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Congratulations to MMOsite Forum 2Moons Contest Winners

By: Falkner in 2Moonsposted at Dec 06, 2007 7:47 pm

This is the original thread of the contest: http://forum.mmosite.com/topics/169/200711/13/1452,1.html

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 MMOsite NicknameGame Server
1st Prize(1):
100 US Dollars Acclaim Coins
2nd Prize(2):
50 US Dollars Acclaim Coins
3rd Prize(7):
20 US Dollars Acclaim Coins


Congratulatons to all the winners and thanks for everyone's participation.

We wanna start a new event/contest about two moons with Acclaim. And we need a new idea about the event/contest. Do you have any idea about this? Wanna win more prize from MMOsite and Acclaim? Come on. Click the following link to post your ideas.


New Mode in Kart Rider - Flag Mode - How Interesting

By: Ryuuna in KartRiderposted at Dec 06, 2007 8:33 am

ha~~~~tonight i tried the new mode of kart rider - flag mode, how interesting, though i just not get any one point ....- -!
in this new mode, it has new items, pink shield, ghost, water column, rocket bomb and mine.

two teams of players compete for a flag - who take the flag and drive to their color's goal, then get a point. who get the more point, who will win~ it seems a little like soccer~

the buttons have all presented in green~  a brand new look ~~ lol

then...ready ... go!

...well, when i was trying my best to catch the flag, i did forget to take any images -。-,,,so then the next image is


but a demo here~ it just show us the exciting compete actually~~

Looking Within (Vol 2)

By: Buldozer in posted at Dec 06, 2007 2:56 am


Seeing yourself on your online character.

Every player that have a character on a typical mmorpg game like wow  or any casual social game like Second Life have done things that havent done in real life. Its a sence of freedom that make as feel a different person.

In real life we have consequences so we are very restricted in what we have courage to do.

For example on Second Life you have your character; you use clothes that you normally wouldnt use, you have conversation that you normally wouldnt have face to face with another person and you have actions with the opposite sex that you wouldnt have the courage to have on the real world.

So my question is, what is your real personallity? the personallity of you on the Real world? or the personallity of your character on the game?

The games are made to make us different for what we are now. Like halloween we use a mask and we transform ourselfs in a different person, but people instead of creating a different person on the game they are  puting there secret personalitty on the games, the personality of our character is getting more real than our own.


Thank you for Reading.

Dragons And Pictures

By: DarkItai in posted at Dec 06, 2007 2:53 am

Since I was born I liked dragons! they are my true love! Well ye and... my parents think I'm a little weird because of that.But I have a friend that's love's them 2 so

Runescape------Cooking- How to get to level 99 fast

By: boziheng in Runescapeposted at Dec 05, 2007 10:45 pm
From level 1 you need to cook 39 Not burned shrimp.You should fish the shrimp yourself and cook it over a fire or range.
To get too 99 cooking fish is the best way because you only have to fish for it and cook

some cool picturs

By: DarkItai in posted at Dec 05, 2007 4:47 am















By: odimok in Rohan:Blood Feudposted at Dec 05, 2007 1:16 am

Rohan English Version has been announced.  Really can`t wait to play this game. Client will be added soon, before download this game, let`s view some new screenshots and wallpapers updated in our gallery. Check Rohan Feature for more details about this game.

Rohan wallpaper

Elf - Rohan wallpaper (Click here for full image)

Rohan wallpaper

Half Elf - Rohan wallpaper (Click here for full image)

Rohan wallpaper

Human - Rohan wallpaper (Click here for full image)

 Rohan wallpaper

Dhan - Rohan wallpaper (Click here for full image)

Rohan wallpaper

Dekan - Rohan wallpaper (Click here for full image)

More Rohan Photos

Preview: The Chronicles of Spellborn

By: C_C in posted at Dec 05, 2007 1:03 am

The Chronicles of Spellborn is a dark fantasy MMORPG. Now I know what you are thinking, and the answer is no. There are no elves, and there are no orcs. This is not that kind of fantasy. This is a unique type of fanta

Looking Within (vol 1)

By: Buldozer in posted at Dec 04, 2007 7:47 am


Before everything we got to think about the meaning of “looking within”.Since i remember myself i was always a bit alone, i never had many friends because i was considered “weird”, i was very tall for my age (there’s the name Buldozer), i was very quiet and very retrospective. Since a young age i had a restrict catholic education and i never had an education to give freedom to my thoughts and ideas, so i would close myself in my mind and that was my little world where i could think and not being accused of something, for me that’s looking within, talking with ourselves.For my first thought i would like to give my idea about faith, as you can read on the first lines i never feet in on my own world when the situation is religion. My parents are Catholics all my family is Catholic and me, i want to consider myself a free thinker, i don’t have religion that i can call my own, so you can see how difficult it was for me to try to find my true me.I always tried to understand all the religions, i have tons of books of all the religions: the bible, the Muslims sacred book, all the books from dalai lama and all the religious books that you can think off.I came to the conclusion off the stup

The new classic threads of 2moons forum contest

By: Falkner in 2Moonsposted at Dec 04, 2007 12:39 am
The classic threads which were posted during the contest are listed here. I need everyone to check these threads and evaluate these threads. If you doubt any of them can be classified, please leave your words. If I've missed any topic that needs to be classified, please do recommand it here.

First of all, please check this thread:
2Moons Quest Guides Recruiting
From page 3 to last page, ZkLogic wrote lots of quest guides which I really wanted to classify. But the system doesn't allow me to classify a reply. I think these quest guides defenitely worth more than some of the classic thread listed below. So I decided to consider them as two classic threads and give Zklogik 100 contest points.

Python Dungeon Guide PkDragon

Learn your acronyms & short forms!! rev.5/4/2 BobKelso999

Guide to Optimizing Your Segnale Talem88

2moons cash shop guide BobKelso999

Mage fast lvling guide v1.1 Draghar

Ultimate gems guide v1.4 Draghar

In-depth guide to opening a successful shop! KJSorc

2moons for Dummies [General Guide] Talem88

All you need to know about Deadfront v1.1 Draghar

Norak Floor 2 KarmaMyFate

PK and Jail info GuardianOfTheBlind

Str Summoner The step by step Ni

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