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Naruto Online: Chinese Events 1/11/ F2P RIP/Average Week

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 7:52 pm Jan 11,2018

Tags: Naruto Online  Gaming  Browser Game  Chinese Server 


This week was meh so I took more time than usual explaining events. Also the very bad change to scaling in the game. Btw, I was wrong on the amount needed to max out the new system. It's well beyond 20,000 ingots. Some have done it in 20k but that is with good luck. Meaning how many legendary part you got from 10 tries. If you end up unlucky the price for a complete system is drastically higher. So pretty much think 400-500usd to max it. You can also save up that much coupons if you're that determined.

Naruto Online: 1/4 New Kimono Konan and Chakra Elements System 1700 Coupons Spent

By: Silentstorminc in defaultposted at 8:49 am Jan 04,2018

Tags: Naruto Online  Gaming  Browser Game 


New events for you guys let's rock it out. Kimono Konan and the new Chakra Element system. I spent all of my coupons on it. Its not designed for instant results. They are just finding another way to add power creep. This just makes paying players harder to deal with. I'll still invest in this though because everyone will. And you will just be left behind in power if you don't.

Naruto Online 11/9 Events Edo Minato Spotted

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 2:57 pm Nov 09,2017

Tags: Naruto Online  Gaming  Browser Game 


The shock to me when I saw Minato was actually there. This week's events are a middle ground in Naruto Online China. The best thing they gave us was Edo Tensei Minato. With that said his kit seems pretty underwhelming right now. We also still have the fireworks events that allow you to get some ninja for free. If you still have leftover coupons. Or you can outright by them with ingots if you have those available as well. If you want more of the Chinese Naruto Online the playlist is below. Also the Reddit community is there as well

Naruto Online Playlist= http://goo.gl/PykWGu
Naruto Online Reddit= https://www.reddit.com/r/naruto_online/

Bleach Online: Gentle Byakuya

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 11:21 am Jul 28,2016

Tags: Bleach Online  MMO  Browser Game  Bleach  Gentle Byakuya 


Defensively he maybe one of the tankiest supports ever. Damage wise I'm a bit meh on it. He has good CC however for pvp. This makes him a more pvp oriented support. The character maybe the fastest in the game as well. You well need around 500 usd to get the character thanks to rebates.
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Bleach Online Round 12# Toshiro Releases+ New Events

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 9:59 pm May 30,2016

Tags: Bleach Online  MMO  Browser Game  Bleach  Toshiro Hitsugaya 


The new event gives us plenty free stuff for Labor day. Also Handsome Toshiro is finally out
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Bleach Online Round Up 11# How to use the Inherit System&Shy Nemu

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 12:15 pm Apr 29,2016

Tags: Bleach Online  MMO  Browser Game  Bleach 


These are tactics you should use, or at least think about before trying the system.

Just a quick Break Down of the new system and how to use it. It was very much needed thank god. This was perfect and in time makes things really good for us.

Jagged Alliance CBT Begins

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 9:09 pm Nov 19,2011

Tags: news  beta  f2p  jagged alliance  browser game 


Gamigo has announced that the closed beta test for their new browser game, Jagged Alliance Online has begun. Unlike the closed beta test for The Mummy Online if you sign up, you aren’t guaranteed a spot in the game. But the good news is that if you’re interested in the cbt for this game, you can still sign up to participate. They’re doing the invite waves in batches, so even if you sign up today, you still have a good chance of being able to take part in this phase.

The game itself is a browser game using the Unity Engine which is getting pretty popular. It has been used in The Mummy Online and Battle Star Galactica Online, while the engine doesn’t put games on par with downloadable mmos, it does bring them up a notch giving them improved graphics and more flexibilit

Lord of Ultima Update

By: Mavlock in defaultposted at 4:28 am Jan 28,2011

Tags: browser game  strategy  ultima  mmo 


When I first began to play Lord of Ultima, I was a bit cynical. It struck me as just another browser based game trying to capitalize on an old successful intellectual property. While I was only partially right, in the end the game turned out to be very entertaining for those who enjoy Civilization style games. After my initial coverage of its launch my wife and I continued to play it for a few months. After a short time our areas were discovered by an alliance that had an eye on the territory and offered to join up with us. Kindly agreeing, we set about populating the land to prevent rival alliances any foothold in our area. Otherwise they could easily send in resources and overrun us from the inside.
Our guild was based out of Sweden so we were a good fit for coverage in the off hours and

Evony.com: Do they have what it takes to be the Spam Lord?

By: captbasch in defaultposted at 4:12 pm Jul 25,2009

Tags: browser game  business ethics  MMO scam  online scandal 



The massively.com recently posted a blog about the abuse of comment spam on many websites by members of 1, a free MMO real time strategy browser game. Like BruceonGames.com and other game related blogs, MMO Grindhouse blog is also  receiving a bulk number of spam comments like…


The best way to combat this kind of  spam abuse is to directly report it to their support center. So we did try to contact one of the 2 admins a few days ago and gave them the spam related links and screenshots. They admitted it was one of their members who has been bugging us. They have a program called  3 that lets members earn credits by referring new players to the game. However this kind of spamming already went overboard and it’s giving headaches for variety of websites. A few hours later (on that same day we complained), they posted a new announcement on how they will take action against the issue:


Here’s a witty response by Mark for thebigcritique.com


Other blogs about  2 worth to read and laugh with


Games You Can Not Miss at Christmas 2008

By: BBG_Tivon in defaultposted at 1:23 am Jan 08,2009

Tags: browser game  web game 


Want to have a memorable experience at this Christmas? Well, let's take a break from monotonous work and play browser games. These joyful Christmas games are sure to get you into the holiday spirit. We hope you'll have a great Christmas party with these games! If you know of a good party game that isn't included here, please send details to our forum. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
No. 5: Ikariam

The key word of nomination: love poems

The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is for singing loud for all to hear. In Ikariam, Christmas Signature, Banner, Poem Competition will be giving you the chance to spread some Christmas cheer, and to receive some ikariam goodies.

Ikariam Christmas Signature Competition
Dimensions allowed: 100px by 500x OR 150px by 450px
Deadline: 20th December

Ikariam Christmas Banner Competition
Dimensions allowed: 990px x 307px
Deadline: 12th December

The Night Before An Ikariam Christmas
Write a short story, about an Ikariam Christmas. It can be about anything you want.

An Ikariam Christmas Poem
Write a short poem themed on an Ikariam Christmas. This can contain anything you wish.

Prize: Ikariam Team will give away a priz

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