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Famas The Most Underused Rifle

By: Ammunition posted at Dec 04, 2011 6:22 pm

This guide is just a general guide to most FPS games that has the Famas. Although some games may differ from each other knowing more about this could lead players to use it more often.

The Famas is one of those guns that players just scroll or just leave by. This french ball pup gun, is one gun that lots of people either hate or ignore. Just like how some students hate french class. To make things worst this gun has a major disadvantage, having a 25 bullet clip over the 30 that most Assault rifles have seems as if a huge 5 bullet disadvantage. Some games may make this gun one of the best (such as Soldier Front) while others will make it seem like another waste of GP (AVA, and Crossfire). Games that make the famas more used make it so that it can kill enemies quickly before the recoil gets to high. But many players do dislike the famas when trying to fire from Long range to close range. Although the burst function may seem useful, having it on unaware during a CQC fight can really ruin

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Kayla_Wins said:I never thought of the famas that way. That is why I love following you. One of the very few boys to understand FPS games, and to help a girl like me to reach our inner guns.

Review: Alliance of Valiant Arms (Ijji)

By: CalebG posted at Nov 04, 2009 8:16 pm

A while back, I reviewed the Japanese version of A.V.A, but since then, A.V.A has went open beta in Ijji, in English! I have thus decided to write another review for the Ijji version.

What is A.V.A?

Not sure who the good and bad guys are, the blue guys have a masked guy and the red has a hooded guy...

A.V.A, or Alliance of Valiant Arms, or the game with too long a name that don't quite mean anything is a typical Online FPS that has two sides, a few different game modes and the ability to purchase various weaponry. 

However, unlike games like Combat Arms from Nexon with whom I still have a gripe with, it does things slightly differently.

The Look

A screen shot showing the detail textures of the character, the shadow system, etc.

Using the Unreal Engine, it is arguably the most pretty looking game in it's genre. Of course, This would mean a higher minimum system requirements, but the game still does look pretty good even at the lowest settings. But a game is not only based on it's looks, so let's move on to the other unique features.

Details like rank and clan badge can actually be seen on the sleeves of the character, though, usually you don't notice them.

Game Modes

You have y

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Firekiller87 said:Time to dive into the FPS genre. I have seen AVA on the reactor mainpage, but i never really thought about playin it since i'm addicted to Lunia.   Seems like its a tad meatier than CS, or any of...

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