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Zentia Memorial Event!

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at May 25, 2011 6:26 am

 Memorial Event
Fellow Zentians!
In honor of Memorial Day weekend, Zentia is running a Memorial event that will last from May 25 after maintenance to midnight of May 31. 

Here are the event details:
1. Festival Bulletins in Serene City, Pond City and the Capital City warehouse notify players about the event.
2. NPCs in Serene City, Pond City, and Capital City provide event items.
3. Quest given by Taoist Ting to go to Sunny Temple and burn incense to honor the dead. Completing the quest will provide buffs, XPs, and the unique food Memoriam Fruit.
4. Double XP period for Memorial Day Weekend: May 28 at 12:05am to May 30th at 11:55pm.

So spend some time resting this weekend, thinking about your loved ones, past and present. Then spend the rest of your time honoring your fallen comrades in

Zentia Guild System

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at May 22, 2011 12:03 pm

Player Jita wrote this great guild guide.

Guild's in Zentia require participation and contribution to grow. Both of these things come of course from it's members. Here are some great ways to both participate and contribute to your guild which will help it grow, and net you some nice xp and gold too!  (you can even do these things on your own )

Let's start by heading to the guild square.

Look in your inventory (B) and find your Teleport Charm.

If you can't find a Teleport Charm in your inventory check out this mini-guide to replace it I've lost my charm! (Mini-Guide)

You can click this to bring up a menu of locations that you have access to teleport too.

Scroll to the bottom and the very last entry and click Guild Square, then click Go.

Up the tall steps at Heaven Pa

Zentia Dance Fever

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at May 20, 2011 4:10 pm
Dance Fever


Dance Fever!

There are some places in Zentia where you can join a dance group and dance the night away with your friends while earning experience and cool items like the Animation Paper! This is a great way to earn experience while you are away from your keyboard (AFK).

Travel to Serene City Center and find Dancing Nenny. She may be small but she is not hard to find. You will usually see people dancing with her around the city. You can join in on the fun as well. There is two different ways to join the dance group. You can either right-click on Dancing Nenny and then right-click on her picture at the top of the screen then select Follow. OR… you can just left-click on her and join the Dance Group automatically.



Dancing and Animation



In your journeys, you mi

Zentia's Weekly Treasure Hunt TODAY!

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at May 18, 2011 8:32 am

 Wednesday, May 18th, 5:00PM - ~5:30PM PST

Treasure Hunt!

Find the treasure spot with the Pick Up Goblins!

This event will simply be a Treasure Hunt in the Serene Zone. Everyone will have a chance to run out and find a huge pile of Lv 50 Pickup Goblins and beat the loot right out of 'em!

How it works

-There will be a list of 8 coordinates given out at the start of the event, in X,Y format. EX: [ 817,213 ]

-When you see these coordinates, it's up to you to decide which one is the lucky one!

-Travel to these coordinates in search of the one with the Goblins.

-Only 1 of these coordinates will contain any treasure. So if you find it, tell your friends where you are so they can come reap the rewards too!

-The end of this event will not be announced. The event will be over whenever some

Zentia Discipline System

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at May 16, 2011 11:11 am

 The Discipline Sytem is a new 1.2 feature. This is different from your class skills, and typically available for higher levels. 

Disciplines are special skills with one of two effects. Learn Effects and Equip Effects. 

Learn Effects are passive effects that permanently increase your basic attributes. There are no limitations to Learn Effects, but it will cost XP and money to learn and upgrade these disciplines. 

Equip Effects are special attributes or skills that you can equip. Different Equip Effects may have specific requirements to equip, such as only being available for specific classes. 

Discipline Window
To open the window, click the button as shown below (available to levels 30+)

The squares displayed is an Equip slot. You can take advantage of an Eq

Zentia Facebook Facelift Event

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at May 14, 2011 7:33 am

Zentia Facebook Facelift Event
5/13 – 5/27

The Zentia Facebook Facelift Event has arrived! In order to participate, all you need to do is log into your Facebook account, change your profile picture to one of the provided images, and reply to the event below. With your efforts, the face of Facebook will be reshaped with a much needed Zentia style facelift. Too many uses of face? Face it, that was clever. This event will go live on Monday 5/16. Be sure to keep your profile picture as the Zentia image for one week (until 5/23)! Rules are posted below.

1. Log onto your Facebook account 

2. Change your profile picture to one of the provided images.

3. Reply to the event forum post below. You must include your Facebook profile (we will be checking) For example,http://www.facebook.com/Katealyst would be my link I would post.

4. Keep your profile picture as the image for 1 week until 5/23, 12pm(PST)
We will be checking the profiles of those who choose to participate. If y

Zentia Mini Games

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at May 12, 2011 7:10 am
Geomancy Fragment

 Take a break from Pking. Play one of the many mini games! Listed below are a few of the mini games available. 



Mini Games


One of the fun features of Zentia is the mini games. The minigames bring a nice break from all the excitement. Mini games can be accessed by using a Geomancy Fragment.

Geomancy Fragments can be received from finishing a quest or sometimes found after defeating an enemy.

Once a Geomancy Fragment is right clicked, you can access the minigame, if you meet the level requirements. The requirements are stated on the Geomancy Fragment.

In the upper right corner is a tab marked, “Leisure”.

Click the leisure tab and you can play the mini game! Minigames offer experience points, coins, and items upon completion. The mini games can be play with a

How to get good lower level equipment in Zentia

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at May 10, 2011 2:04 pm

 You can get good lv20 equipment that will last for a while by completing some life skill quests. Since we can only learn 2 at a time (unless you pay 10g in a guild), you'll be learning and forgetting these skills. To get leather, you'll need hunting, hardwood from collecting, and copper ingot from mining.

You can do these quests in any order that makes sense to you, ending with whichever 2 life skills you want to keep. Later you can add more life skills from your guild, or make alts for additional life skills (you can run up to 3 clients). 

Clothes Master
Learn Clothes Making Lv1 - 1silver
Accept quest
Buy Sewing Kit - 2silver
Make Common Robe - 5 thin leather
Turn in quest, receive 2000exp
Receive Cobalt Gown - Blue +20 def and +7 all other attributes
Collect Daily Masters Gift 10 Thin Leather 100 exp
Forget Clothes making

Belt Master
Learn Belt Making 1silver
Accept quest
Buy Measuring Tape - 2silver
Make Common Belt - 5 thin leather
Turn in quest, receive 2000exp
Receive Sa

Zentia Player Scrapbook

By: ChangYouZ in Zentiaposted at May 09, 2011 9:44 am
The Zentia Facebook Scrapbook Just like photos have the ability to forever capture a single scene, so can screenshots freeze a specific moment in time; viewers are then transported to a different time, a different place, or even an entirely different world. Memories can be shared, past adventures can be relived, and the crusades of days since passed can be made eternal. After all, a picture says a thousand words. This week in the world of Zentia we enlisted the help of our players to upload their most cherished funny, awesome, or just plain weird screenshots to Zentia’s Facebook page. If the community manages to reach 500 submissions by May 13th, all players will be rewarded with a Double Experience Weekend and various in-game prizes.  So far the uploaded screenshots h

Zentia Happy Planting Guide

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at May 08, 2011 8:13 am

 Player Jita submitted this guide in the Zentia forums  One of Zentia's many special events throughout the day is Happy Planting. If you've never checked this out, or maybe even checked it out in the early beta and haven't gone back, give it a shot. Happy Planting is a nice divergence from the regular questing fighting norm. 

To join Happy Planting the event has to be running and you have to have joined it within the first five minutes of the event. To check the time click your events button in the top right corner of your mini map window.

This will open the events window and show you all of the available events throughout the day.

The first page which displays is the list page with recommended things you might want to take part it based on your level.


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