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MMO! Show Episode 49 "Week 11/16/2014" The Power of Honesty

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 5:32 am Nov 16,2014

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Ok most of you have seen by now. My literally go off on Warframe and the devs. Not something usually I like to do on YouTube in that manner. You may never see it again, because I like to be a little more tactful than that. But much to my happiness and all the Warframe fans around the world. The Dev team actually watched it didn't get upset with me. And basically overturned what I was so pissed off about.

The reason this is the topic for the week. Is because sometimes it really doesn't go that way. Mainly because either both sides or one side goes too far. I just happen to have a platform to speak on. But it doesn't give me the right to demand anything. Or disrespect any one company in MMO. With that said sometimes you really need to step up. And say something if you think things aren't

ArcheAge Getting Started References Guide

By: Scion Storm in ArcheAgeposted at 12:07 pm Sep 11,2014

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I did a guide like this a few months ago. That I have found is greatly outdated now. So I went back for a few days and looked at ArcheAge sites. To basically try, and get all updated information. Just to make things as easy as possible in starting out. I didn’t intend to have this much information. But after delving into all these sites. You're not left much choice but post them. And to be fair I didn’t get everyone, so I am sorry to any guide writer I left out. Which is why I’m also including media searches in links. Hopefully anyone left out will be found by those means

You should be more than covered with all these links. I'll see you in game on the 12th. Or if you're waiting for the free launch. I'll see you on the 16th. Good luck and happy hunting, farming, pvping, or whatever you

ArcheAge Open Beta Affected By DDOS Attacks!

By: GeorgeWashington in ArcheAgeposted at 9:20 pm Sep 04,2014

Tags: ArcheAge Open Beta Affected By DDOS Attacks  ArcheAge  XL Ga 


With ArcheAge opening its doors for Open Beta today, many players flooded the server out of anticipation. However, the growing popularity of the game apparently attracted unwanted attention from DDOSers. Denial Of Service attacks, which were used recently on Blizzard, Riot, Grinding Gear Games, PSN, Xbox Live, and others, disrupted Trion World games for a little while when doors were officially opened for players to enjoy the game.

Trion Community Manager Ocho posted an announcement to players of ArcheAge that the studio was in fact experiencing issues due to these attacks. He writes,

"Following last night's ISP maintenance, our overnight team has confirmed a DDOS that is currently aimed at Trion's services. We're actively working with our ISP partners and the authorities on both mitiga

ArcheAge: Alpha Tips and Tricks Levels 1-20

By: Scion Storm in ArcheAgeposted at 12:18 pm May 10,2014

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I'm a little late getting into the alpha. So as I go I will be showing things I learned. From both going to max in RU ArcheAge and playing in NA ArcheAge. I have an unique experience of experiencing both now. Which has actually helped me a lot. I hope that experience will help new people get used to the game as well.

This game makes good use of your time. So the more efficient you use your time. The faster you can level and more gold you will make in the game. Also don't be scared of trade skills. I see a lot of people seem a little daunted about the amount of them. It's really simple to get into. Just take your time and read each craft skill. I will make a more closer look at trade skills soon. I want to level higher so I have better showing of the game before I do things like that.

For now this is an outlook of things from an 1-20 perspective. So pretty much when you just get into the game. This should help you be more comfortable. 

The Storm MMO Show Episode 18 "Week 4/13/2014"

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 10:50 pm Apr 12,2014

Tags: MMO show  MMORPG  Guild Wars 2  ArcheAge 


All I can say this week is thank you. My views subs likes are all hitting all-time highs. If I knew why this week is better than any other. I would bottle it sell it and retire. But at any rate this week with the MMO Show. We have a mixed bag of fun and different items to show. You should say wow and find some goodies this week.

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You Tuber to watch “AndroidNub”

My rant for the week is Elder Scrolls online use of credit card verification. It almost borders on illegal and disrespectful. The reason I’m saying that is this. Most companies credit card check with a penny. And then it’s cancelled back. ESO charges you the full 14.99 and then cancels it. The problem with that is if you don’t know? And you do this you may get a ba

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