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ArcheAge: Revenge of the Bots

By: Scion Storm in ArcheAgeposted at 11:45 pm Oct 02,2014

Tags: ArcheAge  Launch  Review  MMO  MMORPG  Sandbox  Getting Star 


I just wanted to touch a little on the bot situation. Now it's said tomorrow will be a patch to handle the issue. But I don't think that will work or be enough. I've been gaming a long time. And the only way you can ever seem to kill bots. Is to have "Active" live GM's actually personally deleting accounts in real time.

This has a very bad effect on bot companies. Because it nullifies stock and puts some kind of fear into the companies. That right now have zero fear in fact. They're outright trolling all of us in the game. I made the same live GM suggestion to TESO. Who literally did it 10 hours later.

And pretty much decimated the bot action. They were around in spurts. You will never kill them. But forcing bot companies to basically work silently. Goes a long way to getting rid of a majority of them.

Send by amusement mail or othere ways are accessible for Archeage Gold US as conveyance system.

By: EasonCC in defaultposted at 7:14 pm Sep 24,2014

Tags: Archeage  gold 


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ArcheAge Alpha: The Road So Far (Level 1 - 20)

By: Luminosity in ArcheAgeposted at 10:19 am May 21,2014

Tags: ArcheAge  archeage  age  arche  review  start  beginning  1 

ArcheAge Alpha: The Road So Far (Level 1 - 20)


Now let me start of by saying that this isn’t a “Full” review but a reasonably large “half” review. I’ll be contributing my experiences of ArcheAge from levels 1 – 20. All statements are based on my own experiences and opinions, you may experience things differently. However I have had a lot of experience with MMORPG’s so hopefully this review can give you a better insight on what’s going on in the Alpha stages of ArcheAge.

The Beginning

I started off by downloading the client from the ArcheAge website after logging into glyph, you can do this by either receiving an Alpha key which is extremely rare now or you can buy the $150 Arceum Package which gives you Alpha access. The game client itself was about 23.3Gigabytes of data and

ArcheAgeRU Account Registration Guide & English Patch by Rokwood

By: Rokwood in defaultposted at 12:39 pm Mar 04,2014

Tags: Archeage 

Mail.ru Account Creation

Mail.ru Account Registration

1. Go to www.Mail.ru

2. Click Register Account (you will find the buttons marked with green in the following screenshots)

3.  Complete the first/last name, username, password, etc. and choose the “I do not have a Mobile Phone” option

4. Choose a Secret Question (I went for the first one from the dropdown window – no ideea what it means) and write your answer, then click “Register Account”.

5. Write the Captcha Code, click the “Next” button (didn’t make a screenshot for this, but you will find it) and you are ready to go. A pop-up window will appear with a “Link Accounts” option for other Russian mails, but you don’t need it so close that.

ArcheAge Account Registration

1. Go to aa.mail.ru

2. Click “Register Account” (mark with green)

3. Enter your Email

ArcheAge OBT Russia: Registration and download guide

By: Tony259 in ArcheAgeposted at 3:33 pm Feb 24,2014

Tags: Archeage  registration  guide  Russia  download 


The Russian ArcheAge is in it's OBT state and anyone can now enter the game, all you need to do is register and download the client and you're in, it's very simple and shoulden't take you more than a few minutes to be registered and starting to download the client if you're interested in checking it out.

Firstly, go to mail.ru (click on the pictures if you can't see well enough)

Now just follow the guide on the picture:

After you have finished with the registration, you should be able to come off of the next page that comes up which should be the email page to the account you just set up, so now go to aa.mail.ru to continue which brings you to the ArcheAge RU site, just continue reading the instructions on the pictures below:

After the page above is done, at the front page of th

2013-2014: The Sandbox Era?

By: Beligerent in defaultposted at 6:45 pm Jul 11,2013

Tags: Black Desert Online  ArcheAge  Gloria Victis  Project NT 


Are developers finally trying to listen to players this year and into the next? It sort of seems that way as we are getting plenty of games with sandbox features this year and next! So what are some of the games you can expect to be chalk-filled with sandbox elements? Well we have Black Desert Online which is claiming to have a world that truly feels alives. From the trailer NPCs seem to be more alive and involved in the world rather than just standing still. 

Black Desert Online also sports a housing system that is limited in that once all the houses are taken there are no more. While I don't agree with this system because it takes away housing from the casual PvE players the point of it is for there to be a constant competition from guilds because whoever owns houses has an easie

ArcheAge Game Demo and "Change The World" Trailer at Tencent Games Carnival

By: Dododoro in ArcheAgeposted at 10:24 am Nov 26,2012

Tags: Tencent Games Carnival  ArcheAge  XL Games 


XL Games showed more of ArcheAge at the Tencent Games Carnival today.

A 14 minute playable demo of ArcheAge was available there as well as a new trailer.

(NOTE: The trailer shown was from earlier this year back in may)

Building houses doesn't seem as easy as it looks in the trailer itself

you're going to need help from other players (That's if they want to help you)

Hang gliding, swimming and more awaits in ArcheAge.

So take a look at the trailer and the gameplay demo below:

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