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Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of...Meh.

By: LordYanLiang in defaultposted at 4:14 pm Jun 29,2011

Tags: Duke Nukem Forever  Review  Duke Nukem  Xbox 360  360 



Yeah...THIS guy.

This guy has been getting a lot of flak ever since his long-awaited title (and this game, most assuredly, boasts one of the longest development timetables in video game history) finally hit the shelves. "Mixed reviews" is an understatement when it comes to critic and player impressions of Duke Nukem Forever -- reviews have been all over the spectrum. Recently I had the chance to play through the Xbox 360 port of this game -- the Duke Nukem Forever port deemed the worst of the three -- and I have to say that I don't think it's quite as bad as people say...but Gearbox Software stitched together a gruesome monster from many pieces of mediocrity to create a creature not much more than the sum of its parts on a gameplay level.

Duke Nukem Fore

DFO To Be Released As Xbox Live Exclusive

By: Sir Loin of Beef in Dungeon Fighter Onlineposted at 12:29 pm Mar 24,2011

Tags: Dungeon Fighter Online  DFO  Xbox  Live  360  Download  Excl 


Dungeon Fighter Online players might be getting some new blood on their servers soon, as Nexon is getting ready to release their side-scrolling MMO as a Xbox Live exclusive download, with the help of Magna Carta 2 developer Softmax. DFO is also serving as Nexon’s first foray into console gaming, which is a pretty big deal.

Similar to the PC version, the initial client will be free to download (outside of the

The Red Ring of Death: Facts, Mythos, and Tips to Prevent it (and other 360 Failures).

By: LordYanLiang in defaultposted at 7:41 am Sep 13,2009

Tags: Xbox  Xbox 360  360  Red Ring  Red Rings  Red Rings of Death 

The Xbox 360 elite

If you're an Xbox 360 owner, then you've heard of its amazing failure rates, and there's a very good chance that you, yourself, have experienced the "Red Ring(s) of Death" at least once (I've experienced them twice within a year). What you may not know is that the common red ring error (three lights: hardware malfunction) is caused by the system's heat sink failing, causing the system to overheat severely. What you may also not know is that the 360 is notorious for other problems than just the red rings -- things Microsoft WON'T cover. Here are a few tips to help you keep your system running:


Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Announced

By: Radu_Avr in defaultposted at 12:55 am Sep 11,2009

Tags: final  fantasy  XIII  release  date  announced  xbox  360  b 


Official confirmation (by way of extravagant YouTube ads) of the release date of Final Fantasy XIII is finally forthcoming; the Japanese PS3 release will just scrape in before the end of 2009 as promised, coming out on December 17th, with pre-orders opening shortly.

The title is a “PS3 exclusive” in Japan, but else where both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are due, with some suggesting that the late Xbox 360 port is contributing to the delayed international release, due in 2010.

The issue with the lack of Blu-ray on the Xbox 360 has also apparently been tackled, with the game promised as fitting on 3 DVDs, although understandably the developers are not forthcoming on whether anything significant will be changed between the two editions.

The trailer in case you need to be reminded just how pretty it looks:

Of course, with game marketing being what it is do not be surprised if the final version looks considerably less impressive.

- From Sankakucomplex.com

Personally I think they should've delayed it a bit more (January 2010 or February), because nowadays most games are released with bugs. Not the case with console only games, but still... Otherwise, the game seems to be coming

Strike Witches Shooting Game for Xbox 360 Due

By: Radu_Avr in defaultposted at 12:28 am Sep 11,2009

Tags: strike  witches  shooting  game  for  xbox  360  due  event 


The latest Strike Witches event has brought with it the announcement that Strike Witches will finally get a game adaptation in its natural genre, almost universally thought to be vertically scrolling shooting action.

The only details released so far are that the developer is CyberFront, the platform is the Xbox 360, and the genre is shooting. A release date is not given, but with the second season in the works we might think it likely to coincide with this.

For whatever reasons, the Xbox 360 is the normal platform for “STG” games, having quite a number of titles already released.

With the release of games like IdolMaster and Dream C Club, and now Strike Witches, it seems the Xbox 360 is targeting a very specific demographic in Japan…

In the mean time, the free doujin alternatives may still be of interest.

- From Sankakucomplex.com

The Generation of Demographic Fail

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 9:48 pm Jul 19,2009

Tags: rant  flame  demographic  fail  playstation  xbox  360  wii 


On a side note, I got accepted into the Dungeon and Figher Onine closed beta. Hopefully I will have time to play during their limited hours.

One of the things that I hate the most nowadays is how different game companies target demographics that they aren't exactly sure of themselves. They ignore what appeals to others in order to satisfy what they want. This trend is just growing and growing. It use to just be standard offline games, but its slowly expanding to online games and some of these game companies dare to say that they know you better than you know yourself. This proves wrong with their marketing results.


The PS3 is probably the worst performing console of the generation so far. It lacked great launch titles like the other consoles for starters and since its release it wasn't performing as well.  However, it is still the Playstation. This means they expect a large of number of action/platformer games and RPGs specifically the Japanese RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Star Ocean. Instead of doing this, developers went to the Xbox 360 with their RPGs. Chances are if you bought a PS3 you bought it for things that were big on the PS2 such as Gran Turismo, Star Ocean, o

Lost Odyssey Review

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 7:47 pm Feb 21,2009

Tags: lost  odyssey  xbox  360  flame  rant  unfinished 


Before I get started on this. I would like to say I did not finish Lost Odyssey and I never plan to. I played it for a while and got bored as hell with it. Its like a combination of various different Final Fantasy games thrown together. Not to mention that its on multiple discs as well. This is one of the reasons I don't like 360 RPGs but its out there but I do want to play The Last Remnant and Star Ocean 4 which I hope comes out for the PS3 at some point as well. I mainly played this for a taste of RPGs on the 360 which turned out to be pretty bad. Other than that, its a console not for RPGamers and most the exclusives are nothing special and worth the cost of an Xbox 360 to play. If you ask me, if you want an RPG, look at the Playstation 2 and not the 360 and most JRPGs aren't doing well because its a demographic fail. They have the right idea for the wrong people.

NOTE: Keep in mind that I did not finish this game I do not plan to. As interesting as it may be, I got bored of it fast because its nothing really new or spectacular about it. Images are taken from RPGamer.com


The story focuses on a effeminate man named Kaim. He is basically an immortal with amnesia who is tryin

KillZone 2 Review. Fanboys vs. Reviewer

By: gamerXtreme in defaultposted at 6:20 pm Feb 08,2009

Tags: ps3  xbox 360  360  killzone 2  games  violince  cool  rant  fps 


 I am not gonna rant about this... Mabey I will! I am not a fanboy for the 360 or ps3. 

I was on the net an then i stubbled on this Game review for Killzone 2.



I know just by the user reveiws from IGN that this reviewer will get in so spam for flame boyz. why do ppl do this? Killzone seems like a good game like commmon. they had 3 extra years to work on it it was supposed to a lauch tittle but got held back also sony gave them experimental ps3's so they can make a good game. Why can some ppl get that? they can and should be good games on all platforms.

well this his how he responds:


 So if you are a fanboy or you just hate either console for what ever reason or you are shocked by this video. Mabey you want to say some thing. You can  say something. I want to hear what you think about this. 

Playstation3 vs. Xbox360 = Which One should I pick?

By: furiosknight in defaultposted at 9:48 pm Jul 27,2008

Tags: Xbox  game  fun  free  360  and  PS3  vs.  playstation3  pla 

I don't have the option the buy both, I'm short on cash and have enough money saved to buy either one of these! No crazy comments that insults any console plz! I want to stay positive.

World of Warcraft on Your 360?

By: Ryuuna in defaultposted at 1:30 am Oct 17,2007

Tags: World of Warcraft  WoW  360 


Playing World of Warcraft on your XBox 360?  Blasphemy!  Blizzard said this would never happen!

Ok, ok, don't get your panties all in a bind.  While this development isn't exactly playing WoW on your 360, it's the next best thing.  Xfire is now releasing a nice bit of free software that allows you to use your 360 controller to play WoW on your PC.  Sure, something similar was done in the distant past, but that required a fistful of technical skill (and was a significant pain in the backside).  Xfire's software makes using the 360 controller as easy to use and set up as possible.  Heck, an orc could do it.

Not only can you kick back while playing WoW, you'll look cool and relaxed, too!

This new fancy-schmancy software is called Switchblade.  It's got a nice pre-loaded configuration, as well as the ability to customize the keys any way you see fit.  We took a good look at the Switchblade set-up, and it appears pretty intuitive.  While nothing will ever replace the keyboard and mouse as a precise interface, the Switchblade setup for the 360 comes pretty close. 

As you can see, the 360 controller - Switchblade interface provides for a wide variety of default actions.  (No, the /spit and /

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