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10 Most Anticipated Android RPGs of 2017

By: AndroidGamespot in posted at Oct 14, 2016 2:23 am

Role-playing games on mobile tend to generate more mixed feelings among fans than on PC and consoles combined and that's due to the fact that some mobile game developers go overboard sticking RPG labels on things that should not which makes the task of finding decent mobile role-playing games in itself, a feat but fear not, Android Gamespot brings you 10 of the most anticipated RPGs that's coming up to Android and iOS in 2017 (With a few exceptions.)

10- Duel Revolution
Duel Revolution is a monster catching game for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC and Mac.

9- Cat Quest
Ex-Koei-Tecmo developers are working on a new game called Cat Quest in which you play as a customizable hero adventurer cat, exploring the world, fighting enemies, and exploring various caves and dungeons for loot.

8- Sdorica Sunset
A 2D side scrolling RPG developed by Rayark with gorgeous graphics.

7- Final Fantasy Type 0 Online
Final Fantasy Type-0 Online is a multiplayer action role-playing game developed by Squar

Lineage II: Revolution coming out this November

By: RabbitFootTV in posted at Oct 13, 2016 8:49 am

Netmarble has decided to cancel the closed beta for their upcoming action-rpg title for mobile devices Linage II: Revolution and launch the game in November without the beta tests. The closed beta was scheduled to start on October 13 followed by the open beta but Netmarble had received almost 2 million sign ups for the game's test phase. A closed beta with 2 million players is not a closed beta is probably what the game developers though and decided to optimize the game additionally for some new mobile devices and launch it this November.

Black Desert: Awakenings and Water Exploring

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at Oct 13, 2016 7:22 am

The awakening trailers this time around were actually good. The water swimming made me realize that losing stamina underwater is teribad.

Red Stone 2 Gameplay - Action RPG Android \ iOS

By: RabbitFootTV in posted at Oct 13, 2016 4:56 am

A first look at the new action-rpg for mobile devices Red Stone 2

Black Desert | Ranger Awakening Quest Guide

By: Koyo Twitch in Black Desertposted at Oct 13, 2016 1:48 am

Here is a Black Desert Online guide for the Ranger Awakening which has just been released in the NA & EU server on the 12th of October 2016.

► Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/pr0digit
Play Black Desert Now ► http://goo.gl/0344Wl

► More Videos: https://goo.gl/C2LDUH
► Discord: https://discord.gg/0u0PoOrCSWgjKf06
► Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoyoFam
► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KoyoTwitch


Project Genom: Steam Alpha Launch

By: Scion Storm in Project Genomposted at Oct 12, 2016 10:12 pm

It has gone a long way towards being a solid title. A lot of bugs still exist in this game, and its very hard to understand quests sometimes. Or even where to go even if its on the map. The game needs a good deal of polish. I'll keep an eye on it so we can maybe file it away on watch.

Blade & Soul NA Ebondrake Citadel Zakhan

By: Eckogen in Blade and Soulposted at Oct 12, 2016 7:48 pm
Here is a full guide on Zakhan, the last boss in Ebondrake Citadel. 

Along with needing an accessory to resist Phantom Brand. There are 2 essential requirements. First, spec your Tab escape skill so that is daze. Secondly, you will need a Summoner or Assassin to do their party invisible ability.


100%-90% HP
- Normal attacks
- Attacks are fast and wide

90% HP Shows His True Self
- Zakhan will announce he is watching someone
- The marker is the person who is the furthest away from him
- Everyone needs to clump up in front of the boss as the marker comes to do the same
- Time the party invisible skill for the aoe he will fire off
- If timed correctly everyone will be stealthed
- The marker breaks stealth and continues to attack
- Everyone else must wait until Zakhan fires the first out of his four projectiles
- Projectiles will target whoever is visible (aka the marker)
- The marker will not suffer any damage from the projectiles
- Remain close together to receive the root

Blade & Soul NA Tower of Memories

By: Eckogen in Blade and Soulposted at Oct 12, 2016 7:40 pm
Tower of Memory is a limited time event, similar to the Vipercap Gauntlet event. It is available from Oct 5th to the 23rd. Minimum level is 16 and no AP/gear is required to do this. It is located in Jadestone Village, between the portals of Shattered Masts and Gloomdross Incursion. Because it is a daily you can only do once a day. Reset tokens are available to purchase for 39 Ncoins or HM coins. There are 3 floors.

Floor 1 Infernal Lord:
- Grab the Frostspewers
- Attacking with the Frostspewers will apply cold stacks
- At 100 cold stacks the boss will freeze
- Hit "1" when he's frozen to fire the alternative mode with the Frostspewer
- He will summon Fire Flowers. Step over them to clear them otherwise he'll use it to heal up (similar to Asura)
- The Fire Flowers do not cause any status effects

Floor 2 Winter or Blood Mane:
- RNG of either Winter or Blood Mane
- Grab the machine guns
- The alternative fire (1) fires a grenade launcher which launches the boss up into the air
- You w

Skyforge - Nows the time to play!

By: Tony259 in Skyforgeposted at Oct 12, 2016 1:00 pm

Skyforge has been out for a while now, it's had many updates with plenty of content for both the solo and party players, but personally for me? the current update is possibly the best thing to happen to the game, most especially for those that are new/early into the game, and I'll explain why.

This giant ascension atlas right here? gone. The ascension atlas was one of your primary ways of actually progressing in the game, as a new-comer to Skyforge it could feel quite overwhelming and very slow when actually trying to get anywhere, the problem I personally felt was that it made unlocking classes far too much of a chore and very time-consuming. The idea was alright on paper, it gave you a sense of accomplishment after grinding out enough of the "currencies" to actually progress a

TOP 10 Free Best MMORPG Games 2016

By: freemmorpggamesplay in posted at Oct 12, 2016 11:26 am

TOP 10 Free and Best MMORPG Games gameplay and preview list in 2016

For The Play;

10. Tree Of Savior: Tree of Savior is a Korean top-down 3D fantasy MMORPG where players defeat endless numbers of monsters to level up and advance to new classes. Party up with other players to crawl through dungeons, craft new items, and explore a charming world.

Tree Of Savior Download and Play: https://treeofsavior.com/

9. Devilian: Devilian is a dark fantasy themed action MMORPG set in the persistent world of Aelkeina. Players control half-devil characters who possess the ability to transform into their Devil Forms. Devilian offers multiple PvP modes and a dungeon finder for quick PvE sessions.

Devilian Download and Play: http://www.trionworlds.com/devilian/en/

8. Titan Siege: Titan Siege is a PvP-focused fantasy MMORPG where players choose between one of five classes, quest, and engage in brutal fights with other players in the open world.

Titan Siege Download and Play: https://www.titansiege.com/

7. Eloa: E

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