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Bleach Online: Void Region every 4 days after Ryoka Attack

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 11:32 pm Jun 29,2016

Tags: Bleach Online  MMO  Browser Game  Bleach  Void Region 


This event pretty much happens every 4 days. You get to take on a boss for an hour. The rewards and silver are pretty good. The boss is different each time. Also the special characters you need for dps bonuses also rotates. Each character you use from the special four slots. Gives you an extra 25% damage. The event happens after Ryoka War.

Get the bot here http://goo.gl/BaVVLS

The bot is pretty good I show you guys how and what to use. That you can run this bot smoothly.
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Bleach: Brave Souls Impressions+Koplayer Emulator Debut

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 10:09 am May 16,2016

Tags: Bleach Brave Souls  MMO  Browser Game  Bleach  Android  KOpl 


I got the opportunity to try out KOplayer. It's a new Android Emulator for PC You can get it here http://full.sc/1VYhiwm
So the first thing I did was load up Bleach Brave Souls. A game I been meaning to play. Several comments have been made to try it. So here I am and let's see if it's actually fun.----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------Subscribe to me :)= http://full.sc/1zeOeU8Follow/Sub Twitch Streaming= http://full.sc/1RauHjlWatch Classic 2014 MMO Videos= http://full.sc/1kbplFT----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------Want to be a gaming content creator like me? Join Curse Network!= http://full.sc/1BCjIr2----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------Watch Past Livestreams= http://full.sc/1PafHeqFollow me on Twitter= https://twitter.com/ScionStormTVFollow me on Facebook= http://full.sc/1MAv8La-----

Bleach Online Round Up 11# How to use the Inherit System&Shy Nemu

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 12:15 pm Apr 29,2016

Tags: Bleach Online  MMO  Browser Game  Bleach 


These are tactics you should use, or at least think about before trying the system.

Just a quick Break Down of the new system and how to use it. It was very much needed thank god. This was perfect and in time makes things really good for us.

Bleach Online Round Up 8# Sexy Kukaku&Learning how to use spirit stones

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 11:33 pm Mar 24,2016

Tags: Bleach  Bleach Online  MMO  MMORPG  Gaming 


Sexy Kukaku comes out to be 500usd for those who want her. She by far is the most tanky overpowered Vanguard ever. So everyone serious about being contenders may way this character.


I wanted to take time and show you guys the power of stones.

Bleach Online Weekly Round Up #5 New Character and Free code giveaway

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 5:20 pm Nov 29,2015

Tags: Bleach Online  Bleach  Bleach MMO  Gaming  Leveling 


Yhwach might be stronger than Mugetsu. He is also worth 1500Usd Gogames is trippigng hardcore.

We also got plenty of freebies this week. You can get a pretty nice boost from the Thanksgiving event.

Move fast for this one for the North-American server, including the following items: Silver*200,000, Lv.1 Spirit Stone Box*10, Reiatsu Cultivate Pill*10, Soul Talisman*10, Vitality*20, Soul*100, Coupon*100.

Bleach Online Muramasa Zanpaktu and Cute Orihimie

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 5:43 pm Jul 28,2015

Tags: Bleach Online  Bleach  Bleach MMO  Gaming  Cute Orihimie  Mu 


Cute Orihime

She is pretty good and a major boost to your party. She is currently 150usd in the lease event. It's annoying but worth it and not as pricey as other characters.

Muramasa Zanpaktu

Muramasa is a beast of a Zanpaktu that is usually 500usd. It is half that price for the Anniversary event at 250 so I had to take advantage of that. The sword attacks Assaulters and Supporters, and is a good compliment to supporter build groups.

Bleach Online Bankai Rukia Spotted CH/EU/NA Server

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 8:32 am Jul 20,2015

Tags: Bleach Online  Bleach  Bleach MMO  Gaming  Bankai Rukia 


She has to be the best animated character they have made so far. And her attack oh man that's a problem coming from a supporter. Complete AOE damage attack. That also stops all healing done to a party for three rounds. Pretty much screws all the vanguard Ichigo's. And Unonhana's mass healing. Not to mention Orihimie direct healing. This will also shut down the healing from the enchant skills. If you pair her with Aizen, man you will be something dangerous in this game.

Bleach Online: 1 Year Award Using It Right

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 2:42 pm Jun 27,2015

Tags: Bleach Online  Bleach  Bleach MMO  Gaming  1 Year Reward 


After a year playing Bleach Online. You get a massive 18,888 coupons to use. What i am suggesting you do is save it for the Vizards Revenge event. You can get up to 23,000 coupons to use then. And you get fury stones which everyone needs. As well as other stones and prizes. This can make your characters go a long way. 

What I would suggest is invest all your coupons in Stones. Like strength Wisdom and agility. That will go a long way in boosting your standing in the game. And it's something that is never out of value in the game. So it's worth spending into it at all times.

game sites

By: mariogames in defaultposted at 3:36 pm Jul 29,2009

Tags: mario games  naruto  dragonball  bleach 


Mario Games: I have played games for many years now, and have seen
many sites for free games. But most of the sites thinks only of adding
many games, and do not think of the quality of the games. The site
games-jogos add only the best games so when i want to find a good
game, they always have the best ones installed.
Also lately i have a big interest of anime tv shows like Bleach,
Naruto and Dragonball, this is the only game site i know of that you
can see all episodes of this TV Shows. They do not have Dragonball
yet, but the web-master of the site have told me that he will add that
show to asap.
Many will say, i can see this shows at youtube to, but... if you
really like a TV show you want to see it in top quality. Also you do
not like to spend time searching for videos and find a lot of videos
that are fake. You will know of this if you like Bleach and try to
look for it at youtube.. many fakes videos out there.
games-jogos also have lots of Action games, Free Games, Dress up
Games, Racing Game creating lots of fun. This website really satisfied
to me. Some Interesting games here is Moto Rush, Rambo Bros, Super
Mario World, Flanders Killer, Stunt Biker, Bleach, Naruto and soon

Anime and MMORPG

By: Dexcross in defaultposted at 3:58 am Feb 04,2008

Tags: Anime  MMORPG  RO  Gundam  Naruto  Bleach  One Piece  Dragon 


These 2 area has become popular things in the world right now.  And we have become the witness on how they are converging.  Ev

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