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Skyforge in 2017: Is It Worth Your Time? - A Critical Review

By: InMyOpinionGaming in Skyforgeposted at May 08, 2017 3:58 pm

In my constant quest to uncover fun and worthwhile MMOs I continually stumble upon ones like Skyforge.

Skyforge is a Free To Play Action-Combo-Combat MMO developed by The Allods Team (...they made Allods Online) and is Published by My.Com. Skyforge has been released since 2015 and recently made its way onto Steam.

I figured Skyforge would be a polished experience given that it's been out for a while now and that the premise and gameplay looked fun and right up my alley. I wasn't wrong, Skyforge is pretty polished from both a story and gameplay perspective but the way they monetize the game hurts the overall experience greatly. For more information see my Video above!

For those interested Skyforge has the following features:

    Combo-based Combat (Similar to Vindictus and DragonNest)A ref

Skyforge - Nows the time to play!

By: Tony259 in Skyforgeposted at Oct 12, 2016 1:00 pm

Skyforge has been out for a while now, it's had many updates with plenty of content for both the solo and party players, but personally for me? the current update is possibly the best thing to happen to the game, most especially for those that are new/early into the game, and I'll explain why.

This giant ascension atlas right here? gone. The ascension atlas was one of your primary ways of actually progressing in the game, as a new-comer to Skyforge it could feel quite overwhelming and very slow when actually trying to get anywhere, the problem I personally felt was that it made unlocking classes far too much of a chore and very time-consuming. The idea was alright on paper, it gave you a sense of accomplishment after grinding out enough of the "currencies" to actually progress a

Skyforge: Ascension Pre-Update Things that changed+Thoughts

By: Scion Storm in Skyforgeposted at Oct 11, 2016 7:03 am

Skyforge is revamping close to everything in the game. From combat to the UI. So I decided to jump in and take a look. As we get closer I'll do another video on the combat changes. For now were going to look at the system changes.
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Skyforge: Should you play it?

By: Scion Storm in Skyforgeposted at Aug 22, 2016 11:15 am

At the end of the day this is a fun game. It does have things that may make someone cringe. It does have pay2win factors, not so much anymore. The sum of it's whole parts makes me give it a 2.3 out of 3.
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Skyforge: Cybernet Alliance Arrives on June 1

By: DanielCsaki in Skyforgeposted at May 19, 2016 1:00 am
Skyforge will soon receive yet another promising content update, this time it is the Cybernetic Alliance.
Cybernetic Alliance continues the story from the Reapers' Revenge update and is set to arrive on June 1 bringing along the Gorgonide Avatar and some improvements to the MMORPG. My.com has recently posted a detailed article about the upcoming changes that will be implemented through the Cybernetic Alliance update.

In a nutshell, the update brings new companions, a revised equipment refinement section and the next part of the D-Series Distortions. Like always, there are also some class balance fixes that we can expect from the update, such as "...beneficial changes to talents or skills of the Archer, Witch, Slayer, Monk, and others!"

The publisher also shared two videos, showcasing

Skyforge: Winter Celebrations Best looking Christmas in MMO?

By: Scion Storm in Skyforgeposted at Dec 19, 2015 7:27 pm

I had to stop and make a video about this. Because it just looks so good and majestic. Also my first winter gift I got three free days of premium. So you should most certainly log in at least and get your gift.

Skyforge Tarlen Aquifer Dungeon Tips&Fun

By: Scion Storm in Skyforgeposted at Oct 21, 2015 6:48 am

Did my damn thing in this dungeon it was fun. Decided I'd drop a little tips on you. And a nice beat for you guys from Sparks. Shown from a low prestige point of view. Higher levels it won't matter as much, and by then you should already know this stuff anyway.

Skyforge Let's discuss is it grindy?

By: Scion Storm in Skyforgeposted at Aug 25, 2015 7:04 pm

This is a quick video on if Skyforge is grindy. From what I have seen in various places. A lot of people think it is grindy and unforgiving to class level. Me personally I don't share that sentiment at all. I think the game is far too easy to grind out. So you really don't feel the grind even though it does exist. Pretty much this is a case of to each his own.

Skyforge: so far so good

By: Scion Storm in Skyforgeposted at Jul 28, 2015 8:35 pm

We are a few weeks in now. Everything is still fresh and new. Plenty of tweaks were made and the game is fun. But let's talk about what can improve.

1.More loot variation= The game needs different types of random drops. More things to collect maybe cosmetic items?

2.More Open World= They're trying be we need more. Right now you feel funneled into dungeons over and over

3. Unlocking Classes Needs Incentive= After you unlock one class unlocking further needs to be encouraged. Maybe a permanent buff to spark collection. That increases every class unlocked, so it's less of a grind and rewards you.

4. More story and side quests= The face book like system is there. I think it needs to be used a bit more to give us various things to do.

5. More Clothing= I thought they do better in this department. Sadly I was wrong, we need more even if it's cash shopped.

6. PVP Queue= Is downright terrible all the time. Either no one likes pvp or people scared? I don't know what it is but the queue ti

Progression Capping In Skyforge... Is It Ok?

By: LUGO Gaming in Skyforgeposted at Jul 15, 2015 2:46 am

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With My.com, Obsidian Entertainment, and the Allods Team's free-to-play MMORPG Skyforge entering is official open beta date on the 16th of July, Zach Sharpes dove into the early access open beta to get a taste for the game. This taste was filled with progression caps, that after the first week brought up more questions than what was answered. In this video I discuss whether or not progression capping is alright, why developers do it, and ask you guys if you think it is ok.



Thanks for watching!
Zach Sharpes

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