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Hearthstone - The Journey to Un'Goro Begins!

By: Gabriel Knight in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraftposted at Apr 06, 2017 3:52 pm

The new Hearthstone expansion has been launched today, and if you're like me, then you'll probably be totally oblivious to anything related to it. I have no clue which cards are introduced, nor the mechanics involved. So, here I bring to you the opening of 84 packs for your enjoyment, which will also let us learn all about the Journey to Un'Goro.

So, wanna join me or not??

The quality is terribad, I know.

I forgot to change it and then I was all like "OMG LET ME DO IT AGAIN!!1"


As soon as the game starts, you'll be informed that some cards are being moved away from the Standard play in order to be forgotten in Wild. They're the following:

* Ice Lance: remember Ice Mage? Yeah, never mind...

* Conceal: what, no more impossible to stop 8/8 Edwin at turn 2? That's... awesome!

* Po

Easter In MMORPGS : Do MMORPGS need Real Life Events ?

By: Rokwood in posted at Apr 06, 2017 10:02 am

Easter In MMORPGS : Do MMORPGS need Real Life Events ?

Events in MMORPGs are always a great thing, you can experience a lot and pick up nice items.But most events are aimed at the holidays that exist in our world,this might undermine the autonomy of the fantasy world?

It might seem a bit funny when the Easter Bunny is in a fantasy world . You can find it good, because during these holidays you have free time and more time to play and enjoy the events to the fullest. Players are always happy if they can participate in such events and "win" something. The interaction with other players is important. You can celebrate with friends and have a lot of fun.

But fantasy worlds should have their own events. They are independent cultures with their own customs and festivals. But if the Santa Claus

Revelation Online: Current Store Conditions

By: Scion Storm in Revelationposted at Apr 05, 2017 12:02 pm

The latest store addition brings in some useful items to be used. It maybe a little too overwhelming and pay to win. I can see people raging hard at these new packs. The store was right down the middle on pay2win and casual now its just plain too much,

What Should I Do After I Reached lvl 50 in BnS

By: Adjacenth in Blade and Soulposted at Apr 05, 2017 1:02 am
As a new player who reached lvl 50 recently, i'm finding the process of getting into late game (grind) a bit difficult compared to countless other games i played into this stage.
My AP sits at low 400's and i'm having problems finding groups for even 45 dungeons (so i can unlock further 45 dungeons) to grind skillbook drops or even silverfrost mats for my first weapon breakthrough. This is an issue for me when it comes to progressing skills which are still tied to "old" content.

Because the (group) dungeon experience while leveling up was so limited (or non existing), the odds of getting into current (late game) group content and messing up are high.
The early (late game) AP recruitment wall is very visible to even try getting into. Finding clans seems to be an issue aswell gi

Should you play: Final Fantasy Mobius

By: Scion Storm in posted at Apr 04, 2017 3:52 pm

This is one of the more fun games on Android and Steam. You guys should give it a try it's worth it.


Many classes to choose from freely picked up

Maybe the most free2play friendly game on Android

Voice acting is good for a mobile title

Constant events and updates


Grinding can peel your soul away.

Understanding curve of the game is high

Instant hard bosses happen a lot. No easing into it just bam your dead

Multiplayer isn't being used as well as it could be


This game is awesome but I think it's missing things that could make it legendary. The lack of pvp is glaring almost uncalled for. And the no effort given to multiplayer is a bit sad. People want to ban together and beat bosses. It's really just bare bones and cheesy at best.

POM - Pride Of Male - New Roleplaying Game for Android

By: Gtaster in posted at Apr 04, 2017 3:58 am

POM - Pride of Male is a new Role Playing Game for Android 2017 from PangGame Korea. 
Help me compelte my Quest of April : Reach 100 SUBSCRIBER https://goo.gl/QxVSX8 . Thanks!
My Android Game playlist : https://goo.gl/UzNpl0
Link download POM : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pang.syttm.google&pageId=107646177025740902273

POM Review :
Here is my experience after 1 hours of playing POM - Pride of male.
- 3 classic classes. Acher, Mage, Warrior.
- Acceptable Graphic, can not compare with HIT ( Heroes of Incredible Tales ).
- Gameplay : Auto for everything ! You can control manually, but for most of time you will leave it auto.
- Many option to improve your strength.
- POM has big worldwide, real time combat with friend and teammate.
- There is no way to customize your character,, no stats points, no skills points, no addition skills or combo. Yeah, everything auto. Level will give you addition stats, but not skill points. 
- The world of POM is very boring, just auto

Revelation VS Bless

By: Nocht in BLESSposted at Apr 03, 2017 11:17 pm

Revelation Online and Bless Online are the two MMORPGs I've been playing so far in 2017. Here's my review of both games' character creation, PvP & PvE gameplay, costumes/cosmetics, open world, and quality life.

I've been playing Revelation since July of last year and Bless since the start of this year. My opinions on this video are based on Revelation CN /NA and Bless RU/KR. I refer to all of those versions.

Revelation is in Open Beta for CN/RU/NA/EU while Bless is available in RU/KR and does not have an announced date for English beta phases yet. The Bless community is expecting to hear more about it this summer! ✌️

Heart of Honor Burning Blood CBT Paladin Gameplay - Android RPG 2017

By: Gtaster in posted at Apr 03, 2017 6:15 pm

Heart of Honor Burning Blood (火龙在天) is a new Android ARPG .
My Target on April : Reach 100 Subscribe. Help me by hit Subscribe button https://goo.gl/QxVSX8 . Thanks!
My Mobile game playlist : https://goo.gl/UzNpl0
Download Heart of Honor : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=war.craft.blood.mmo&hl=en

Heart of Honor: Burning Blood (火龙在天), a 3D fantasy MMOARPG with a world-top real-time render engine and gorgeous western painting style, will drag you into a realistic and magnificent ancient continent. Here you can experience various adventures, fight with hundreds of heroes or enjoy limitless battles against other players all the day! And Guild Wars, real-time MOBA, Clan Wars, Group Dungeons...are all waiting you! Burn your blood and wield your weapon!
[Hundreds of Heroes, Thousands of Combinations]
Fight like a real sword master, militant monk or ice mage in this fantasy world! With hundreds of heroes and thousands of combat combinations, you can easily complete endless com

Evagelion Online Gameplay - Android / iOS RPG

By: RabbitFootTV in posted at Apr 03, 2017 4:24 pm

Giant robots fighting huge monsters? Yes please. A first look at the rpg for mobile devices Evagelion Online.

Bless Online | Guardian Vs Berserk 1v1 PvP (50 lvl High Gear)

By: theLos_ in BLESSposted at Apr 01, 2017 4:23 pm

Both of us (Berserk and Guardian) have high gear endgame item.

In Bless Online, it depends how you play classes, can't win with just high gears.

Wanted to share my experience:
Guardian Vs Berserk 1v1 Duel

You can find more videos about Bless Online:

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