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Hyper Universe 2D MOBA G-STAR Gameplay

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 9:11 am Nov 17,2016

Tags: Hyper Universe  Gameplay  MOBA  2D  G-STAR 


Now this is definitely a MOBA game different from the others. Hyper Universe is a 2D side scrolling MOBA developed by Nexon with the open beta starting on November 22. Nexon has presented the game at G-STAR with a full match.

Utopia Guardian Gameplay - Android \ iOS

By: RabbitFootTV in defaultposted at 2:02 pm Sep 08,2016

Tags: Utopia Guardian  Action RPG  2D  Gameplay  Mobile Game 


Utopia Guardian is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG mobile game. It’s developed by AWGame and Tells the story of the fantasy adventures on Hasse land. In order to fight against the dark force who invasion the Hasse land, the young adventurers embark on a journey to find the best loots and defeat all challengers.

Koihime Enbu: Degica's Epic Fighter Arrives

By: DanielCsaki in defaultposted at 9:12 pm May 21,2016

Tags: Koihime Enbu  Fighting Game  2D  Anime  Steam 


Were you looking for an anime fighter game with over 13 playable characters? Then look no further as Koihime Enbu has just arrived on Steam and it is extraordinary.
Degica is bringing us an anime-inspired 2D fighting game with loveable visuals that will get you addicted almost instantly. Koihime Enbu was originally an arcade fighting game and has just kicked off on Steam. This ensures a functional and enjoyable fighting system that is clearly well-polished.

The game is based on the extremely popular Koihime Musou visual novel that presents a world where most characters are female. Koihime Enbu is a ground-based 2D action fighting game that brings joy in both single and multiplayer modes.  The fast-paced combat results in an action-packed experience in which your fingers wil

Developer's Diary – Explore Serien, the City of Water!

By: Ignited Games in Wind Slayer 2posted at 6:56 pm Feb 01,2012

Tags: WindSlayer 2  Ignited Games  2D  Side scroller  MMORPG 


New adventures and treasures await as the world of WindSlayer 2 has expanded with the addition of Serien, the City of Water! Stand up with Captain Kid and defend the once peaceful port city of Serien from plundering pirates and other nautical fiends that wish to flood the city with their evil deeds.

If the booty the pirates are hoarding isn’t enough for you, the Premium Shop is where you’ll find what you’re looking for. With over 60 new items added including pet accessories (to make your ChikaPuka or Picky feel even more loved), hairstyles, clothing and more, you’re sure to find a style to your liking!

Developer's Diary – Trust Your Abilities!

By: Ignited Games in Wind Slayer 2posted at 12:49 pm Jan 10,2012

Tags: WindSlayer 2  Ignited Games  2D  Side scroller  MMORPG 


Greetings once again Slayers!

We will be delving once again into the world of combat that is quite prevalent in WindSlayer 2.

A few entries ago I touched on the various classes that a player can choose from as well as took a dive into the PvP Arena and now we will combine the two for some heart pumping action! In the days of ‘retro’ fighting games, players would have to figure out the special moves of their character and put them together to form combos that cause massive damage to their enemies. WindSlayer 2 is no different, allowing you to use the skills purchased from trainers to demolish your adversaries out in the world or in the Arena. It is a good idea to visit the Arena and spectate a few matches to see what skills the combatants are using to attack and counter-attack with.

What I'm doing

By: furiosknight in defaultposted at 1:12 pm Aug 11,2008

Tags: La Tale  mmo  mmorpg  2d  side  scroller 

I'm done bouncing around playing this and that. I am now just going to wait patiently for newer games instead of picking out the games that are currently free or at OB stage. I will be waiting for La Tale... hope its good, I heard many good comments about it. Even though I usually hate 2D games, I might try this one! Currently, I am willing to find out more about the game. If you got anything to say about La tale, you are very welcome to speak out! Enjoy!

Chaos Online - Alpha test review

By: Shantarr in Chaos Onlineposted at 9:35 pm Aug 07,2008

Tags: Chaos Online  Isometric  2d  2.5d  MMO  MMORPG  Fun  Differe 


 Genre: 2.5d Isometric Fantasy RPG
 Status: Alpha Test
 Developer: Ingle Games Ltd.
 Publisher: Ingle Games Ltd.  
 Official Website: http://co.enjoymmo.com/                    

Chaos Online, where to begin...

I must admit that I was first drawn into playing Chaos online because of the screen shots I had seen on MMOSite. Isometric games will always hold a special place in my heart, as I used to love playing Lineage the Blood Pledge and Ultima Online in my earlier gaming years. However, once I actually started playing Chaos Online, it left me with an odd set of mixed feelings.

Before I go too much farther I must say this: Chaos Online is still in an Alpha state of being. It is not near completion by any means and will more than likely change a vast amount before final release. Having said that, I will begin to share with you my trials and triumphs within Chaos Online.

On a visual note, Chaos online was able to develop an environment in which players feel part of the game. It seems that

DragonBall 2D/3D MMORPG Project

By: Radu_Avr in defaultposted at 2:16 am Dec 27,2007

Tags: dragonball  2d  3d  mmorpg  project  money  msn 


Hello. This is me, Radu Avramescu. What I'd love to see is a real DragonBall MMORPG, which is also 3D. There is already a DragonBall Online out there, which is being worked on at the moment, but I'd love to create one of myself as well. What I would be able to do is take the leading role, create the story, manage the features of the game (no, I'm not going to code, just going to say how the feature should be made and what to do), and even come up with some ideas which would earn us a lot of money. I'm a trustful person.

Well, for more information, contact me via MSN: radu12345@hotmail.com, if you want to give your support or join my team. I'm currently looking for 5 good 3D Character Modelers, 7 coders, a few mappers if required, Support staff, and website designers. I pretty much have nothing.

Goodbye, and hope you'll respond.

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