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Lost Saga Relaunched Iron Man Challenge

By: Scion Storm posted at Jun 02, 2014 11:33 am

Lost Saga= http://lostsaga.z8games.com

Lost Saga is one of those games we take for granted. And one day it was just gone. It's not the best graphics in the world. But it's fun fast paced pve/pvp fun. It was recently relaunched several places for american use. I choose Z8 Games version. Because it seems like the closest to the over seas as you can get.

I decided to show off the whole roster of fighters. And show off the new Crusader mode. I was challenged to iron man it to the end. You don't have to do it alone. It's actually encouraged to do it with friends. But I wanted to see if I could meet the challenge alone.

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Test Blog!

By: virtualize posted at Mar 07, 2011 2:53 pm

I'm new to this and I'm just testing this blog feature out~ Don't mind me, lalala!

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Lost Saga Ice Mage guide

By: Martinjr posted at Dec 04, 2010 12:59 am

Ice Mage guide


 Ice mage is built for range and knocking off opponents, but is great for 1v1 melee against another non ranged player. The Ice rain spell is the most important skill for an ice mage, unless facing other ice mages with ice protection. You can create an ice mage for many different things. All teams need ice mages for knock offs and combos. I strongly recommend changing your trinket to something els more usefull. Ice mage is easy to learn but hard to use greatly.

Ice mage range is easy but close combat takes prictice and in fight training. For range you just pick a nice spot away from the fight and start raining ice on other players. I often use bazooka for my trinket so that when I freeze them i can get an easy knock out. The Ice blast spell comes in handy the most fr

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Card388 said: Much better than last time. Theres a lot of spelling mistakes that i think you should fix. Don't ask me which one just look over it. i saw at least 3.  

Life on Lost Saga

By: Martinjr posted at Nov 07, 2010 6:01 pm

A Lost Saga Tale

     tell everyone to read this and start playing Lost Saga.

  A World So close its at your fingertips Its Lost Saga! I have fun with my guild in PvP we battle for the Legion to take out the order,  but lately the order has ben kicking my a** it is so hard to beat them multiple times in a row due to their best warriors in their guilds always playing. So I have been doing my best to recruit guild members. I hate it when a pro comes in and kicks my a** and acts like they are going to join, they end up leaving and saying "Yo noob you just got killed". What do I do with that? Thay just want to win and get their K/D ratio up and slam me in a pit. I feel like they are s****ing on my head. My guild only has about 9 members because when I

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Card388 said: These stories aren't too great it just basically talks about how bad "noobs" and "kids" are.  Also you mention a lot about just how much ass you were kicking in the gam...

Hallowed Legendary

By: LostSagaNA posted at Oct 19, 2010 6:00 pm

Hallowed Legendary

For Halloween 2010, Lost Saga will be releasing two Halloween-special Legendary gears for the limited time.

Devil's Wings
Skill: Killer Bats
Summon the army of killer bats.

Vampire Mask

Skill: Bloodsucking
Take your enemy's HP and recharge your own.


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Lost Saga No. 26 Hero - Mafia Boss

By: LostSagaNA posted at Sep 01, 2010 2:30 pm

Lost Saga is releasing its 26th fighter Mafia Boss on September 2nd, 2010.

Armed with the fast double-handguns and a hidden dagger, the Mafia Boss emerged from the darkest side of the old-town streets and entered through the Time-Gate to face the new world of enemies. The quick reloads of his guns and the ability to fire from both weapons at once have earned him the title of a boss. Do not mess with the Mafia Boss when you face one amongst different Heroes of time and space!

Release Date
September 2, 2010

Rank Requirement

1LT Class 2

Item: Trinket
Keyboard: [A][S]

Stab with your dagger (usable when you're under attacked)

High Kick
Item: Helmet
Keyboard: [A][D]

Upper-kick your opponent high in the air

Item: Armor
Keyboard: [A][S][D]

Retreat as you throw a grenade

Item: We

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WingedFox said: Man, this makes me want to buy a Mofia Boss!

Lost Saga WCG2010 Tournament Rules

By: LostSagaNA posted at Aug 31, 2010 11:07 am

Official tournament rules for World Cyber Games 2010 are now released!

Game Version

Based on North America's June 24th Update - on an independent server


Parent consent form is required for players who were born on after September 30th, 1998 (For all off-line match)


-Format: 3vs3 / 5 rounds 3 wins
-Limited to 6 Heroes per player
-If there is no sign of battle for a certain period of time the referee may call a warning / disqualification / rematch.
-Your team wins when all of your opponents are captured or dropped, or when the opponents decide to withdraw.

Game Setting

-Mode: Prisoners / Custom Mode (WCG2010)
-Map: WCG 2010 (Random - Work Site, Cube, Wild West, Refinery, Ankor Wat)

Incidents during the game

_Disconnection caused by system / network / PC / power issue.

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Lost Saga Review

By: Martinjr posted at Aug 27, 2010 1:51 am

 Lost Saga Review

A semi-new MMO that comes with great PvP, and improving PvE, tons of great heroes, players, and guilds. You can do PvP all day long in the Faction battles or the regular battles. There is a PvE mode called Crusade, for all you PvE lovers. This is one of the best PVP RPG MMOs out there, so don't look any further.




Lost Saga Has a Wide range of PvP. There is Team battle, Crown Control, Power Stone, Prisoner, and free for all. The free for all mode should be updated to give players points for the amount of damage they have inflicted on their opponents, because currently there is allot of kill steals that go on. There is not much to say about PvP Since they have it set up so nicely. The only problem with the balance system is that some users ab

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paches said: This game suck's period all it takes is one tao and that team wins

Lost Saga Relic Hunting Update

By: LostSagaNA posted at Aug 23, 2010 10:50 am

On August 19, 2010 Lost Saga is releasing its second plaza activity Relic Hunting Mode.

Relic Hunting Mode allows you to find exotic treasures hidden in the plazas. First off, purchase the Relic Kit item from the shop's special items tap.

Enter any plaza and press the Relic Hunting icon to start the search!

Follow the number on your relic detector until it hits 0 then press D to start digging. The success rate on finding an item increases as more people join you in the plaza.

Relics are appraised and sold immediately after you dig them out. Relic value ranges from F to SSS with SSS being the most rare and high in price. Each type of plaza has different average relic value:

Pirate Bay: Medium
Sky Castle: Medium
Volcano: Very High
Ancient Ruins: Medium
Cube: High
Starbase: Medium

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Relic Hunting

By: Martinjr posted at Aug 20, 2010 12:47 pm

 I think that relic hunting is a great addition to Lost Saga, now players can make money without fighting. It is easy all you have to do is win the race to the relic spots and dig up an item. This is very different from fishing, with fishing I would start fishing buy about 10,000 peso worth of bait and go to bed to see my box full of items in the morning. With relic hunting you still use your time to get some good gear and money. The gear has a wide rang of time that you get to keep it, I have seen people get it for 12 hours up to 10 days I'm not sure if you can get it for 30 days or perm. I got some gear that i would never use so i sold it . There is some nice item drops, I dug up an item worth 3,800 peso. There is a success rate that goes by how many people are relic hunting while you are, the more relic hunters the better chance to get an item. When you fail to get an item you end up getting soil witch is worthless to you, it is worth 0 peso and is the most common thing to dig

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