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Tera - The endless progression reset

By: Tony259 in TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arboreaposted at Jul 23, 2015 4:37 pm

So this is kind of something that's been on my mind for a while, though with Teras most recent patch it has just got to me to a point where I just said to my self "Why bother?".

With every patch that Tera has had for end game it has pretty much reset your progression back to square one. I played Tera originally for the first 2 months on release or so until I basically stopped playing due to the lack of content and any kind of proper PvP activities outside of the pointless GvGs. I came back to Tera as soon as it went Free2Play and have been casually playing it and gearing up with every patch that came into the game, I was enjoying more than now I think mainly for the reason that it felt fresh and new to some degree, obviously because I hadn't played it since its early P2P stage

Echo of soul - So you're now level 60, what next?

By: Tony259 in Echo of Soulposted at Jul 20, 2015 7:01 am

So you've hit level 60 and now you may be wondering the most efficient way to get started, hopefully for those playing the game that this may aid in some way. You will see that 4 new party dungeons with a item-level requirement of 590 will be opened up to you, 2 of these are the dungeons you may have done on your way to 60 (Hero mode versions) and the other 2 will be new. You will want to make sure you've farmed your last solo instance (level 57 hero mode) to get fully geared out in blue equipment to be most effective at starting out in party dungeons so you won't lack damage and take more damage than you would want.

You will also want to do the infinite Dungeons on the side with a group as there is a repeatable at the entrance that gives you 2 tokens for complet

Skeleton King Leoric Joins the Nexus Soon!

By: Mimiron in posted at Jul 19, 2015 4:08 am

It has been a while since the Butcher has been released and as every Hero, he gets a 5,000 Gold discount and is therefore down from 15,000 Gold to 10,000. We have already previewed Leoric's abilities and more and this time, Blizzard has published an official Hero Spotlight, so tis means we're really close to a release! Next week maybe?

Here's the official Leroic Hero Spotlight Video

Pricing: New Heroes always cost 15,000 Gold (down to 10,000 Gold two weeks after release). Leoric will cost 7.49 GBP and is the second hero to be introduced in the Eternal Conflict. 

Heroes of the Storm: New Starcraft Warrior Hero

By: Mimiron in Heroes of the Stormposted at Jul 19, 2015 3:21 am

A really weird step by Blizzard here, but once you visit the official Heroes of the Storm site, you'll be prompted with a splash screen, showing you to pre-purchase Starcraft II's last expansion, Legacy of the Void.

Once you pre-purchase it, you'll get a lot of interesting in-game goodies, but the part that got me is that everyone who pre-purchases the expansion will be granted a yet-to-be-revealed Starcraft warrior Hero. Good attempt, Blizzard! So, the Standard Version costs $39.99 and you'll get the Starcraft Warrior Hero to your Heroes of the Storm account, but purchasing the Digital Deluxe Version, priced at $59.99 will grant you the VoidSeeker mount as well.

When will the new Hero be revealed?

Easy, we had the Butcher more than two weeks ago, we know Skeleton King Leoric will be

Maple Story 2: Who Knew? That I'd actually like it

By: Scion Storm in MapleStory 2posted at Jul 18, 2015 12:51 pm

I really didn't think that I would like this game. I am really not a fan of the original maple story. But this version I actually like. Mainly because it incorporates so many different games. You have a little ;Warcraft, Minecraft, Diablo, and even some Wonderland Online. You're old if you even know what WO is. With that said enjoy the game play in this one. I'll be doing a review on soon as I grind out twenty more levels and class change.

Closers Online - New Class Character Nata Gameplay

By: RabbitFootTV in posted at Jul 17, 2015 5:43 pm

Nata is the latest character added to Closers Online. Nata is an agile hero with two swords and here we see him in action in early levels.

Marvel Heroes: Ant Man Released

By: Scion Storm in Marvel Heroesposted at Jul 17, 2015 9:41 am

About Ant-Man

Though a brilliant electronics expert, Scott Lang had made his share of bad decisions. Having served time in prison for burglary, Scott would return to his life of crime in order to save his terminally ill daughter, Cassie. Stealing the Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym, Scott would use the suit to save Dr. Erica Sondheim, the only doctor capable of saving Cassie from her heart condition. Once he realized that Scott was only trying to do the right thing, Hank Pym not only let Scott keep the suit, but gave him his blessing as the brand new Ant-Man!

Nanbo's Cabal 2 Review Levels 10 - 20

By: Nanbo in Cabal 2posted at Jul 17, 2015 3:32 am

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my next review section of CABAL 2. Last time we took a look at the first 10 levels, and it was a pretty solid game despite a few issues. So, as I push on into the fantasy world, we will see if this game is worth investing in for the long haul, and we will change up the score giving a final score up to the 20 levels of game play.



As I continue (Half of 40, level cap is 20, so I am half way there now), a few things changed. I kept my eye on the crafting and we will go over it. I also had more donjon experience. There will also be a community piece as we go over guilds. I can already tell you in the intro, the quality of life of this game goes right down the drain. Here is why:


Character Progression:

Several things start to deteriora

CABALII: Because Having Two Hands is Overrated

By: Gabriel Knight in Cabal 2posted at Jul 16, 2015 8:46 pm

So you were playing your favorite sport with your friends, made a stupid move and you broke your right arm. Now you’re stuck in home with nothing to do, because you can’t play online games either.

Fear not! Here’s the game for you. But be warned:you’re going to need a lot of caffeine to keep you awake.

    I recently received a private message inciting me to check this out, and because I haven’t tried a new game in years and CABALII is in open beta, I gave it a shot.

     To make you understand how little I knew about the game, let me tell you that both the name and the screenshot in the launcher made me believe it was a sci-fi game with robots. Silly me, how far I was from the truth.


    Right off the bat you can c

Guild Of Dungeoneering - Another Great Indie RPG

By: RabbitFootTV in posted at Jul 16, 2015 2:08 pm

Guild Of Dungeoneering is another great indie rpg title. You start with a small guild recruiting heroes and sending them to dungeons. When you enter a dungeon you are the Game Master and the hero,you start creating the dungeon putting rooms,monsters and loot. The combat system is turn base, you start with a deck of cards and each card represents an ability,you can obtain new more powerful cards by defeating monsters and obtain loot. After you have cleared a dungeon you can return to your guild and use the gold you have gathered from your adventures to expand your guild,recruit new heroes and unlock new loot. Both graphics and gameplay gives you the feeling of playing a board game and the epic/funny music fits perfectly with the whole atmosphere.

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