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Allods Online's Current State

By: DanielCsaki in Allods Onlineposted at 1:01 am Jul 06,2016

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Somewhat of a free-to-play version of World of Warcraft, Allods Online manages to keep itself alive among newer MMORPG's.

Launched way back on May 11, 2011, it kept getting updated so, in terms of content, there is plenty. It has many traditional MMORPG elements such as quests, NPCs, dungeons and so on. But it also offers quite a lot of short-cuts in its cash shop, making it somewhat pay-to-win. Don't get me wrong, you can accomplish plenty of things without paying a dime, but it will take a long, long grind to do so. The P2W aspect is firmly integrated into the game, so for the best possible experience, while playing, you're going to have to invest some money.

Besides that, Allods does have some fairly interesting segments like the ability to build ships and sail around in a massive m

Server Merge: Bringing the Community Closer Together

By: AllodsOnline in Allods Onlineposted at 3:30 pm Jun 06,2012

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Allods Online Server Merge

As the Allods community anxiously waits for the server merge coming this Thursday, June 7th, I wanted to talk more about the server merge from my viewpoint as a Community Manager for Allods Online.

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is PioPico and I have been part of the Allods community since Open Beta. Reaching out to the community, whether it is planning events, social networking, or resolving customer support issues, have all been my main responsibilities to help foster a positive community. I am personally ecstatic for the upcoming server merge and I am going to elaborate why I am looking forward to it.

Let’s Start with the Facts!

The technology behind Allods Online has improved and now allows us to host our entire community on one server. Our two servers, Tensess and Nezeb, will

Allods Online: Patch 3.0.2 On the Horizon!

By: AllodsOnline in Allods Onlineposted at 11:53 am May 09,2012

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The next update for Allods Online: Game of Gods is fast approaching on May 30! There are a vast number of features to make the community’s experience that much more convenient – and intense. We will review how the changes impact the game and we’ll also give you an exclusive preview of what else is coming!

Quest Improvements

Allods Online continues to improve questing convenience so players spend less time trying to figure out what to do and more time enjoying content and progression. Patch 3.0.2 makes this even better with two key features – Quest Finder and Automove.

It’s no secret that zones spread throughout the game are massive. Players are encouraged to explore all zones to acquire quests from NPCs or scattered objects. However, it’s understandable if players miss a section of a zon

Allods Online’s Evolution of PvP: Past and Patch 3.0 Present

By: AllodsOnline in Allods Onlineposted at 4:36 pm Feb 21,2012

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Allods Online has come a long way to the current state of the game now with Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned, with improvement of in-game features to increase the community’s overall enjoyment. One feature we wanted to highlight is PvP!

Allods Online revolves around conflicts between two warring factions, Empire and League, so PvP is an essential part of every player’s experience. With PvP, comes the possible conflict of interest since everyone does not share the same level of enthusiasm for competition, penalties, and rewards that comes with killing and being killed by other players.

To better understand how Allods Online’s PvP has improved, we need to take a step back in time to understand what issues existed in the past.

To Gank, or Not to Gank, That is the Temptation!

Some early feedback from Allods Online’s open beta days was the amount of ganking that occurred in one of the leveling zones known as Asee-Teph. Players were able to level without any PvP engagement up until level 23 si

Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned, Making Allods Online That Much More Astronomical!

By: AllodsOnline in Allods Onlineposted at 4:55 pm Feb 14,2012

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With Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned, coming out this week, there are a lot of exciting features to look forward to. We wanted to take a moment to share the new features and how they will positively impact Allods Online’s currently gameplay.

New Class – Bard!

The bard is the newest archetype being added to Allods Online’s existing lineup of playable characters. This support class brings with it a diverse arsenal of AoE attacks, healing spells and crowd control abilities.

What this also means is other archetypes will need to adjust and re-strategize their play style to accommodate Bard’s harmonious and influential ways in PvE and PvP scenarios.

Currency Exchange

One of the most exciting features being introduced is Currency Exchange! There will be an NPC located in each faction’s capital that will allow you to convert gold into Gem Shards or vice versa.

Before going into further details, we wanted to provide you with a quick history review regarding Gem Shards. Gem Shards are an alternate

ALLODS and GMs attitudes toward older players

By: LotharLocNar in Allods Onlineposted at 2:03 pm Jul 27,2010

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The following is my proof that Allods "Team" has neither the sophistication to respond intellectually or in an adult sort of way to a player who had spent hundreds of dollars to play a play for free game.I had tried to respond in a way that was explanitory as to any mis-understandings they may have had about me and my choices of names for their game. Keep in mind this is a Russian based game. ;]



Do not send us any more emails about your characters' name changes or post any topics on the forums about your characters' name changes. The issue has been closed. This is your final warning.

If you still have issues with your Quest for Chest keys, please send us a separate email about the issue.




The Allods Team

On Tue, 27 Jul 2010 09:40:00 -0700, Lothar Loc'Nar <lotharlocnar@columbus.rr.com> wrote:
> Greetings,
> First of all, I would consider who ever I am dealing with seemingly
> uneduc

What is really wrong with Allods Online: Revelations of Gipat

By: Elveone in Allods Onlineposted at 4:14 am Jul 13,2010

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This was originally a comment on the Allods Online Officially Pay To Play article but it outgrew the comment limits so I was somewhat forced to post is a blog – a thing that I’m not used to writing so I’m sorry for anything

[Review] Allods Online

By: Keishiro in Allods Onlineposted at 1:51 pm Jul 01,2010

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Allods Online
Reviewed by: Keitoussai
Playthrough 1-40 levels

Hosted by GPotato and created by Gala-Net; one would expect
 this to be just another game in the roster of GPotato (such as Rappelz).
I’m not saying anything against Rappelz (even if I don’t think it
was a good game) but Allods was really an exception for me.
Allods brings the players into a world of Magic and Astral wars.

Okay; this might not sound too interesting at all. What game
 isn’t filled with magic and some other theme that the game offers?
 The story on Allods really impressed me as opposed to any
other MMO out there (mind you, MMO; not RPG)  (Also; this excludes WoW.)
Winning the Best Game of 2009 and Audience Choice awards
 in a Russian game developers conference, I de

It's its own game~

By: equcoe in Allods Onlineposted at 7:58 am Mar 24,2010

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simple mechanics that either have you playing everyday or once a week

by most standards


ftg resets at 7am Moscow time

and from there

you can allow your daily ftg to reset every day after use

or let it grow from daily ftg (inc mx ftg)

as your daily ftg is only your starting ftg + 900/lvl


that's all


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