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Black Desert Online - 16th Class revealed teaser trailer

By: KradisZ in Black Desertposted at 2:32 pm Dec 02,2017

Tags: class  ran  bdo  black desert online 

Black Desert Online recently unveiled its 16th class and looks to be a ribbon blade girl with an oriental theme around her.

While the 15th class Mystic is headed to NA release, in KR this 16th class is already becoming available shortly for character creation already in the upcoming weeks.

BDO 16th class Parody Trailer?:
Source: BDO KR - 검은사막

Black Desert Online - Kamasylvia Part 2 The pretty forest

By: KradisZ in Black Desertposted at 9:39 pm Nov 21,2017

Tags: black desert online  bdo  kamasylvia  update  content 

Black Desert Online recently added in Kamasylvia Part 2 to the NA/EU servers.

Kamasylvia Part 1 was introduced about a month ago. It included a lot of high end areas that were very difficult at the time of its release. However Kamasylvia Part 2 was a great contrast of difference that appealed to all players. The new main city Grana itself is extremely beautiful and is most likely going to be a major hub for gatherings of communities guilds and players. The housing units for workers/player owned residences is hyper expensive in Contribution Points(the refundable resource used to build up your own personal world in Black Desert) with the minimum lowest housing accosting a player 5 CP and up to 15CP.

The allure of Kamasylvia Part 2 also resides in new party areas such as Gyfin Rhasia temple,

Black Desert – Round 2: The Valkyrie

By: DanielCsaki in Black Desertposted at 2:24 am Mar 09,2016

Tags: Valkyrie  Black Desert  BDO  MMORPG  Class Review  Leveling 


Earlier, I posted my experiences with the Sorceress and since then, I had spent loads of hours leveling it up. Just a few days ago I decided to level a Valkyrie instead, and here is how it went.

Initially, the Sorcerer felt like an easy class to play, but later on, bigger mobs were easily damaging half of my HP down with a single hit. This was mainly why I came to the decision that it was time to try a tougher class.

The Valkyrie is such a great class to level, that I managed to reach level 20 in just 1-2 hours with grinding. I know, I know… BDO is not about leveling up fast and I did not intend to do so, but I really wanted to catch up with my Sorceress, and promised myself to do the necessary tasks later.

If you are struggling in BDO with survivability and want to play a class that is pro

Create Any Character You Want With The Black Desert Character Creator Free!

By: Barnivere in Black Desertposted at 11:45 am Jan 25,2016

Tags: Character Creator  Download  Free  Black Desert Online  BDO 


Waiting for the 2nd closed beta date announcement and want to create a character?Look no further as Daum Games have released a character creation client separate from the game.Create a new character, update your old one and save them to use in the next beta test!Choose from all the classes available and options, or just fiddle around with all the hairstyles. The possibilities are endless!

Download the client and get creating!

Black Desert: Ep.8 Male characters need customization love.

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 9:45 am Mar 18,2015

Tags: Black Desert  BDO  MMO  Black Desert Blader 


I'm wondering why male character customization gets the shaft in this game. Because females get so many items. But in my opinion the males only have one good armor period. I understand sex sells, but what about style and looking bad ass?

Now don't get me wrong. I don't want to see a whole bunch of male underwear. That's pretty much what they do with the females. Because truth be told people buy that up. I would like to see things for guys like new armor. Or maybe some cool looking urban gear. Hell they can get creative anything is better than the lacking now.

Thought I'd throw this out there. Because it's really being ignored in all the boobs in your face. The game throws at you every week. If no one says anything a company bury you in sex sells items.

Last thing I wanted to ask is who are you going to play? Six classes are out with a believe four more coming in the months ahead. I'm set on Blader unless the Male sorcery can look younger. Right now it looks to be a old Gando

Black Desert KR Character Selection A Look In English

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 8:11 pm Feb 10,2015

Tags: Black Desert Online  MMO  BDO  Black Desert  Character Custo 


I wanted to show you guys character customization. But this time how it looks in English. Basically it changes your entire outlook on everything.

Thx to LokiReborn's Patch

Black Desert: Ep.5 English Patch Loving

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 7:23 pm Feb 05,2015

Tags: Black Desert Online  MMO  BDO  Black Desert  English Patch 


For this video I desktop recorded. So quality won't be what you're used to. But this video is just to show you how to use the English Patch and where to get it from. This patch is made again by LokiReborn. The same person who did the Blade and Soul English patch. And so far this one is looking just as solid.

English Patch Post

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Black Desert: Ep.4 Tamer the making of Dawnstrike

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 9:10 am Jan 22,2015

Tags: Black Desert Online  MMO  BDO  Black Desert  Character Custo 


Now that Tamer is out for a few days. Let's take a look at all the fun you can have creating her. I also show you how to make the character I made in this video. Now a few interesting things to note. She plays like a Ninja more than any beast master class I have used. That aside I screen shot all her clothes and some poses. You should enjoy them and look forward to future game play.

Black Desert: Ep.3 Tips Ip Bypasses&More

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 1:41 pm Jan 13,2015

Tags: Black Desert Online  MMO  BDO  Black Desert  Character Custo 


After watching the Tamer trailer the new class coming. I decided yep I'm starting Purefate over as that. So you won't see me using the other class much longer.

This episode is all about tips and questions I get asked a lot. A main question is why does the IP block keep happening? Well to be honest I don't know. But here is how you combat it when it happens.

As you guys know you can use
When that still gets the block change the second line. Try different combos. For example or I find myself having to change between each one. Doesn't happen often but when it does I do that.

Another question I get is how do I deal with lag. In some cases pretty much nothing you can do with it. But lowering visual settings does help. What I use is the setting 1 from the right. And I cut off smoothing and max distance. Both of them seem to not do much of anything anyway.

Another tip for you guys is don't buy gear until level 30. And even then I don't think it's much needed

Black Desert: How to get good ping and video settings

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 4:33 pm Dec 18,2014

Tags: Black Desert Online  MMO  BDO  Black Desert  Character Custo 


A lot of people have message me about my settings in Black Desert. I did a stream yesterday and it went well. So even though my voice is really bad. You no longer need to get beyond the Ip block. Because that has been lifted. Now all you need to do is link WTFast to the games exe file. For example mine is (C:\Daum Games\Black Desert\bin64) Because I use the 64bit client

And the main page here= http://black.game.daum.net/black/index.daum
If all goes well you should be able to work
Now as for the video settings this is easy to understand. I covered if in the video but I'll list it again here.

The options are listed as you see them in game

Full Screen, Fullscreen Windowed, Window
UI Scale
Camera Shake
Field of View
Texture= Slider Low to High
Graphics= Slider Low to High

You can mix and match settings until you get a stable FPS. I suggest going mid and going up slowly. But at any rate you should be good to go from here


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