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Rf online Closed Beta Review

By: sdhf in RF Onlineposted at Dec 15, 2008 12:08 pm





Rf online Closed Beta Review


Before I start this this closed beta review i just wanna say something about RF Online. In my opinion this is the BEST game out there right now. I know your thinking its not better then WoW or whatever game your playing right now that you really like, but it is! I've played alot of MMO's these past few years and the only one I am happy with is Rf online. When i found out that the game was shutting down my face did this >=( . I'm glad this closed beta is now out. Now off to the review.



Closed Beta Info



Above is the closed beta info for the game. There are a few thing i want to point out about this. While the x10 EXP looks great, its not that good. If you know anything about Rf online you know that the PT is more important in this game then the level. x10 EXP makes you level fast but you fall behind on PT and then cant equipt anything becuase you are behind on PT. The other thing is the "During test period, cash items can be purchased using gold." This seems cool but if you think about it, it's really not. 1 gold is equal to one credit, but in the game one gold is also 2k in game money for whate

Mabinogi Coser Kabu in the RF Online cosplay feast

By: Hyuk in RF Onlineposted at Aug 18, 2008 12:28 pm

Kabu is a cosplayer I know, she is famous for mabinogi cosplaying in my country, and I am a big fan of her obviously. Today I browsed her blog and found her new cosplay works, guess what? She and her team cosplayed the RF Online! Well, I don't play RF but the photos looks really cool, I picked some of the stuff, hope you like them.

Btw, I have post an article about her Mabinogi cosplay, click here to see the photo

it's her! Kabu!!

RF armors

Rf online(fixed review)

By: sdhf in RF Onlineposted at Feb 21, 2008 3:36 pm

RF Online is a sci-fi themed massively multiplayer role-playing game which is now free to play. It takes place in Novus, wherel war wages between three playable Races: the guys who use big robots Bellato, the user nam

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