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2012 is gone, Synopsis...

By: Pelagato in FunFunposted at 7:42 pm Dec 31,2012

Tags: 2012  synopsis  guild wars 2  the secret world  city of hero 


2012 is gone!!! The gaming history books keep getting bigger and our list of games is a bit larger. A lot of things happened in 2012, some of them are important and some others are not. So I am only going to write down in this piece of paper the ones that I believe are the important ones.

The Secret World was released in July 3, after years of development, the classless game is out. The game was a bit controversial and received mixed reviews. Some people praised its uniqueness and some others bashed the sterile feeling of the game in some aspects.

In December, the subscription fee was eliminated, turning the game into some sort of B2P game with a cash shop and premium services.

SWTOR takes the F2P route… After so much drama around this game and all the population problems, the game finally takes the F2P route. Unfortunately it was seen by some people as some sort of cheap trick because the limitations in the free components are way too much.

Some people believe that SWTOR is a P2P g

Guild Wars 2 - Wintersday!!!! Fun time...

By: Pelagato in Guild Wars 2posted at 9:21 am Dec 15,2012

Tags: Guild Wars 2  Wintersday  2012 


Wintersday is here. Keeping the old tradition of running events related to the RL festivities, Anet is once again celebrating wintersday in GW2, so get ready to do a bunch of activities and get some candy canes. Get into LA and talk to one of those NPCs with some flags above their head. They are around the Mystic Forge.

Bell Choir

Put your musical skills into use here and play a game that resembles one of those rock band or guitar hero games. Push the right notes in the right moment and you will score some points, screw it up and your health bar is going to go down. (note: you will get a lot of hate messages if you mess it up on purpose).

Winter Wonderland

One hell of a jumping puzzle... If you are a fan of jumping puzzles, then good luck and have fun. Keep in mind that he puzzle is not so easy, you have to jump into the right places and you need to be fast because the snowflakes platforms usually go away after a few seconds. At least we dont have to walk back to the starting area if we fa

CABAL Online Force Blader Tips and Guides

By: xVandom in CABAL Onlineposted at 2:47 am Jul 03,2012

Tags: CABAL Online  Force Blader  Guide  2012 


Please check our CABAL Online Force Blader Tips and Guides blog
at http://cabalonlineforcebladerguide.blogspot.com

Learn what it takes to be the ultimate CABAL Online Force Blader!

Topics from magic, sword and upgrade skills to combos and mission war techniques!

Arsenal and Chelsea want to buy Barcelona Red Star

By: miaoxiang2 in defaultposted at 5:20 pm May 26,2012

Tags: Italia Camiseta del niño  Camiseta Futbol de Chelsea  2012 


In just ended of a round Premiership League in the, Arsenal home 1-1 regrets flat Wolverhampton W, and Tottenham is in away 2-0 Wansheng Norwich, currently, Arsenal in Premiership integral list Shang backward topped of Manchester double male 12 min, backward ranked third and less racing one of Tottenham 5 min, although Wilshere and Szczesny, General are had Caine said never will produced "North London of King" of throne, but from currently of situation view, Arsenal to wanted to in this season ended of when integral pressure had Tottenham, difficulty quite large.

Once in 1992 to play for Arsenal's senior celebrity paluoer in the current round of talkSPORT radio interview after the end of the Premiership, said: "they (Arsenal of kids) played very well, but they didn't want to win the League, Arsenal, be realistic. "Compared to Arsenal, paluoer spoke highly of the gunman's Derby sworn enemies Tottenham, that they may go beyond Manchester double male:" by April next year, if they

2012!!!! The end of the World or MMOs?

By: Pelagato in FunFunposted at 12:38 pm May 04,2012

Tags: SWTOR  GW2  TERA  TSW  2012  end of the world 


I am not sure if the world is going to end this year, to be honest I think that the Mayan calendar is full of crap, just like me own calendar because it ends in December 31. I am 97% sure that the world is not going to end this year but I dunno if the MMOs as a whole are going to survive at all…

First, the TORTANIC!!!! Aka SWTOR!!!! That game was released in 2011 but so far the game is having problems, it didn’t lived up to the expectations of the friggin community. I heard that they are going to merge servers soon, which can be a bad sign if they end up with a very low population that barely cover up the maintenance costs, not to mention the game shortcomings…

If you feel like wasting some time, you can go to youtube and watch all the TORTANIC parodies and check out some facebook pages abou

Less hyped 2012 MMORPGs to look forward to

By: End_Break_Fomar in defaultposted at 7:07 pm Apr 22,2012

Tags: Langrisser Schwarz  2012  Core Blaze  Tiara Concerto  Starbo 


It seems like 2012 is the year the MMORPG dry spell ends - there are a lot of MMOs getting hype, but some of the deserving ones are left out! These games are the picks that I think will be good this year and also happen to be games that haven't really started the hype engine, despite a planned US release of 2012.

Langrisser Schwarz

Based on the Langrisser SRPG series, Langrisser Schwarz utilizes certain mechanics to be somewhat of an action mmorpg with some strategy involved. In addition to controlling yourself, you have soldiers which you assign and command to attack monsters. The soldiers are there to dish out damage and take it; while you level up in each map or arena and you can choose from a multitude of soldier classes to aide you. There are 3 factions in the ga

Far Cry 3 Gameplay Trailer

By: octopusx in defaultposted at 4:04 am Mar 22,2012

Tags: far cry 3  far cry  gameplay  trailer  september  2012 


Ubisoft released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming title Far Cry 3. The trailer is well made and I'm sure it will make fans of the previous Far Cry titles want to get their hands on the game as soon as possible.

I hope that Far Cry 3 will offer a great multiplayer experience with a lot of action and big maps.

Here's the trailer:

All I will add is: shrooms. :)

Bye Bye 2011… I am not going to miss you lol!

By: Pelagato in defaultposted at 8:57 am Dec 31,2011

Tags: 2011  2012  New Year  Aion  Tera  APB  EVE  CCP  DCUO  Hacke 


Today I am sitting here at home thinking about the things that happened in 2011… It was a busy year full of surprises and disasters, but since no one around here really cares about the natural disasters or the political drama all across the world… I better get to the point of gaming.

So what do we have here? Well, 2011 was like a never ending storm, full of surprises and full of crap at the same time. I will try to keep this events in what I call the neutral state, there is no good or bad… Only a bunch of things that just happened… ok

1. This year we saw a few mayor releases in the mmo world… Rift for the most part was the main event, its kinda unfortunate that the game is not what it used to be anymore in terms of player population but at least they manage to be a lot more than the usu

Dragon Quest X confirmed for 2012

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 12:00 am Sep 10,2011

Tags: news  dragon quest  wii  online  2012 




Not sure how many of you are Dragon Quest fans, like I am, but I do have a bit of good news for those of you that are. Dragon Quest X is confirmed to be released next year for both the Wii and WiiU. It seems to be following suit with Dragon Quest IX model in bringing online play to the franchise.

This time around though this game seems to have more of a mmo feel to it than what IX did, in screenshots you can see that a hub of people gathered together in an area. The name of the game itself gives it away even more which is Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Online. 

While looking at some of the gameplay footage, it does seem that the game may retain its turned based roots, due to the menu based gameplay which the series is famous for. But you also see the character wande

Star Trek Online

By: Shadic0 in Star Trek Onlineposted at 4:30 pm Sep 09,2011

Tags: Free  To  Play  Free To Play  2011  2012  Q4  Q1  Star Trek 


Star Trek Online has announced that it will soon be going to a free-to-play game later this year.

The new model will not require players to buy a copy of the game or a subscription. “Gold Member” subscriptions will remain available for players at $14.99 a month. Free players will be restricted to two character slots, a maximum of 48 inventory slots, and limited chat. Certain features will only be available for free players via purchases.

Things to do with free to play is they get to play as long as they want, experience weekly episodes that contain story based gameplay, no level restrictions, do want you want such as discover new life and civilizations, and explore many notable places from the Star Trek Universe.

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