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BLESS to Release as B2P May 2018, New Site & Emissary Program begins!

By: Barnivere in BLESSposted at 12:53 pm Mar 21,2018

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Neowiz has announced that BLESS Online is to release in May 2018, but the exact date is unknown. to celebrate this announcement, a new site has been launched and the brand new emissary program (Partnership Program for most mmos) Has begun.

To the newly launched site
The Emissary Program:

Neowiz is looking for passionate youtubers and streamers to collaborate with in order to bring a stronger community and bring growth to the game.
There are two kinds of roles for the Emissary program:

"Creators are players who can commit to a steady streaming and uploading schedule and who have a passion for MMORPG games. Ideally, players applying as streamers should have over 200 Twitch followers or over 1,000 YouTube subscribers.

Creators (including streamers, video/fan art/fanfiction creator

Bless Online Adds Loli and Shota Race Skin For Mascu

By: Nocht in BLESSposted at 6:47 pm Oct 10,2017

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The Mascu race was added to Bless Online's Rebuild Test Server and with it came the humanoid forms in the character creation. It is stll the same race, Mascu, and has the same character base models that is made to look like a small human. I believe this is meant to appeal to those that want to play as "loli" or "shota" characters.

Here is the character creation for both male and female characters and what it looks like inside the actual game world.

A screenshot of the new race skin on my assassin in the game.

Bless Online New Taming System & Console Rumor

By: Nocht in BLESSposted at 2:05 pm Aug 24,2017

Tags: Bless Online  BLESS 

Nocht Horse Bless

A console version of Bless Online may be flying lowkey under the radar with Neowiz hiring  for several positions related to console game development, including programmers, a project manager, UI designers, and character artists.

The companion update was patched into the test server a few days ago giving access to the new taming, legendary mount skins, and new companion upgrading.

⊹ They put in  a bunch of new items related to this system in the cash shop. Growth Elixirs, Blessing Powders, and Upgrade Stones all related to helping you get a higher rank and higher level companion more easily. This is for testing purposes on the live servers so that the legendary mounts and pets can be obtained in the time period of the test phase. It's not guaranteed that the companion upgrade items

BLESS News - New Skill System, Auto-path, and UI Updates

By: Nocht in BLESSposted at 8:26 pm May 21,2017

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Bless Online JP version came with a couple of updates that we'll likely see on the NA/EU betas as well. Here's everything I could find on the new skill system, auto-path function, and a few others.

If you're looking to try this game, keep in mind that Bless RU is shutting down in a few days, Bless KR is still up, Bless JP is in between beta stages. Bless NA/EU is TBA (expected late 2017/early 2018).

Currently we still have no news on the beta dates, but I will let you know as soon as I see the announcement!

Here's my previous article on BLESS about the combat rework and Cash Shop "Pay To Win" topic.


The Best Non English MMORPGs You Absolutely Have To Try!

By: MMOByte in defaultposted at 5:39 pm May 15,2017

Tags: moonlight blade  bless  soul worker online 


What's up, everyone!

Some of you might be interested in Eastern MMORPGs and some of you might even be able to understand them. 

With this information in mind, allow me to go through some of the MMORPGs not yet released in the West yet that I believe you should try out if you haven't already. Multiple of them have English translations and work perfectly fine, and a few of them require VPNs. However, they're all a lot of fun to play and they're pretty different to what we have in the West currently.

If you want to read more, you can check out our blog post. We actually have installation guides up for some of the games listed here!

Bless RU will Shut Down Soon

By: Rokwood in defaultposted at 5:24 pm Apr 24,2017

Tags: bless  mmo  shut dow 

Today the company 101XP announced that the Russian version of the MMORPG Bless will be closed. Localization was opened last year, but despite the fact that the game was going on hopefully, they did not materialize in full. They will disable all the payments, and the servers themselves are turned off on 25th may.

The developers plan to send Bless for revision and perhaps we will see it in the future. Players who remain in the project until its closure, will get a lot of fun and interesting events. The company 101XP thank everyone who spent time in their project and helped throughout the indoor and outdoor testing.

The funds that you spend on the game in the period from 17:00 (GMT) 24/03/2017 17:00 (GMT) 24/04/2017, you will be returned to the account from which the payment is made or credi

Bless Online - Taming Overview & Review

By: Nocht in BLESSposted at 2:56 pm Jan 21,2017

Tags: bless online  bless  taming system  bless game  bless taming 


Bless Online is an upcoming MMO that has been announced to be published by Aeria Games in the west.

Perhaps the most prominent thing one would encounter when playing is taming. This is because nearly all of the enemies in the world can be tamed to be mounts, pets or minions.

Though it's a huge system, it is easy enough to understand. Finding and taming monsters that are most beneficial and helpful to my character has been amusing and often times very satisfying. Exploring to find new creatures to tame has been a lot of fun for me.

From scrolls to upgrading, let me show you just what taming is like in this beautiful game! 

Everything is taken from the Russian version.

Bless Online-Pet/mount taming and upgrading

By: Rankochan in BLESSposted at 7:31 am Sep 13,2016

Tags: bless  taming  mount  pet  system 


In this video, you can see the Bless taming system in action. You can tame almost everything in Bless Online, and then you can also upgrade them to get more benefits, and some nice buffs. 

Bless Online "A new contender arrives maybe?"

By: Silentstorminc in BLESSposted at 9:24 am Feb 18,2013

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Normall I don't cover games I can't actually try out. But this one got my attention with its style and flair. It is definately a game everyone should keep tabs on.

The facebook Page is here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bless-Online/444989678871565

The mainpage is here http://www.neowizgames.com/gstar2012/Bless/

I assume you can sign up for whatever news is coming for it. The site seems to be all in english despite the game not being in english. It reminds me a bit of tera and guild wars in one game. Which could be a oh no type of deal or a oh hell yes deal if done right. At any rate like I said keep a eye on it things could go well for it.

SS Gaming= https://www.facebook.com/SilentStormGaming like and follow :)

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