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Black Desert – Round 2: The Valkyrie

By: DanielCsaki in Black Desertposted at 2:24 am Mar 09,2016

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Earlier, I posted my experiences with the Sorceress and since then, I had spent loads of hours leveling it up. Just a few days ago I decided to level a Valkyrie instead, and here is how it went.

Initially, the Sorcerer felt like an easy class to play, but later on, bigger mobs were easily damaging half of my HP down with a single hit. This was mainly why I came to the decision that it was time to try a tougher class.

The Valkyrie is such a great class to level, that I managed to reach level 20 in just 1-2 hours with grinding. I know, I know… BDO is not about leveling up fast and I did not intend to do so, but I really wanted to catch up with my Sorceress, and promised myself to do the necessary tasks later.

If you are struggling in BDO with survivability and want to play a class that is pro

Black Desert Character Creator Standalone Released By Daum Today

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 1:22 pm Jan 19,2016

Tags: Black Desert  MMO  Gameplay  English Patch  NA  Character Se 


So I got trolled, I opened up my mail thinking I was getting a Black Desert Key....Nope it was a email informing me about the standalone Character Creator you can get here. http://full.sc/1V5XJ11

Had to use a redirect because that link was wow lol.....
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Black Desert - Can too much of a good thing be a bad thing?

By: Tony259 in Black Desertposted at 4:36 pm Dec 24,2015

Tags: Black Desert  Customization   


I gave Black Desert a play through on the KR servers a while back, albeit with a different goal entirely in mind, but for what ever reason now that I'm playing it in English something kind of caught me off-guard, something that I personally never thought I would ever have an issue with as usually this kind of thing is a "more is good" and/or a "you can never have enough" kind of thing.

When I played Perfect World years ago, that was the first game that introduced me to such an in-depth character creator that took me a darn good while to get used to and was consistently editing my character(s) and making new ones, what made it so fun to customize was the fact that it had "2 layers" of customization so to speak, the first being it had the "basic" sliders to edit things l

Black Desert Dream Character!

By: Ammunition in Black Desertposted at 3:30 pm Sep 12,2015

Tags: black desert  MMO 


So after checking out many of the characters in black desert I was surprise to see that each and everyone of them had unique abilities and gameplay (with the exception of the split classes). But I felt that the male characters were cheated because the gender locked class of sorcerer was only female. Being a unique hybrid of melee and range it inspired to me create my own dream character that I may hope to see similarities to in a future release character. 

As for my dream character, the weapon of choice would be knuckles and shin guards. Imagine a boxer or a mma street style character.

Why? I find fighting in very close range using your fist is a thrilling way to pummel your opponent to death. Also, seeing how the warrior and giant had grappling capablities it would

Black Desert: Ep.9 "Valkyrie Loving"

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 2:25 pm Apr 14,2015

Tags: Black Desert  MMO  Gaming  MMORPG 


Ok I was shocked with this character. Because I was pretty sure after watching the trailers. I wasn't going to even bother or like her. After playing with her and realizing her combo ability. I have to say i was wrong and jumped the gun. She is rather awesome to play with. She's not as annoying to customize as the magician. And she looks to have some nice armor sets.

Black Desert: Ep.4 Tamer the making of Dawnstrike

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 9:10 am Jan 22,2015

Tags: Black Desert Online  MMO  BDO  Black Desert  Character Custo 


Now that Tamer is out for a few days. Let's take a look at all the fun you can have creating her. I also show you how to make the character I made in this video. Now a few interesting things to note. She plays like a Ninja more than any beast master class I have used. That aside I screen shot all her clothes and some poses. You should enjoy them and look forward to future game play.

Black Desert: Ep.3 Tips Ip Bypasses&More

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 1:41 pm Jan 13,2015

Tags: Black Desert Online  MMO  BDO  Black Desert  Character Custo 


After watching the Tamer trailer the new class coming. I decided yep I'm starting Purefate over as that. So you won't see me using the other class much longer.

This episode is all about tips and questions I get asked a lot. A main question is why does the IP block keep happening? Well to be honest I don't know. But here is how you combat it when it happens.

As you guys know you can use
When that still gets the block change the second line. Try different combos. For example or I find myself having to change between each one. Doesn't happen often but when it does I do that.

Another question I get is how do I deal with lag. In some cases pretty much nothing you can do with it. But lowering visual settings does help. What I use is the setting 1 from the right. And I cut off smoothing and max distance. Both of them seem to not do much of anything anyway.

Another tip for you guys is don't buy gear until level 30. And even then I don't think it's much needed

MMO! Show Episode 52 "Week 12/7/2014" Will 2015 be better than 2014?

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 9:58 am Dec 07,2014

Tags: MMO  Closers Online  Black Desert  Valiance Online  Beast of 


Let's face it 2014 closing out is a bad year in gaming. And a even worse year in MMO's. I think in my twenty years of MMO. I have never seen so many flops in a one year span. Who knows why this is even happening? You can guess on economy bad CEO's or even communities destroying games. But let's not dwell on it.

In 2015 we have hope. Black Desert, Revelations, Lost Ark, Civilizations Online, Skyforge, Bless Online, and Blade and Soul. All are confirmed for 2015. For the genre's sake all of these games need not to fail. Because investors and boards will stop investing in MMO's. And that will be the true death of MMO. You can see the signs already far less triple A titles exist. And even less games over all.

Basically Korea and China are curb stomping the rest of the world. Because th

Black Desert (KR) Closed Beta 2 Review!

By: GeorgeWashington in Black Desertposted at 1:39 am May 12,2014

Tags: Black Desert  KR  Review 


Black Desert (KR) Closed Beta 2 Review! 

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Whats up gamers, in this video I conclude my final thoughts for Closed Beta 2 of Black Desert, the Korean Sandbox MMORPG by Pearl Abyss, published by Daum Games. 

Thanks for watching!
Zach Sharpes

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