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Battle Chasers: Nightwar Review - Exquisite?! PC/PS4/XB1

By: Fevir in defaultposted at 3:33 pm Oct 03,2017

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Battle Chasers: Nightwar has now been released and I sat down and binged with it over the weekend on a provided for press account.  You may have seen screenshots and video clips of this over the past months as it's always been a title that influencers and gaming press have gushed about having come from a convention where it's been playable in part.

Based off a comic - you can expect some very heavily stylized and unique art in Battle Chasers: Nightwar

In something like 20 hours of playing Battle Chasers: Nightwar at the time of this post.. I have to say I'm somewhat impressed with this modern showing of a JRPG.  Mainly because traditional JRPGs just can't managed to hold my attention for that length anymore.

For my thoughts, without spoilers, on my time with the game.. chec

Battle Chasers: Nightwars – E3 Gameplay And Details

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 11:13 am Jun 21,2016

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Another RPG that that drew my attention this year at E3 was Battle Chasers: Nightwars. The game was successfully kickstarted earlier this year, it is based on a comic book and the creators of the game are the same guys behind Darksiders franchise. The game is actually a JRPG with the art style of a comic book, you will explore random generated dungeons with your three heroes and when you run into enemies you will face them in a turn-based battle. Each hero has two normal attacks that cost no mana, they deal a small amount of damage and they build up overcharge. Overcharge is giving you a temporary mana boost so you can use your special attacks without spending your actual mana but keep in mind that overcharge resets and the end of each combat. There are also the more powerful abilities th

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