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Dragon's Call Next Gen WOW

By: XellonVeno posted at May 21, 2010 7:52 am

Here a Review of the Games Dragon's Call

It is a great WOW alike game where u just play on web based. no download need so free for all office worker, some one like me ^  .  ^ Cheers.

i have try on all three classes as there is no 2nd and 3rd class so choices is limited only that's the sad part of the game, well it is still a new games and i can see the company working very hard on it so just give it a rest

News about the class upgrade coming up soon, let prey for it. great system on balance player as the unbalance item is still not up yet ! unlike WOW where u have alot of free choices as which path u take DC is more of a follow the quest based, for quest FAN here it is a must play must play must play ! i repeat MUST PLAY games ^  ^ sorry for the maddness as it is a sideeffect of the coffee that i had just taken CHEERS to STARBUCK.

I likes how the market take place where u can stay conneted with other player w

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WOW popularity reaches on Dragon's Call Browser game

By: ProGamer2010 posted at Feb 02, 2010 2:02 am

Another nice MMORPG browser game from gamedp.com being introduce to the gaming industry called Dragon's Call. Dragon's Call has Diablo like interface for its character but it follows more with King Arthur and the Magician Merlin story. It has three designated characters to role play and great graphical art works and is PvP capable.

Screen Shots!

The Four Role Play Characters



There is nothing much to say about the role-play characters but they look nice.

The Battle

One thing that makes this browser game cool is the animated fighting and cute monsters!

The Town

The town looks nice ^^

The items

The items menu looks like Diablo RPG.

The Quest

There are plenty of quest to choose from.

The World Map

Well, it looks like a promising MMORPG that many would like.

The thing that i notice about Dragon's Call is there events. You can win a 60 days game time on WOW with their WOW Game Card Free Giveaway Contest. This is what drives me at making this article and playing their game, You can check th

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bloodthreat said: maybe spell check next time brah.

Dragon’s Call - what, when and why?

By: Wizzs posted at Jan 19, 2010 6:18 am


Dragon’s Call - what, when and why?


                “In the beginning, Quillas, Father of Heaven, awoke from chaos to find that the universe was quite, vast and tedious. He then creat

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ReaperV said: Great advertizement article, but where are the screenshots for this game? I checked the main site, the forums, and everywhere on MMOSITE. I get that it's 2D, but does it look sooo bad that a few...

Dragon's Call hits event too sexy!

By: adamskydancer posted at Jan 13, 2010 6:37 am

"$@%#$^I like big butt, I can't not lie..." "I'm too sexy for myself.. $#@@$%@^@$%@"  blah blah, bling bling, blur blur. Ok, if you still can see my crazy words here, you're not a pervert. As I always said, let's cut off all the craps, get to the fact - Dragon's Call sexy Stillanders Event did bring quite me quite a bit warm air in this freezing cold winter. Alright, I won't borther you to check the following player entries now , but don't forget to grab a tissue first...





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ahou_baka said:one repeated again but gj on posting them lol

Dragon’s Call: Play for a Chance to Win WoW Time Card

By: Blindsk posted at Jan 12, 2010 11:02 pm

You know what everyone likes?  Contests.  And not just any contests, but ones that offer prizes that you would actually want.  When it comes to MMOGs, it doesn’t take long to f

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Moonday said:Great game I have to say! Full of Final Fantasy and WOW elements!

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