player GMs. For more information, please check official website: http://co.enjoymmo.com and the game forum: http://co.enjoymmo.com/forum/.

1. Please d

CABAL Online Philippines on CBT now

By: dreamyknight in CABAL Onlineposted at 7:36 pm May 15,2008

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CABAL Online Philippines has announced that, Closed Beta Test (CBT) will run from May 15-19, from 12NN to 10PM only. A War Channel will be made available on CBT for non-stop PK experience. In this specific channel, you can show off your skills and be the best while learning the ropes in combat.

The level cap for CBT is at 50 and Skill Rank of 5. But do not fret, an exciting contest that will surely fuel your gaming habits to greater heights. How does it work? Simple. The first 10 players to reach the level cap win the following items:

» 3x Blessing Bead – EXP increase by 25% for 1 day
» 3x Blessing Bead – Skill EXP increase by 25% for 1 day

Prizes will be awarded to the players on Open Beta. Do take note that accounts will be wiped out after CBT. However, this stage will give you ample time to explore and learn more about the game, as well as opportunities for you to inform us of any game bugs should you encounter them.

CABAL Online PH Site

MMOsite CABAL Online Vault

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