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Digimon Links: A Look into it

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 2:06 am Oct 16,2017

Tags: Digimon Links  Android gaming  Review 


Googleplay Link

This game overall is Digimon and Monster Rancher combined


    Super free2play friendly for now

    Digimon authentic to the show, no lame actions that don't match. This is a problem in previous games

    Easy to follow gameplay


    Gets repetitive fast

    You need a bit of patience in this game. Even if you pay your way, things just don't progress smoothly

    Seems a bit rushed with not much to do later levels. You end up repeating the same dungeon 30 times a day for one Digimon.


It's the first true to the show game. That did the animations completely correct. A few games existed before. You can tell it wasn't true to the original IP. This is a very grindy game. Nothing new that you haven't already seen in other games. So unless you're a Digimon fan I can see most people skipping it.

Injustice 2: Android Debut Potential Greatness

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 8:59 am May 15,2017

Tags: Injustice 2  Android Gaming  MMORPG 


With the main game coming out the 16th. We got an early look at things in the world of Injustice 2. The android version is actually pretty close to the real game. Right down to the gear system and the cut scenes. 


A nice and simple combo system

All characters present from the main game

Voice acting is pretty good

A lot of systems and deep questing 


The game is massive most phones can't handle this my Samsung relatively new could not.

AI doesn't seem to get any smarter several hours into the game

Some systems seem heavily pay2win influenced (Conquest) way too easily manipulated

No real multiplayer


This could be the next collectible game to catch fire. Beyond that, we have seen this game the past two years. It's almost a clone of the recent Mortal

Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag Live Review

By: Scion Storm in Sword Art Onlineposted at 9:35 am Apr 18,2017

Tags: Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag  Android Gaming  MMORPG 


This is one of the most underrated games in the mobile market. You get a lot of value and worth in gameplay.


You can play this game freely all day every day. Without ever needing to spend anything

Characters are true to the anime and manga form.

A lot of events to play and do

Music is really good for an Android game


It's weird to say but maybe too much to do.

Some of the voice actings is out of synch on scenes

Getting gear is harder than getting really good characters

More team play would make things even better.


The only other game I felt you had a lot of worth in. Was Kingdom Hearts Unchained. I know this is saying a lot but this is most likely the best free2play game on Android. But don't take my word try it out and see for yourself. You have no feeling

Should you play: Final Fantasy Mobius

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 3:52 pm Apr 04,2017

Tags: Final Fantasy Mobius  Android Gaming  Review  Should you pla 


This is one of the more fun games on Android and Steam. You guys should give it a try it's worth it.


Many classes to choose from freely picked up

Maybe the most free2play friendly game on Android

Voice acting is good for a mobile title

Constant events and updates


Grinding can peel your soul away.

Understanding curve of the game is high

Instant hard bosses happen a lot. No easing into it just bam your dead

Multiplayer isn't being used as well as it could be


This game is awesome but I think it's missing things that could make it legendary. The lack of pvp is glaring almost uncalled for. And the no effort given to multiplayer is a bit sad. People want to ban together and beat bosses. It's really just bare bones and cheesy at best.

Chaos Chronicle: Extended Gameplay

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 1:12 pm Mar 01,2017

Tags: Chaos Chronicle  Android Gaming  Mobile Gaming 


I just wanted to go more into depth on this game. A lot more attention should be given to it. And I'll list the reasons for my enthusiasm. 

1. Yes this has plenty cash in it. You can easily ignore this and play freely. In fact that game gives you too much. I can see them in the future nerfing this to the ground. Actually last month that already started taking out character tickets on dailies.

2. Plenty of characters to pick from and level depending on your luck. Now this really is luck of the draw. Early you get two star 5 characters. And you get one more star 6 character. If you're one of those guys who like wasting time. You can redo the first two chapters and keep rolling until you get 3-4 Star 6 characters. I personally don't have time or patience for that.

3. Story in this game

Naruto Mobile: Sakura Shippuden and Events 3/1/2017

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 11:06 am Mar 01,2017

Tags: Naruto Mobile  Naruto  Android Gaming  Chinese Version 


Sakura is the next character I'm taking on. I just picked her up and she is super useful considering how she plays out in the anime. This is the B ranked version of the character. Shocking is the C ranked version is actually pretty good as well.

Normal Attack: She has strong baseline attacks, they can be cancelled.

Special Attacks: 1. Her first attack grapples and does a pile driver. 2. Her second attack does a power slam into the ground.

Ultimate Move: She does a chakra power up move that is extremely powerful

In all Sakura is a very good character to use and work through the game with. As I go through the game I'll post more of the character profiles. Now that the interest for this game is moving west. You can also check out her Swimsuit version below

Star Wars: Force Arena Impressions

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 8:45 am Jan 15,2017

Tags: Star Wars Force Arena  Android Gaming  Mobile Gaming  First 


You guys know I don't MOBA often. I gotta say this game is fast and fun. And I got a little sad fighting Leia. But the end revenge versus a player was sweet. This game is very fast MOBA action, most games won't last longer than 5 minutes. I wish all MOBA games were quicker. You choose an hero class with troops from card packs. Like most MOBA games the goal is destroy the enemies base. But this time it's in the Star Wars universe with familiar faces to do the task. 

Naruto Mobile CN: Review

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 10:44 pm Dec 21,2016

Tags: Naruto  Naruto Mobile  MMO  MMORPG  Android Gaming 


I wanted to take the time to break down the mobile game. This will most likely set records too when its live. It reminds me a lot of games like Double Dragon and TMNT in the arcade.


Easy Arcade gameplay

Excellent Timing Voice Acting

Officially Licensed Game

Over 30+ Game Modes

Very Good PVP for a browser game


The dreaded pay2win power system

Some characters impossible to get without paying

Fighting people from other regions is impossible. Lag is unbearable

Some boss AI seems a bit over tuned. It reads your inputs and counters everything. 


This game will most likely be the next big thing in mobile. Being a licensed title and extremely solid look forward to this being around a long time.

Dragon Nest Mobile CBT First Impressions

By: Scion Storm in Dragon Nestposted at 6:48 am Dec 10,2016

Tags: Dragon Nest Mobile  MMORPG  Android Gaming  First Impression 


So I got to check out Dragon Nest Mobile. This game was very fun it's a mini version of the original pc title. Even comes with original instance from the pc version. Their watered down and shorter, but still to play through and look at. This will most likely be a good title when it comes west.

Soul Reverse Zero: First Impressions

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 1:12 pm Nov 22,2016

Tags: Soul Reverse Zero  MMORPG  Android Gaming  MMO 


This game is really good for a mobile game. I have zero to say negative about this one. To be honest I don't know how it all fits in a mobile game. Problem is it does struggle to load smoothly, so I guess you need a pro phone to play this.

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