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By: codytovar in Aionposted at 1:05 pm Sep 01,2010

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What do you think of aion   talk about anything

What Brings You into a New Game World

By: PaleLord in defaultposted at 5:59 pm Mar 04,2010

Tags: aion  wow  darkfall  fallen earth  conquer online  eudemons onlin 


If you are a drop of fresh blood in the MMO world, you will find it is not as easy as a single player RPG. Due to the complex interactions with the UI, hostile or friendly players and the general lack of a proper tutorial, many gamers find themselves at a loss upon entering a new online world. At this point, even Never Winter Nights series can be easier to get started. Above all, if you've played one MMO before, anyone expecting something they're used to can be completely different when it comes to a new game. Your experience may be completely different. That's why the developers adopt some methods to attract new gamers. Without which, sometimes it is impossible for you to survive, let along to become a well-known hero.

I'll show you the eye candies available in some MMOs below, hopefully that can be a good guide for choosing which fantasy world to find a new future; even if you are a master of that game, I don't think it will do you any harm to look backwards and reread your story

Don't know what to choose for your character in AION? Come here!

By: Ottoha in defaultposted at 5:01 am Dec 19,2009

Tags: AION  class  character  chanter  warrior  templar  spiritmas 


Hello new and uncertain players! ^^

I'll try to explain here, somethings about the AION classes, so people who dont know which to choose, can read and make up his mind! ^^

Hope I can help, so here it goes:

I've made another article about the general characteriscts of the classes you can find in most MMORPGs, if anyone want to check it out: http://my.mmosite.com/blog/36b24b92bf93e07ffaab5e255e53d25b/blog/item/44aebfc2c603295bd88ace60ce87e989.html

But, lets talk about AION:

In my opinion, if you can answer some simple questions, you'll know what to choose. The first 2 questions are:

Do you like physical or magical type of attacks? and Do you like melee or ranged type of attacks?

When you answer these, you'll have preety much shrunk your options by 2 or 3. So let's see each class characteristics:

1. The main classes:

1.1 - Warriors: Physical, melee attack class. Well armoured, they have high defense (can use shields and plate armor).

1.2 - Mages: Magical, ranged attack class. High damage, but low defense (can only use cloth armor).

1.3 - Scouts: Physical, melee/ranged attack. High accuracy and evasion, fast attack rate (can use leather armor).

1.4 - Priests: Physical/magi

Aion Dramatic Craft Video

By: yutomi in Aionposted at 2:43 am Sep 26,2009

Tags: aion  aion machinima  aion gameplay  aion crafting  aion cra 


When you Craft things in Aion, be careful, because some of your items can turn better than you espect. I would like to show to the community how Craft in Aion isn't just Rewarded, is a dramatic impact. I was crafting a Durable Steel Sword and it transform into a Noble Durable Steel Sword, but i had to make like 7 of those and i only get 2 Noble Durable Steel Sword. Still, Craft in Aion is a hell artistic well done experience.



AION Collector's Edition Bet Key for Trade -- Can Play June 19th + Special Items & more

By: Johnnyt305 in Aionposted at 11:05 am Jun 17,2009

Tags: Aion  Beta  NA  Beta Key  Trade  Collector's Edition  Beta 


I got 2 Aion CE codes for North American version game, so trading one. Taking offers on whoever wants this code, maybe trade me a beta key to anotehr good game or something else?

Below is what you get with this code:

This code will give you: Early head-start access to the Aion live game
Access to the Aion server and character pre-selection
In-game items:
The Ancient Ring of Earth (exclusive to Amazon.com)
The Black Cloud Helmet (a stat boost)
The Lodas Amulet (XP boost)
Beta Event access for the following dates:
June 19-21 (explore the Elyos race and select zones)
July 3-5 (explore the Asmodian race and select zones)
July 17-19 (explore the Asmodian race and select zones)
August 14-16 (explore both races and the abyss)

How to Use Your Code:
1. Create an NCsoft Master Account. For instructions, visit: http://help.ncsoft.com/cgi-bin/ncsof...ted=1083816844 (If you already have an NCsoft Master Account, you do not need to make an additional one. Use the one you have already.)
2. Log in to your account at https://secure.ncsoft.com/login and create an Aion account with the above preorder serial code.
3. Download and run the Aion client installer (356kb, an executable file) lo

F2P is more expensive than P2P!

By: Rellent in Aionposted at 5:59 pm Jun 08,2009

Tags: Aion  Silkroad  gunz  aion  p2p  f2p  price 


've been seeing way too many complaints recently about Aion being P2P.  I would like to set things straight with these kids.  P2P is MUCH better than F2P! As stated in the title, F2P is more expensive than P2P, why?  F2P games rely on item shops for revenue, and the F2P games require you to buy all the best items to be "equal" in a sense with all other players in the game. Their are so many F2P games because it brings in much more revenue than P2P.


Silkroad Online

- Premium Gold Time + for 1 month - $30/month

** For 5 hours a day, you can get additional 100% exp.
Phy. damage/Mag. damage 10% increase
Phy. damage/Mag. damage 10% absorption
Attack rating 10% increase
Parry ratio 10% increase
When enchanting items, chance of enchant success rate 5% increase
When enhancing items, chance of enhance success rate 10% increase
Str, Int stat +10
When using stall, avatar stall can be used
Premium quest can be proceeded (additional skill points can be obtained)
[Special Bonus] PREFERRED GAME ACCESS (users can log into game during server traffic hours)
** A day is considered as 24 hours from the moment the item is used.
** Unused experience bonus time

Cosplay : Zhu Xian vs Aion

By: IulyaSama in defaultposted at 12:42 am May 30,2009

Tags: aion  zhu xian  cosplay  daje dynasty  nice cosplay 


Here we go...2 mmos i love : Celestial Destroyer (Zhu Xian) and Aion

The cosplay is same awesome as the games graphichope u like them and ENJOY ! ^^


                                                              ≈Zhu Xian≈






Aion - 3CBT Details

By: happyforever in Aionposted at 3:38 am Jun 27,2008

Tags: aion 

 Quote: Closed Beta 3 Announced: July 1st
The third phase of the Closed Beta Test of Aion was announced recently on the official Korean website.

CBT3 will last from July 1st to the 20th. Three weeks exactly.

Detailed test schedule is as follows:

* Monday: Server Down for maintenance
* Tuesday ~ Friday: 16:00 to 23:00 (GMT+9 - Seoul Time)
* Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 to 23:00 (GMT+9 - Seoul Time)

More testers will be added:

* 3000 additional testers will be added.
* Existing CBT2 testers will be able to bring a friend (unconfirmed).
* Friends referral is Wednesday, June 18 through Monday, June 23.

Test content:

* RvR Focus (several areas)
* Level limit has been changed to 40
* Lots of new/changed skills to test
* Several new changes (Items, Quests, UI Modification)

Aion New Video Released!

By: Komido in defaultposted at 2:43 am Aug 27,2007

Tags: aion 


Check out this new Aion movie released at the Leipzig gaming convention.

Watch this video: http://video.mmosite.com/display.php?vid=6182

The Fire Elemental

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 6:24 pm Jun 13,2007

Tags: aion  Aion  mmo  lore  The Fire Elemental 

The official Aion website had some additional lore added today. This lore takes a look at the Fire Elemental, its background, and how it progresses through various tiers, improving in looks and power.
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