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Lineage: Red Knights First Impressions

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 8:53 am Dec 14,2016

Tags: Lineage Red Knights  MMO  ARPG  Gaming 


Lineage Red knight is the next in a long line of games in this format. With that said this game maybe the best version. It's actually very cinematic for a mobile game. They seem to be evolving more and more each game like this that comes out. You will notice that this game has a lot of Lineage type things embedded into it. You can fight for land and sieges, also get some smooth pvp in. This is a hard thing to do in games like this. I don't know how they managed to have no pvp lag. I appreciate it all the same this game is going to be nice after a few patches.

Mu Legends: Impressions (Sleeper Hit)

By: Scion Storm in MU: Legend (MU2)posted at 10:10 am Nov 09,2016

Tags: MU Legend  ARPG  Gaming  Review  Character Customization 


I actually truly like playing this game. The skills are useful off the bat and the fight is cool. I just wish the enemies were a little smarter. You may want to keep a close eye out on this title.

Marvel Heroes Universal Storm Build

By: Scion Storm in Marvel Heroesposted at 1:55 pm Jan 24,2016

Tags: Marvel Heroes  Storm  MMO  gaming  ARPG 


Build Calculator= http://marvelheroes.info/build/33722/

Storm was my first character I picked up in Marvel Heroes. She has gone through ups and downs. I just wanted to show you guys how I use her currently.
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Marvel Heroes: Danger Room "Hulk Smash"

By: Scion Storm in Marvel Heroesposted at 9:49 am Dec 12,2015

Tags: Marvel Heroes  Danger Room  MMO  gaming  ARPG 


This addition to the game makes me extremely happy. It adds challenge and fun. Who wouldn't want to get endgame items from the legendary Danger Room?

If you like my Marvel Heroes videos you will also like Wildfred Wong's Marvel Heroes videos. I think he deserve more exposure so I'm giving a shout out.
His channel is here

The long awaited Danger Room is now available in Marvel Heroes 2015 -- but what makes it cool?

Danger Room is an all-new endgame activity featuring randomized levels, missions, bosses, hazards, and region-wide modifiers that make each and every run feel different from the last! Danger Room Scenarios, a new type of item drop, can be used to create instanced, multi-stage simulations for you to explore, completing objectives and clearing your way to the boss.

For much more

Marvel Heroes: Franken Castle Limited Team Up

By: Scion Storm in Marvel Heroesposted at 10:52 am Nov 08,2015

Tags: Marvel Heroes  Franken-Castle  MMO  gaming  ARPG 



He pretty much is a good dps team up for you to have. He can really stand and deliver so don't be afraid to pick him up.

Marvel Heroes Angel Team Up

By: Scion Storm in Marvel Heroesposted at 11:27 am Nov 03,2015

Tags: Marvel Heroes  Angel  MMO  gaming  ARPG 


My second favorite team up hero. I'll keep going down the line showing you these awesome additions to the game. He maybe the most supportive character in the game. Groot is also good but I feel Angel Maybe slightly better damage wise.

Marvel Heroes Blade Debut+Leveling Build

By: Scion Storm in Marvel Heroesposted at 6:34 am Nov 01,2015

Tags: Marvel Heroes  Blade  MMO  gaming  ARPG 


You already know I was going to come out with this guy. He is so much fun to level and play with. One of the more easier characters to use. You will just need to get used to his hunger meter. Once you get that down and have it so he doesn't starve. You should be good to go with this bad ass.

Who is Blade?

Born while a vampire fed on his mother, Eric Brooks would become something the world had never seen before. Affected by the vampire’s curse, Eric was imbued with all their supernatural powers, but none of their weaknesses to garlic, silver, or sunlight, hence why the vampires call him “Daywalker.” Left an orphan and cursed with a vampire’s thirst for blood, Eric would use his superhuman abilities to hunt the world’s vampires in a quest to kill all who would doom him to this existence. Ove

Marvel Heroes: The Thing Fear itself Look

By: Scion Storm in Marvel Heroesposted at 12:21 pm Aug 15,2015

Tags: Marvel Heroes  MMO  The Thing  Fear With in gaming  ARPG 


I actually had a lot of fun with The Thing. And for him to have this suit, with a improved voice acting. That made this all the more better to do a video on.

One Piece Online: How to get stronger

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 11:59 am Jan 29,2015

Tags: One Piece Online  ARPG  Tower Defense  Browser MMO  Gaming 


Main Site

One Piece Online is a simple game. But that some times fools a lot of people. Just because something is simple to understand. Doesn't mean it's easy to progress in. This video I basically break it down. I'll show you how to get ahead early in the game.

Like with most of these types of games it takes patience. You build resources, in this case the resource in beli. This is the currency of the game. Use that to then go and upgrade your characters stats

Normal Base Stats




Having max stats characters is a priority more in this game. Because you don't have much or any loot to get. It's all raw stats and titles. Also quite frankly having strong characters from the Tavern. That can come down to luck and money if you pay for it.

PVP prestige leveling

One last tip I can give you is go slow in pvp. Don't rush up to the top. Because your main characters title and skill level off of prestige. That can be won in pvp. So if you rush to the top and can't level? T

Classic ARPG-Style Games Now Venturing the MMO World

By: kashiegamer in defaultposted at 6:59 pm Nov 27,2011

Tags: ARPG  Hellgate  Hellgate Global  Mythos  Mythos Global  Path 


 This is the first time that I will write in the MMO Blog first before my own blog (http://kashiewannaplay.wordpress.com). Lol.

 Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on ARPGs, nor am I expert on MMO games.


From an innocent gamer's perspective I think that classic ARPGs are slowly venturing the MMO Scene. When I say classic, I'm not talking about WoW-like features, but rather the old roguelike features of ARPGs, specifically, the Diablo-esque games. As of the time of this writing, here are the games that I believe are/will be in the MMO scene:



    Hellgate GlobalMythos GlobalPath of ExileGrim DawnLineage EternalDiablo 3Torchlight 2Torchlight MMO 


ARPGs are a little deviation from the traditional RPG games, and I think that the nature of their gameplay makes them s

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