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Raven's Review: Sword of the new World - Granado Espada

By: Raven66 in posted at Aug 18, 2008 8:04 am
What a great adventure it has to be to discover a brandnew world full of mysteries and wonders. To step your foot, where no man or woman was before. Well, if this is your dream,then you should take a look at SWORD OF THE NEW WORLD - GRANADO ESPADA.

The game starts with the maybe best invention since the creation on MMORPGs... you are able to control up to 3 characters at the same time!
Yeah, you heard right. 3 characters at the same time. RPG player only had this fun with Secret of Mana or Ultima series. But this time, the player
gets thrown into a completely 3D Scenario with a huge number of enemies. By the way, you can even name your Family and the single characters by yourself. As for me, I called my family vonDrachensturm, which you still can find at the Illier server. Okay, let's get started!

At the begin, you may choose a team of three character classes from this list below, no matter if female or male. However, during the game, you are able to collect so-called UPC, which are having powerful, unique or combined abbilities, which makes the game a bit easier. But let us talk about the standard character classes, shall we?

The Standart Characters (Stock Characters)

1. The Fighter:

My Review of Sword of the New World: Granado Espada

By: moonglare in posted at Jun 24, 2008 3:21 pm

Hello everybody!!! Here I am to talk

about another amazing game that I

have played, this time I'll be

introducing to you the well-know

game Sword of the New World:

Granado Espada brought to us by

K2 Network. I'll try to show the best

game features, as well as some

nice pictures (oh, there's one

picture of my characters in my

album,chek it out ;D), and cool on

the final of the review, so, enjoy

and have a good time (^__^)v





1 - Character Creation

One thing thal will catch your atention in the character screen is the fact that you'll have to choose the name of your family, in Granado Espada we'll have what its called MCC (Multi Character Control), that allows you to play with 3 characters at the same time like a party, and all of your characters will be indentified by the name of your family, and they'll also walk and fight together, when you talk in the chat, it is your family's name that will appear, so, your family's name is like your nickname in-game.

The picture above shows your Barracks, that's where you can switch your party's members and create characters.
In the character creation window, you'll choose your characters name and job, unfortun


By: Dexcross in posted at Apr 07, 2008 7:34 pm

I don’t really know how to categorize this article into.  It’s not a review nor a depth review.  I just want to write this, because when I’m playing Granado Espada, this is what I felt.  There are so many good review out there that you can read.  This is just about my feelings toward the game.


Granado Espada or Sword of The New World, is far from perfect.  It doesn’t have stat allocation so that the character can be differentiate to each other in terms of character type, it doesn’t have a unique distinctive battle system, they don’t prevent any RMT company spamming around, some of premium items are out of balance (lucifer wings for example, which make people refuse to enter the pvp and faction wars) and I’m really having difficulties when dealing with equipment because there is no way you can assign a hotkey for equipment change.  So yeah, they are far from perfect.  But when I play this game, one thing that I found is that the team behind this game really put their heart to make this game different and alive!


Why would I said that?


The graphic of Granado Espada, while it wouldn’t be the best graphic of today OL game, but I can see that the team behind this game, is paying really h

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