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Mass Effect: Intimate Love Making

By: CalebG in Magic Worldposted at Jul 08, 2009 8:40 pm

Reading a recent article by CVG, which interviewed Mass Effect's Greg Zeschuk who defends sex scenes in Mass Effect, I have to totally agree with him, and will eleborate why.

The one problem many game faces when it comes to relationships, is imparting the feelings the writer/designer wants the player to have for a character. Taking Mass Effect as an example, you start out as a lieutanent or equvilent, with a brief understanding on your character's background (being able to choose it) as well as the world.

You then get exposed to the various characters, all whom you just met, which allows you to start developing feelings for them. For most, Liara would be a choice not only because we all (men at least) have a fantasy to do it with an alien chick in the deep recesses of our head. But no, I didn't know that when I purchased the game, and it was based on her skills and abilities.

To be honest, aesthetic wise, I never really liked the Asari, they reminded me of the sexy Twi'leks from the Star Wars universe, minus the sexy part. I found the fully masked and fully clothed Tali much more appealing.


Back to the topic, for most of the game I had Liara and Tali with me. I was a Vanguard

To Bot Or Not To Bot: That’s The Question

By: Dexcross in Magic Worldposted at Jul 29, 2008 9:11 am

A Glance At Magic World Online “New” Feature


One of the main feature that has been highlighted and claimed to be differentiated among other MMORPGs by Magic World Online: BOT feature.  When I first heard about that, I’m asking myself, “Do they realize what they have done to ruin their own games?”.

A couple years ago, I was among people who quit games because the invasion of bots in MMORPG.  Here’s some reasons why I don’t like bot:

1. No one to talk with.  The beauty of playing MMORPG is because I can met many people and enjoy the game together.  But how can I do that if I just say hello and that character just teleport right away?  Later, it become worst because there are no strict rule to overcome this problem.  I say hello and the bot character would reply, “Get lost noobs, I am bot!”

2. No honor in reaching high level.  One of my purposes in playing MMORPG is to reach high level.  There is honor and I can be proud even though I am not reaching the level as quick as many other players, because my job won’t allow me to play as much as them.  But can you imagine when I have r

Coordinated Terrorist Attack Hit GM Demonstrative Wedding

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at Jul 21, 2008 11:13 pm

Those pics below will let you have a glimpse of what had just happened.

The domestic wedding was turned into an international funeral.


We are sorry some players misunderstood that all activities would be held in Empire. Arrangements need to be understood, so that next time when GM holds demonstrative wedding in Empire and Dynasty, interested players will have chance to learn wedding affairs.


Bride and bridgegroom had already got happily on to the wedding carriage, but they still had chance to be the victim of war. Can we say that in wartime, holding a wedding was a big daring action as other things are…


As GM, we should take the responsibility to server players, no matter how difficult things would be! Also we understand it is essential not to be overdue optimistic, so this time we will again present wedding, but it is accompanied together with the act of recruiting mighty guards on the wedding march.

Do not interfere with official business this time:-{

Ultimate Magic World Online review by Garrik

By: mmstorm in Magic Worldposted at Apr 09, 2008 8:09 pm

So today i decided to give Magic world Online a try after seeing that it was on mmosite.

I did some reading on it before hand and i admit my first thought was hmmm built in bot system, but i decided i would give it a shot and report back here for all the other people who may have been scepticle.

Well, so far all i can say is this game is addictive and the bot system is very good. Ill do a quick summary of the pros and cons of the game from what iv seen so far to make it easier reading instead of a might wall of text.


Smoothe 2D graphics - Old fashioned yes, but they are still well done with nice art. I would personally rather play a game with nice 2D's instead of a game with cheap 3D's. Plus anyone can run it.

Quests - Quests vary, there are normal kill task, escorts and even instance quests that move the story along and give you your job upgrades, i was impressed with that as you dont see that sort of variety in F2P games. Its usually all basic kill 20000 of this and that, but so far this game has been different and actually enjoyable. The quests are also easy to track.

Classes - Lots of classes ! every starter class gets 3 job upgrades as they go along, in total there are 12 d

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