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Bless Online New Taming System & Console Rumor

By: Nocht in BLESSposted at 2:05 pm Aug 24,2017

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Nocht Horse Bless

A console version of Bless Online may be flying lowkey under the radar with Neowiz hiring  for several positions related to console game development, including programmers, a project manager, UI designers, and character artists.

The companion update was patched into the test server a few days ago giving access to the new taming, legendary mount skins, and new companion upgrading.

⊹ They put in  a bunch of new items related to this system in the cash shop. Growth Elixirs, Blessing Powders, and Upgrade Stones all related to helping you get a higher rank and higher level companion more easily. This is for testing purposes on the live servers so that the legendary mounts and pets can be obtained in the time period of the test phase. It's not guaranteed that the companion upgrade items

Bless Online is still coming to NA/EU

By: Cryyfuu in BLESSposted at 12:38 pm Jun 20,2017

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We were recently told that Aeria games dropped Bless Online, leaving Bless without a publisher. 

The chances of this game coming to NA/EU anytime soon seemed very low. However, Neowiz (Bless Online developers) recently spoke out about bringing the game to the west on their own. Check it out.

Bless Online - NA/EU Community Considering Options For English Release (Steam Direct, Self-Publish)

By: Nocht in BLESSposted at 12:53 am Jun 14,2017

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The English community of Bless has been discussing and brainstorming several options in response to the recent news of Neowiz (developer) and Gamigo (publisher) mutually agreeing to cancel Bless's development and publication in North America and Europe.

From the looks of things, a lot of players are growing tired of the wait and all of the push backs. There's lots of talks of what could possibly be done to bring a playable English version of Bless like Neowiz self-publishing the game with the new STEAM Direct. So far it's just talks and ideas, but these are valid and very plausible points raised by the English community. STEAM releases are fairly common for KR companies to do anyways. Take Tree of Savior and Black Desert Online for example. I believe these ideas have been sent to Neowiz directly as suggestions. Only time will tell.

More discussion here: http://bless-source.com/forum/index.php/Thread/16182-Bless-Early-Access-on-Steam-Would-you-support-it/


Bless Online - Siege War - Mass PvP +500 player

By: theLos_ in BLESSposted at 12:29 pm Mar 09,2017

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Seven guild that owner of "Territories", can participate Siege War (or Capital war).
Each guild can choose Attack side or Defence side.

Here is 300 Vs 200.

You can find more videos about Bless Online:

Bless Online KR Female Customization

By: Scion Storm in BLESSposted at 7:56 am Sep 23,2015

Tags: Bless Online  Character Customization  female  Free2play  MM 


This time it's the ladies turn to shine. I'll be doing a small review on the game after this. On the game as a whole and show you guys if its fun or not. We shall see which side things fall on.

Bless Online KR Male Customization

By: Scion Storm in BLESSposted at 4:26 pm Sep 21,2015

Tags: Bless Online  Character Customization  Male  Free2play  MMO 


Bless Online Customization

Back to action and with Bless. Should be fun getting into this one and going deep into levels. The female side will be up tomorrow, I got cut off from the server downtime.

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MMO! Show Episode 41 "Week 9/21/2014" Things to look forward to

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 11:25 am Sep 21,2014

Tags: Black Desert  Archeage  Das Tal  MMO  MMORPG  Bless Online   


Ok this week I wanted to showcase a bit of upcoming titles. Things that I am mostly waiting on hardcore. We don’t have much to look forward to in MMO. To be honest I don’t see anything on the Horizon beyond Blade and Soul and Tianyu. And they are almost sister games. Where is the rest of the industry? Is no one going to try and break the mold? And give us a true sandbox? Or a true theme park that isn’t a grind fest? I want to see it I’m challenging all the companies. Wow us make us same damn now this is an awesome game.

Black Desert Is Killing Them In CBT3= http://black.game.daum.net/black/index.daum

Skyforge maybe as hot as BD= http://sf.my.com/us

Das Tal the surprise hit= http://www.das-tal-game.com/home

Dungeon Fighter Look out for it= http://dnf.neople.com/

Elite:Dangerous Keep on yo

Bless Online 1st CBT : Initial footage gameplay for Guardian and Berserker

By: Aspenach in BLESSposted at 4:50 pm Feb 23,2014

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Hi guys, I was really busy this weekend playing Bless Online to my heart's content. There was a lot of hype about this game and does it really deliver? I have recorded tons of footage and will be uploading them over the next few days so you can see all the features of the CBT. I will be presenting a more detailed review of my experience, like and dislikes about this CBT so please stay tune! =)

Initial Footages:

Click here for more footage of the gameplay! ^^

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