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MMOtography at Red Cliff!

By: DogBeating posted at Jan 05, 2010 6:12 pm

I've was busy on my exploration in the virtual world of Ancient China during the period of the three kingdoms for a couple of weeks now. In short, spending my precious time in front of my computer during the Christmas and new year vacation playing Red Cliff. I admit i am addicted to thos game based on the romance of the three kingdoms. Gotta love their recently conducted 2x experience event.

Admit it grind is a part of most MMO nowadays and questing is just as a masquerade on the grind. Anyway to prevent myself from burning out due to excessive monster ass whooping action. I tried to do a MMOTography (make up word) also known as the art of taking screenshot with style. Let me share some of my favorite shots..


The Assault

The Art of Backstab


There's plenty of fish in the ocean


and presenting my favorite pic...


Now try to caption this




Don't drop the soap?

Brokeback Red cliff


I didn't Photoshopped any of these image. So which screen shot do you like?






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3ndrancE said:i hate the controls of the red cliff. i prefer the style of pw than this one

The 4th Toycon Cosplay Christmas Catwalk

By: DogBeating posted at Dec 22, 2009 12:02 am

It's been a long time since I've updated my fantazzztic blog and I am deeply apologetic about that, it's just that I am too busy with my work and some whatsoever personal related matters to name a few, all in all I' am getting inarticulate a little by little. The cold season must be blame and I think my precious brain cells already filed an official leave.

Yesterday we participated in the 4th toys and collectible Christmas fair cosplay catwalk without the catwalk but there is a cosplay. It's seems that the convention aim falls in to a “marketing side”. It's a freaking x'mas bazaar in the first place. Anyway like I said in my previous cosplay related photo spams! Enough with the wall of text! Photo Spam incoming!







Hey that's me cosplaying Shinji Hirako from bleach!


More Photos at:


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ChinaJoyExpo said:cool  

SM Cyberzone Cosplay Tour 2 Clark Leg is Fantazzztic!

By: DogBeating posted at Dec 13, 2009 7:16 pm

What i really liked about this cyberzone cosplay tour by SM is that they really care about their participating cosplayers, i'm sure the invited Top 30 Cosplayer's from the previous leg had a taste of SM Cyberzone's "maagang pamasko" (early chirstmas). No pic no talk! Enough with the wall of text !

The SM Cyberzone tourist bus! If you didn't hear Cykah's Declamation slash Musical, then you miss a half of your life :p


Me and Nate Lee (Zhao Yun from Red Cliff [published by Cubizone]cosplayer), Oh it's Cykah on the background!

Cosplayers munchin....


Arrived at the venue!

The backstage!

Queue for the "Aguinaldo"


Zhao Yun's Po-Po-Po-Poke'a stance

Emperor Lelouch and Rolo from Code Geass

The Lotus warrior from Spawn

The Undertaker

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII

King of Kings Sorceress

Gundam Unicorn

The 2nd Place winner Bishamon from Darkstalkers

The bubble head nurse from Silent Hill


Hollowfied (Vizard) Captain Kensei Muguruma from Bleach

Fresh from Kalbo Aklan it's the Ati Atihan *cough* Tsugesu from Ragnarok manhwa. The contest 1st place winner


Doctor Doom wants you!

Cosplayer's on the go!

Famous filipino cosplayer's Alodia and Ashley Gosie

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Hyuk said:Just WOW! Like the nurse from Silent Hill one :)

SM Cyberzone Cosplay Tour 2 Southmall Leg is Fantazzztic!

By: DogBeating posted at Dec 07, 2009 11:53 pm

Yesterday we rushed to SM City Southmall Las Piñas to compete for the SM Cyberzone Cosplay Tour 2 and by twist of fate our very own Zhao Yun (from Red Cliff Online) Cosplayer (Nate Lee) landed on the Top 10 of this leg so that mean's we will be competing at SM Clark Pampanga! Yay!

As for Joan who wears the Elven Archer Costume from Casvian (A Web Browser MMORPG) she successfully made her debut in the cosplay world despite of the “flash bombs” that almost made her blind (/hyperbole). Instant celebrity as I may say.

The registration is fast and is limited for 2 hours. There was around 80+ cosplayer's in the venue. To enter you must have a picture of the character that you are portraying.

Since the judge I believe loves the details of the costume very much Alodia Gosiengfiao. What can i say? The event was short around 3 1/2 hours (3:00Pm to 6:30PM), simple yet enjoyable though i feel so sorry to those people who slip off in the runway. Enough with the wall of text it's

time to spam some photo's. For your eyes only.


Nate Lee as Zhao Yun from Red Cliff striking a fierce pose.


Joan Ison as an Elven Archer Hero from Casvian with Cubizone Tattoo.

His name is Bo

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ikariplayer said:2nd and 4th Photo... the camera LOVES IT! It's changes the whole cosplaying scene!

Mangaholix Manga Mania 2009 Convention!

By: DogBeating posted at Nov 23, 2009 5:15 pm

Mangaholix Manga Mania Convention 09 is an astonishing experience for those have attended it and as well as for its Facilitators and Organizers, for those who didn't we'll you missed some part of your life. It was awesomely tiresome but worth the sweat that you had take. During the 2 day convention in the East Pavilion of World Trade Center turned into a mecca of Anime, Games, Manga, Music, Cosplay and every little juice of fanaticism. You can even bought some merchandises half the prize as it used to be.

Welcome to M3CON!

Guilty Gear's Characters off to photo action

What an AWESOME Costume from this guy!

OLD School! Yuyu Hakusho Cosplay!

xxxHOLIC Group!

Baby Bongun being glomped by the Ladies!

Baby Gothic Lolita Girl with Luie the Casvian ( A web Browser Game from Cubizone ) Archer. Check out her Fantazzztic Costume.

Xiao Qiao from Red Cliff ( An Upcoming MMORPG from Cubizone based on the Three Kingdoms ) Together with the Gothic Lolita Baby.

Cloud Strife in his full glory!

Presenting the Slipknot Group lol!

Masked Rider Black!?

Full Metal Alchemist's Alphonse Elric

Vocaloid Girl? Sorry i do not know her charater but she nailed it and Tomb Raider's Lara Croft.

Code Geass Group with Childre

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Princessdoll said:The girl with the yellow hair and helmet is from the anime "Genshiken" ^_^ Nice to see you there!~ LOL! XD I didn't have a chance to take pictures on you too.. T^T

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