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Tired Of Paying For Games You DON'T Have The Money For?

By: arkai in defaultposted at 10:33 am May 17,2009

Tags: silkroad online  character  hotan  2moons  money  p2p  WOW   


Hey's, This is tymciwb20, comming to you from Canada, Ontario.

Today i'm gonna talk about how making money isn't all that hard. Many (Many Many) people i've talked to, say that money dosn't come from tree's (Blah Blah Blah) you have to go [B]OUT[/B] and make a living. Even if your just a  teenager, or even a kid on the other hand, you would save your money for weeks, if not months, just so you can pay for that extra game, you just Have to have, or even just paying for a monthly fee for a game.(Eve onlne, World Of WarCraft, Runescape, etc) This can build up to become one Giant pain in the @ss.

Have you guys/girls ever herd of Twitter?

Twitter is all over the world, every one Joins it, every one Enjoys it.
Well back to the point, you got Msn, Aim, aol, yahoo, etc. Don't you wish you could make like anywere from $0.10 to $0.50 per messege sent. Wouldn't that be great. Well i'm telling you that this is NOT possible. No way on earth could that work. But Twitter on the ther hand. people on twitter will follow you, become traffic. You post one link and over 100 people will click on in with in 24 hours.

You could turn those click from other people on twitter in to money. (eve

want to high my character name level

By: sutang in defaultposted at 11:08 am Feb 21,2009

Tags: 2moons 


  has anyone know how to high the 2moons power leveling ? want get an easy way to do it ,^^

  i see many friend in the 2moons forum,thank you for you help ^^ i think i will get the much high in game.

Recently played...

By: Sharpnel in Mabinogiposted at 8:47 am Jul 08,2008

Tags: 2moons  mabinogi 

So...2Moons wasn't really all that great. Then again...I didn't really play it...much. Why? Because I think I found the game for me! ^_^

I love Mabinogi! The battle system kinda sucks though and it's real easy to die. Or maybe that's just me...lol. The game has everything, yay! The real problem with games that I've played is because of the quests they have. They're all boring and require you to..."Kill 50 f#!%ing Whatever"...and like 5 of that kind of quest all at once. HELL!

Anywho...yeah this game has part-time jobs! And it's really cool because you're actually living your character. You get hungry, you lose weight, you get muscle while running, money is kinda hard to get, and quests don't just pop up out of nowhere, etc. Okay well sorta...but they have a reason for popping up. 

Back to playing ;)

Its 2:35 am, time for 2moons

By: lonelyasn5 in 2Moonsposted at 2:39 am Nov 09,2007

Tags: 2moons  online  character  summoner  segita  hunter  Game ti 

It is very early in the morning and I have decided I want to go play some 2moons, I just cant get enough of it. I am unsure which char I am going to work on at this point most likely my summoner, whom is only level 9. I

Searching for PVP bliss

By: rndinit0 in defaultposted at 3:18 am Oct 28,2007

Tags: PVP  Lunia  Lineage II  Dark Age of Camelot  Rappelz  2Moons 

I've pretty much played all the p2p pvp games. Back in the day I thought Eve-Online and L2 had the best PVP systems. To be honest the only time I enjoy PVP is when I have to deal with KS'ers. Its nice to know that you ca

Monsters Guide and pics...tons of pics

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 7:21 pm Jul 25,2007

Tags: 2moons  monster  guide  pics 

Llednari\'s Monster Guide (Levels and Areas)Edited by Grunge to include pics This monster guide was made entirely by Llednari.All i did was include pics. Hope Llednari dont mind. pics are from de

2Moons Official T-Shirt Design Contest

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 7:29 pm May 20,2007

Tags: 2Moons  Official  T-Shirt  Design  Contest 

Acclaim is giving you a chance to design the 2Moons official t-shirts. How cool is that? Yes, Acclaim is looking for someone with imagination and artistic ability to create a great t-shirt design just for 2Moons. Interes

Overall \m/_(^.^)_\m/

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 10:24 pm Jan 31,2007

Tags: 2Moons  Overall 

Well these couple of days and weeks there's been complaints and idea's thrown out there as to how to change the game now I know there's has to be SOME changes but some of you can't grasp the picture yet. 1. Its Closed Be

Factional PvP Suggestion - BLOODY ECLIPSE!!!

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 11:44 pm Jan 25,2007

Tags: 2Moons  Factional  PvP  Suggestion  BLOO 

Ok, I just posted this in the chat with DPerry section, but wanted to see what you guys thought about it as well. Please read my suggestion for incorporating a series of daily PvP events to help break up the boredom of j

2moons interview

By: shrily in defaultposted at 5:38 pm Dec 12,2006

Tags: 2Moons 

Jonric: To begin by introducing 2Moons, what kind of online world will it be, what forms of gameplay will if offer, and what's the target launch date? David Perry: 2Moons is targeted for early 2007 and has a pretty epic
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