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Nine Dragons Web: shhhh...i'm meditating

By: vanessa20borja in Nine Dragonsposted at 9:53 pm Nov 14,2012

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Nine Dragons’ Meditation

This is one of the cool features of Nine Dragons Web, “The Meditation”. Every Clan in game has different types of meditation. Meditation is used to efficiently recover your depleted Life and Vital Energy.

The time it takes you to fully recover will depend on the type of meditation you know, and how badly wounded or depleted you have become. If you are attacked during meditation you run the risk of suffering deadly wounds equal to the amount of Life yet to be restored. Your concentration will be immediately broken and you must quickly rise and defend yourself.

Deviant Clan disciples are prone to attack warriors while they are meditating. So be very careful where you choose to meditate.

Kindly check GNG website for more information and account creation. http://www.gamengame.com/games/online-game-media.asp?online-game-no=57

Official Forum: www.bluefingames.com

Official Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/9dragons.global?fref=ts

MMO Games with one server

By: flmewarrior in defaultposted at 9:17 am Sep 17,2011

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For MMO games, people can chat, play, or face off with or against each other. Many enjoy this, because they are playing a game that is like a multiplayer system, but the person you are playing with or against can be from a different part of the world. Bearing this in mind, there are MMOs that only have one server with which to play on. This has potential pros and cons to it, pros being that everyone soon knows everyone, as well as figuring out which weapons and tactics work best with you and your group. The cons, however, is that server will eventually fill and overflow with people, surpassing the server capacity and not allowing anyone to even connect. This can be a major issue that can drive players and potential customers away from that game they love to play.

Not only is this an issue for players who want to play and not sit there, staring at a screen, and eventually fall asleep, it can be an issue for the company that endorsed the game, meaning that customers (the players) are

La cuna de las artes marciales

By: JaMuSeR in 9Dragonsposted at 9:32 pm Apr 23,2011

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 Esta es una historia de clanes, de heroes perdidos y de tierras llenas de peligros y artes marciales. 9 Dragons es un videojuego de rol, con toques de accion y una historia que no tiene desperdicio.

Una tierra con muchas aventuras, muchas maravillas, y muchos secretos, algunos horribles y otros increibles.

Este juego despertará el dragón que tienes en tu interior, es uno de los primeros mmo que salieron con esta tematica. Una aventura en la que no estaras solo, sino con amigos, enemigos, maestros y discipulos. Todas las ciudades, las armas, cada movimiento, los lugares, los trajes todo esta diseñado en detalle para otorgar una mejor sensacion de realismo.

Una vez descargado el juego y creado tu propio peronaje único, pronto estaras  vagando por las polvorientas calles de la antigua China, una epoca en la que la dinastia Ming controlaba el imperio chino. Podras interactuar con todas las personas conectadas al servidor, chatear, intercambiar objetos, c

Breaking News: 9Dragons players might lose their accounts tonight

By: Mandifesto in 9Dragonsposted at 4:17 pm Aug 26,2010

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Gamersfirst has just released information about the transfer of 9Dragons over to their servers.  Apparently, in a completely screw you move on behalf of Acclaim, the servers for the MMO will be turned off today.  Gamersfirst were hoping that the servers would continue to be up until they took the game over in September, but it appears Acclaim is having some sort of temper tantrum, and doesn't want to keep things running now that they no longer own the game. 

Gamersfirst wants to ensure that you don't lose your characters, equipment etc., and so have released the following information:

GamersFirst urges all 9Dragons players to immediately:

-      Take digital inventory of items and characters

-      Create screenshots of

9Dragons (US) - Patch 74 ... Massive PHAIL!

By: theanalyzer in 9Dragonsposted at 3:21 am Mar 12,2009

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bwhahahaha acclame is so painfully sad

the 'oh so awaited' patch that finally arrives, and the three major things its supposed to do...well... dont work LOLOLOL!

    Introduc "New" Dungeon (already present in other versions)...PHAIL : game crashes upon entryIntroduce XP Cards ... PHAIL : more frustrated ppl who spend real money only to get more annoyed as card doesnt work xDFix PvP - By making it difficult for low lvl casters (nukers) to kill high level players in less than 5 secs. PHAIL : Now these low lvl nukers miss 80-90% on players lower than them. But players high than them die in the same 5secs.

Also funny is when someone from acclame claimed :

"The game is designed so that nukers will dominate in PvP (hence the name 'nuker'), while Warriors are needed for Dungeons, Boss Hunts and as Tanks. Nukers are not built for grinding and levelling up, unlike Warriors. "

So in 9Dragons (US version only), we have 4 roles. Out of which is for PvP. Others are for PvE. Way to go acclame!!

As again, another patch, another exodus of players leaving the game.

Any other publisher out there.... help lol

Pity they try so hard and always fail, makes you feel sad for them or

Lyf in 9dragons

By: vloodymary in 9Dragonsposted at 8:59 pm Jan 28,2009

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Hi i'm Mary, my first MMorpg was 9dragons,my character name is Amenra Server:Nirvana LvL:FC12 Class:White Tiger. When i first played immedietly wanted to be in a White Clan coz i wanted to be in the good side :P  so i choosed to be in Wu Tang Clan, met friends like KIoNG,Mikimoto,Kalseru,SupremeKiller,Mhfrenew,Yang Brothers,XFactorX,Kyle-(forgot his in-game name)

(and a whole LOT more sorry if not mentioned i'm not good in remembering names but i know u on top of my head).

my first guild is Sword of something,second is Dao-made this guild with Mikimoto,3rd is Ascension my last favorite guild ever, Ascension guild always been the top white clan guild at the time,i was also 1 of the top White Tiger class  at the time when i was still playing until a lot of people quitted the game and i'm 1 of them.

Thank you MMO Site! Thanks so Much for all the Support in 9Dragons

By: Jackalite in defaultposted at 3:09 pm Jul 08,2008

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Dear MMOsite,

 I just wanted to take a moment to write to you to express my thanks for the extra efforts you gave in the gaming community  that you have created.  It is people like you who make our world a better place, simply by taking the extra time it takes to ensure that all are comfortable with the content and understand it well.  I think I can safely say you were well received by all! 

In the Dark you are our hope!Go to fullsize image 

You stand head and shoulders above others and I appreciate the time you took to care.  Once again, thank you for an outstanding job!

Theres no doubt.. When I am curious about a question about 9Dragons, the first place to look for the answer - Is MMOSITE. What can I say? I can't stress enough to say that theres no other place as rich as MMOSITE in information about games to help players on their favorite game. I have to say that without this site i'd have probably quitted 9dragons due to the difficulty in getting use to all the different systems of the game. MMOSITE gave me the confidence as the guides are professional. It allowed me to master my characters step by step without making

My life in 9Dragons

By: paquitinme in 9Dragonsposted at 11:26 pm May 06,2008

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January 17th 2006 i was surfing the internet to find free email hosting when all the sudden i see an advertisement saying " 9Dragons First Martialarts mmorpg! " i was like " hmm... okay what sure " so i clicked on the image and took me to acclaim's page. There i registered and dowloaded the game 9Dragons. Logged in very confused watning to experience the world of 9dragons. I did not know how to create a character ( LOL ). So i just chose to be a monk, leveled to level 4 Rising Light i think that would be like lvl 50 or higher around there, i spent over 5 hours daily to level meeting friends going into dungeons having fun! later i descied to change my role from monk to being a warrior monk. I was not aware that if i did that i would loose all my time because i would have to start all over, i spent 4 months creating that character. I quit 9Dragons for 5 months  but i started to have dreams about the game day and night. I desiced to go back playing, became a Nuker (Chi Kung) or Magic fighter... energy figher or what not. Got to level 80 i spent 8 months on that character levling bit by bit all by my self. Made 8 Million ingame currency. i would trade day and night

9Dragons Review

By: AvidGamer in 9Dragonsposted at 3:24 am Feb 14,2008

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9Dragons Review
Indy21 unveils its finest martial arts MMORPG
by AvidGamer

January 27, 2008: Do you wear glasses because you've seen Fantasy Mission Force too many times? Does the thought of Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee fighting make you drool? Do you punch brick walls to toughen your knuckles? If you do, there's good news. You're a hardcore fighter, and the perfect match for 9Dragons. With kung-fu action delivered straight to your screen, this truly unique game brings a whole new meaning to F2P. Gamer youths, MMO veterans, computer game fanatics and the like, read on!

Inside the Game
9Dragons is set in the age-old land of China during the Ming Dynasty. 6 schools of martial arts dominate the land. Their disciples are split into Black and White factions. The Shaolin, Wu-Tang, and League of Beggars constitute the White Clan; while the Heavenly Demon, Brotherhood of Thieves, and Sacred Flower form the Black Clan. Located in separate areas, each clan only allows certain students in e.g., Shaolin only accept males.

Players enter the Land at the end of a raging 10 year war. With the Land in turmoil, you start out as a vagabond, untrained in the ways of combat. Armed with only the very ba

Good news for 9Dragons players!

By: zyy060 in defaultposted at 12:44 am Apr 24,2007

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