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Trion Brings Back Vintage ArcheAge Costumes

By: DanielCsaki in ArcheAgeposted at 6:52 am May 23,2016

Tags: ArcheAge  Vintage  Costumes  Marketplace  Lockboxes 


Trion decided it was time to cheer up some fans for their fantasy-themed MMORPG ArcheAge shortly after their recent major update, Patch 2.9 has arrived.

ArcheAge hosts plenty of seasonal costumes and ones that only stick around for a short while. This can easily lead to players missing out on some decent outfits that they somehow forgot to get a hold of.

The publisher decided it was time to bring back some vintage costumes in case someone failed to buy them. "Been missing an old favorite that you never got in your wardrobe? Now’s your chance to get your hands on it!" This is a great opportunity to buy some of those good old costumes that are no longer available in ArcheAge. Until June 3, you guys can also choose from plenty of lockboxes at the marketplace that include some

archeage cannons deal INSANE damage to any enemies that get close their base

By: mmohotdqr9 in ArcheAgeposted at 1:53 am Jun 13,2015

Tags: archeage 

archeage cannons deal INSANE damage to any enemies that get close their base

5 minutes into the War (As soon as the zone is on the 1:15m timer) a flag will spawn on the road just east of sun’s end. This flag acts a trade package.

The first faction to capture this flag and return it to their base will active their bases cannons. These cannons deal INSANE damage to any enemies that get close/into their base.

So basically the faction that captures this archeage flag pretty much ensures that the opposing faction will not be able to infiltrate their base and kill their crystal. This means the faction who can win Halcyona is essentially decided within the first 10 minutes.

So once a team has captured the flag they will then want to push onto the archeage gold enemies base. Before pushing onto the enemy base your faction will want to round up everyone they can. The enemies base has 4 guards and 1 guard captain that all hit insanely hard, even on tanks. The guards will come in two packs of two

what is the best archeage online Starter Gear?

By: mmohotdqr9 in ArcheAgeposted at 1:52 am Jun 13,2015

Tags: archeage 

what is the best archeage online Starter Gear?

For your endgame adventures you are going to need some awesome equipment to get you started archeage online. A variety of seemingly oddly placed quests in Hasla and Karkasse Ridgelands award randomized gear which could be awesome or could suck. Pray to the RNG gods that it is awesome as you can only get this gear once. Here is where you can find it:

As a side-note: If you’ve quested in Hasla and/or Karkasse Ridgelands you may already have the majority of this gear.


Primary Weapon:

Sword (1-H)
Nodachi (2-H)
OR Staff (2-H)

Quest: In Line of Duty (Hasla) – To unlock this quest you will have to complete 3 prerequisite quests around the area of the quest giver these are: Restoring Their Senses + The Sick and The Plagued + Chasing Rumors

Secondary Weapon:

OR Lute

Quest: Fertilizer Formula (Hasla) – This quest involves killing 5 doe. Hard stuff for a seasoned archeage gold adventurer, right?



Quest: The Shaman of

A Spot for ArcheAge Auroria Armor Plate, Leather, Cloth and Jester's Coinpurse Farming

By: Dulyer in ArcheAgeposted at 7:55 pm Nov 13,2014

Tags: archeage  spot  jester's coinpurse  farming 

A Spot for ArcheAge Auroria Armor Plate, Leather, Cloth and Jester's Coinpurse Farming

About Jester's Coinpurse farming, it is very weak drop rates for them in Auroria you know. Now there is a cool little spot to kill LV50 Abyssal Shard Slime NPC to get Coinpurse fast in Exeloch zone. Check this YouTube video recorded by GG Gaming player and farming Auroria armor at the same time.



The Storm MMO Show Episode 24 "Week 5/25/2014"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 1:43 pm May 25,2014

Tags: MMO Show  mmo  mmorpg  gamingpc  skyforgeonline  ArcheAge   


This week news was extremely light. So I just wanted to talk about the state of MMO. I'm sorry to say the next generation is looking really limited. Unless some super contenders pop out of no where. I only see a handful literally that will be worth it. Now when I say handful I'm actually being nice. I only see 4 in total to be exact. For now Bless Online, Blade and Soul, Black Desert, and Skyforge. Really are the only games I see making head way. Let be clear we have other games coming.

However, they are not next gen. For example ArcheAge and Wildstar are current gen. But will be good games and may even be the top for a moment. Until one of the other four I mentioned release. The problem is where is everyone else? Has the industry gotten so scared it isn't trying to innovate anymore? It's 2014 we all have bad ass pc's or close to it by now. Why do we not have bad ass mmo's with them? That's just my take on things this week. When I took a good look at the future of MMO.

ArcheAge: Taking In The Sights #2 1080p

By: Scion Storm in ArcheAgeposted at 11:25 am Apr 26,2014

Tags: ArcheAge  MMORPG  1080p 


Continuing to show different areas in the game. This time from the ranges of 32-34 in levels. I'm doing the entire leveling experience from 0-50 on twitch. These are the places I encounter during that time. This is also as the Nurian Race. So you will get an idea what it's like as well.

Watch Part 1 As Well

ArcheAge RU Guide How to Buy Premium Account with Credit Card or PayPal by "Rokwood"

By: Rokwood in defaultposted at 8:41 am Mar 06,2014

Tags: Archeage 

ArcheAge RU Premium Account

ArcheAge RU Guide How to Buy Premium Account with Credit Card or PayPal

For those of you who are wondering what does the Premium Account offers, here is a short description.

Premium account will allow you to build houses and farms (options that aren’t available with the free account), you will get 5 working points every 5 minutes even if you are logged out and the WP pool is set to 5000 points (with the free account you get only 1 point every 5 minutes if you are logged in and the pool is limited to 1000 points). Premium account will also:

boost your EXP

Craft EXP

and Drop Chance by 10%.

1. Login on aa.mail.ru

2. 1st Click “Add Funds”  (marked with green)

3. Choose the Visa/MasterCard and select the 300 option from the

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