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Black Desert Online NPC Vendor Weapon & Armor Guide

By: Thomas Soren in Black Desertposted at Apr 01, 2017 8:15 am

Black Desert Online has quite a few NPC's in the world, some of which that sell useful gear through the amity game.  Let's take a look at some of the popular NPC's and gear!

Stay updated on guides and general Black Desert Online content here: https://goo.gl/5cXCq2

Revelation Online - Gearing Guide

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at Apr 01, 2017 7:23 am

Still many people don't know in Revelation, how to get a decent gear for their level, this Gearing Guide is for them! I hope the video will answer all of your questions!

Bless Online - New Patch on RU Server (28 March)

By: theLos_ in BLESSposted at Mar 31, 2017 4:30 am
With new patch on RU (28 March), Mystic class added and HardMode of Sleeping Ruin Dungeon(50 level)

-It is possible to get rare, epic runes and epic armors by defeated the Descendant of Kuatrana

(Last Boss)

Can enter 10x times a week


You can find more videos about Bless Online:

Dragon Slayer 屠龙学院 New Mobile ARPG 2017 - All Classes Show

By: Gtaster in Dragomon Hunter (Dragon Slayer)posted at Mar 30, 2017 6:52 am

Dragon Slayer 屠龙学院 is a ne ARPG for Android in 2017. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE GAME !
This is my Mobile game playlist : https://goo.gl/UzNpl0
Some review about Dragon Slayer Mobile : Good gameplay, smooth animation except Avoid Skills, it look pretty fake. Nice graphic, not hurt my eyes too much. Good skill combos, nice pvp system, nice auto fight, auto quest, auto for everything. Good character voice when fighting. The only Healer in this game is the Sub Heroes that you can collect and level up with you.

Dragon Slayer 屠龙学院 has very good storyline, and has smooth animation, with many skill combo action and modern back ground. Dragon Slayer Mobile is a world of Magic and Techniqe. We will travel in a epic worldwide, with many dungeon. 
Dragon Slayer 屠龙学院 is a modern Western Academy as the background of the MMORPG game, the mysterious college summon and train the dragon warriors, and the dragon class confrontation, fight for mankind! The game specially designed a hundred special skills, so tha

What's Good About MU Legend

By: Fevir in MU: Legend (MU2)posted at Mar 29, 2017 4:07 pm

Today we're going to take a look at Mu Legend which isn't released yet but has a global open beta coming this summer as was released in a press release on March 28th, 2017.


However, there have been a couple beta tests and I have had some hands on time with the game.  This is what I had to say about MU Legend after the second CBT.

The impression I got was that it was a very polished action RPG that instead of trying to separate itself from what Diablo 3 did for the genre has embraced and built upon it and while it has gotten the stigma of being an action RPG-MMORPG hybrid.. it really doesn't feel that way.

League of Legends: Watch Beautiful Star Guardian Cosplay

By: Hàn Thiên Hải in League of Legendsposted at Mar 27, 2017 1:15 am

Star Guardian is a series of new League of Legends skins and released in Patch 6.20. This is a group of female middle school students who choose to become cosmic protectors and must battle cosmic enemies that threaten the Universe. However, they consequently learn of the anguish and perils associated with their newfound roles.

Recently, 개인, the South Korean cosplay team, has done a beautiful set of Star Guardian cosplay includes Star Guardian Janna, Star Guardian Lux, Star Guardian Jinx, and Star Guardian Lulu. Let's enjoy!

Source: Inven.

Sword of Shadows: First Look Review Android BlueStacks

By: Scion Storm in posted at Mar 26, 2017 1:29 pm

I'm not that convinced at this one. Seems a lot of on rails type of gameplay. Even with that we still have to break it down.


Fast travel even though it's super comical

Nice animation on fighting

Classes seem different and fun

Storyline based questing


You're on rails you can hardly move elsewhere

Hilarious long pathing just to go somewhere

Music is pretty off sometimes and doesn't match the area playing

The camera does what it wants sometimes.


I'm not too impressed by this game. However with the Age of Wushu base and settings. It can grow into a better game over time.

Ragnarok: Spear Of Odin English Gameplay (Android RPG)

By: Android Gameplay - D in posted at Mar 26, 2017 8:34 am

Ragnarok: Spear Of Odin

Magician (Wizard/Sorcerer)

Swordsman (Knight/Warrior)

Subscribe to Android Gameplay - DROIDZ ►►►https://goo.gl/dEm4GT◄◄◄

Ragnarok: Spear Of Odin English Gameplay (Android RPG)

Enjoy Hack and Slash Action RPG!Unlike the existing simple battle mobile game, this is a hack and slash type that increases the excitement and immersion of the game.
Upgrade in Action version of RagnarokMore than 200 monsters appearing in Ragnarok Online are featured in Full 3D.
Upgrade ‘Job Class’! Makes your character stronger than ever before!After level 15, players can make a choice from Sword-man to Knight/Warrior, from Magician to Wizard/Sorcerer to increase their skills and get access to over 100 set items.
Feel the original fun of RagnarokOver 15 original dungeons from Ragnarok online with real-time party play raid dungeons.
Various enjoyment from original card systemInherit upgradeable card system from Ragnarok online, and varied in-game activities such as chatting with other players in to

SMITE Tactis CB 0.17 Patch Adds Roman Pantheon

By: Hàn Thiên Hải in Smiteposted at Mar 26, 2017 3:15 am

Hi-Rez Studios has released SMITE Tactis lastest patch CB 0.17 When in Rome featuring Roman pantheon. Bellona become leader when Cupid, Hercules, and Terra become units.

Roman Leader

Bellona: Leader, 1/25, Ability: 2 Mana, Give all Friendlies you deploy this turn +0/+2.

Roman Units

Accensus: Common, 3 Mana, 3/3, If adjacent to a Friendly, attacks hit all adjacent Enemies.

Ballista Tower: Free, 2 Mana, 0/5, Warcry: Choose an Area to attack. The tower attacks this area at the start of each of your turns.

Cupid: Free, 4 Mana, 4/2, Warcry: Choose a Non-Leader Enemy. When Cupid dies the target Enemy will also die.

Gallus: Rare, 4 Mana, 1/6, All adjacent Friendlies gain Immune: Enemy Spells.

Gladiator: Rare, 4 Mana, 4/4, Your Leader Ability costs 1 less while this unit is in play. Thi

StarCraft II Patch 3.12 Preview: Three New Skins Revealed

By: Hàn Thiên Hải in Starcraft IIposted at Mar 25, 2017 11:27 pm

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed three new skins in StarCraft II patch 3.12 includes the Bone Ravager, the Junker Hellion, and the Adun Immortal.

Each skin will be available for $2.49, or you can grab the Elite Skin Bundle — which includes all three of these new skins, plus the Evolved Roach, the Advanced Stalker, and the Upgraded Marauder — for 15% off.

Each of these bundles are dynamically priced so if you own any of the skins already, it will automatically adjust the final cost. The Elite Skins Bundle will be available under the Collection tab with the release of Patch 3.12.

Source: StarCraft II official site.

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