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Revelation Online's Future Updates We'll Likely Not See Right Away in Open Beta

By: Nocht in Revelationposted at Feb 19, 2017 9:09 pm

Revelation's Open beta is now!

Officials on the Revelation forums have said that they plan to get as close to the Chinese version as possible for the open beta, but we received a much older version of the game.

Here are some major updates in CN I feel will take some time before reaching the NA/EU version.

Housing Updates, Assassin, Class Transfers, New Special Skills

REGISTER HERE FOR OPEN BETA: https://mrs.my.com/r/ff21d8d8
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Upcoming (Best) MMORPGs In 2017 You ABSOLUTELY HAVE To Play!

By: MMOByte in posted at Feb 19, 2017 2:28 pm

Since it's 2017 you're no doubt wondering what MMORPGs you should be playing or at the very least looking forward to this year, amirite?

With this video, I've compiled a list of MMORPGs I believe are an absolute must play in 2017 (granted they all release this year!) - so get ready to start the hype train!

If you believe any of these should not be in the list, if you believe there is something I missed that should be in this list - don't hesitate to mention it! We'd love to hear back from you!

Read our full text summary.

Revelation Online-Release Date+Occultist Gameplay Trailer

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at Feb 14, 2017 10:46 am
My.com has revealed a new epic Occultist video, and with that, they have also announced the Open Beta, Early Access, and Name Reservation Date! The Early Access will start on the 27th February, OBT on the 6th March. The Name reservation starts for Deluxe Pack owners on the 14th February, for Founder Pack owners on the 16th February. It will last until the 21th February!

So this is your last chance to get your founders pack for early access and name reservation, if you don't have it yet, or want to upgrade, you can do it at: >>click here<<

Conan Exiles: Beginners Guide Setting Up Home Base

By: Scion Storm in posted at Feb 13, 2017 10:49 pm

I wanted to show how I start the game. And have zero problems progressing. Pretty much all you need to do is a good place to base camp.

Water good food and resources on hand is very good to have. Try to place your house in a spot not on top of spawning resources. For instances don't clear out giant boulders and place a house there. If you do that no more resources will spawn there for you or anyone else

Remember when foraging for materials. If you end up at max weight? You can craft right in that spot. This will lower your weight especially with rocks and wood. Then dump your materials or place them at your home.

Try to make a stone axe and weapon first. So you can kill Rabbits and wolves for meat. This will help you a long way to surviving hunger. Also remember to make a camp fire so

For Honor: OBT Should you play It?

By: Scion Storm in posted at Feb 13, 2017 4:02 am

This is special because I don't usually do should I plays. With out the game being out for a year. This is an exception because the game left that great of an impression on me.


Excellent combat and tactics

Sound in combat is pretty authentic

Scavenging gear is actually fun

Game worth to price is very high


Some classes do appear a little over balanced

Falling through the map still happen in OBT

No penalty for rage quitters


I doubt I'll be this serious about suggesting a pvp game to anyone again. So theirs really no need for me to say anything else beyond buy this game.

Fire Emblem Heroes: First Impressions

By: Scion Storm in posted at Feb 12, 2017 6:02 pm

I have to admit I got old school feels playing this game. I was extremely shocked this game actually had voice dialogue. Nintendo games usually just text dialogue. This is a very popular franchise with a lot of fans.


A lot of past heroes from other Fire Emblem games

Voice acting in a Nintendo game 

Deep customization with skills

Nice story line alternate time line


A pet peave of mine is a easy cash shop. Meaning its far too easy to simply (Buy) to power

Starts a bit slow takes you some time to ramp up

No real team play but it's to be expected.


Final Fantasy tactics fans should try this game. If you want to get in early I would suggest rolling a 5 star character early. If you don't get one restart a new account until you do. That boosts you pretty e

Seventh Dark- First Look

By: Rankochan in posted at Feb 12, 2017 1:31 pm

I had finally the time to try out the japanese Seventh Dark online, and I have to say, I really liked the introduction to this game, the gameplay, the music, and the story is pretty epic in my opinion. You would think, because it has a chibi art style, that it's only cute, but the story is pretty dark, and full of main character deaths...So it's not too clishé. The boss fights are intense, and this pet system is also interresting. Check out the video about the story introduction!

Final Fantasy: Mobius FF7 Event Live Review

By: Scion Storm in posted at Feb 12, 2017 2:59 am

This event I decided to do live on YouTube. It was pretty fun and in the end I have a strong replica of Sephiroth's sword Masamune. The event features music from Final Fantasy 7. And models from the up and coming Fina Fantasy 7 remake. It's a nice little teaser of the game coming soon.

Fairy Tale Busters: First Impressions+How to play it

By: Scion Storm in posted at Feb 12, 2017 2:28 am

This game was amusing and weird. Not exactly what is happening beyond gotta kill them all. Gender locking well theirs no males at all in this game. So you can't gender lock any harder than that. This is just in beta so I won't pro's and con's it. You however can easily jump into this game and play. All you need is Chrome to translate the page for you. Try not to take this one too serious it's not meant to be a crazy epic journey.

Main Site= http://merubasu.playgra.com

Overwatch - Balancing for Pro's and Casuals, good or bad idea?

By: Tony259 in Overwatchposted at Feb 10, 2017 11:10 am

Overwatch has been around for a little over half a year now, it has gone through a number of balance patches and yet the game is in such a terrible state for balancing, it's quite shocking that a game can be this unbalanced when there's only 23 characters to take into consideration, while a game like Dota2 that has a little over 100 characters has much better overall balance.

What Blizzard have been doing with their game (which they also stated their self in 1 way or another) is that they're trying to keep the game balanced for both casual and pro players, the result so far is that about 60% of their roster is very under-used or not used at all. Lower tier players will consider characters such as Torbjorn, Symmetra and Bastion to be very strong characters, where as higher tier pl

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