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Heroes of Newerth - The Warchief Arrives!

By: Gabriel Knight posted at Jun 21, 2017 3:49 pm

Last Tuesday, the latest patch in Heroes of Newerth showed up, and with it, a new hero, alongside a bunch of balance changes and the usual awful avatars for your delightfulness.

Take a few minutes of your life to check out these nice features…

I can't even imagine how annoying it must be

to make that massive braid every day.



Imagine for a moment that old Tauren Chieftain from the original Defense of the Ancients map. Now, transmute him into a human, and add a bunch of abilities taken right from the Shaman from World of Warcraft. Presto, you have a new character for HoN! Phew, they're going to need a break after that much effort.

Creativity aside, the hero is certainly a fresh new addition, because he's Intelligence and can work as a carry, ganker, suic

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Heroes of Newerth - Patch 4.1.0 is Here!

By: Gabriel Knight posted at May 10, 2017 10:35 am

The day has finally come! 4.1.0 arrived in Heroes of Newerth, and with it, the beginning of a new Season. There has been a lot of interesting changes, so let's discuss them here, shall we?


At this point I'm just going to believe that they do these kind of things on purpose, like if they're trying to invent a new meme or something. With the latest patch, Gemini was broken… again.

This time he became some kind of immortal dog who can just push everything and be untouchable - even the towers were unable to attack him. Fortunately, I can say that the guys at Frostburn did learned this time, because a few hours after the patch launched, they already hotfixed the situation by putting Gemini in the banned list. The following day, the problem was solved altogether,

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Guest said:hahaha dead game dead site no one cares

Heroes of Newerth - The End of a Season

By: Gabriel Knight posted at May 02, 2017 8:32 am

A few days ago the 2nd season of HoN came to an end, and a bunch of rewards have been delivered to those who achieved the most. Also, the latest patch brought a couple of much needed balance changes, like small nerfs to Nitro, Soulstealer, and the commonly banned Sir Benzington, who became quite popular after HoN 4.0.

Congratulations, enjoy your Nymphora avatar!

But I don't like that hero...


In a previous article I talked about the overhaul that Frostburn brought to the game. But, alas, they also made a lot of mistakes over their time in charge, mainly in the balance department.

So let's recapitulate them, and also discuss the Season… uuhh… thing.

Talking about balance in Heroes of Newerth

can be summed up in one animated image.


A long time

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GG said:hahah I used to play this game years ago but only MID games it was so fun but not normal matches cuz the game is fking hard and wayyyyyyyy more if you play with randoms

Heroes of Newerth - A New Beginning

By: Gabriel Knight posted at Mar 15, 2017 10:06 am

Been a while since you haven't played Heroes of Newerth? Then perhaps this is the best time to come back, because there've been a lot of new and exciting changes around those lands. And I mean a lot.

In this article I'll do a quick review of the changes in the game, so you, the player, can decide if returning (or discovering!) the lands of Newerth is worth the trouble. But fear not: while this looks all like sparks and rainbows, it's just the first part of two.

I'm just saving my angry ravings for later.


That's right, in December of 2016 the latest big upgrade for HoN launched, and it really gave a breath of fresh air to the game. To summarize the changes in a short list:

* A revamped MMR system that works with leagues instead of numbers.

* A new RAP system that

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.Etrius. said:You almost got me in the UPDATED GRAPHICS part. They just worked a little harder to make some things look better. Everything else is pretty much the same.If devs really wanted to improve the game, the...

Heroes of Newerth: Chillin in the Back (Part II)

By: Gabriel Knight posted at Jan 08, 2016 10:05 pm

  A while ago (yeah, like six freaking months!) i wrote an article expressing my humble opinion about the overlooked MOBA Heroes of Newerth. My conclusion was that the real problem wasn’t the game itself,but rather the company behind it, S2.

  Even when they did made some serious mistakes which eventually left the population divided, they still managed to keep the game in a stable and balanced state. Yet, in time they just abandoned the lands of Newerth and gave it to another team, the newly formed Frostburn, acquired by Garena Online.

  So, let’s now talk about these fellas who, for the record, they already worked on HoN before, so they knew what to do with the game… right?

Too bad, it's me... Frostburn!

  Their first decision was to make a gigantic patch to balance the

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Guest said:Why do you still play it then?

Heroes of Newerth: Chillin in the Back (Part I)

By: Gabriel Knight posted at Aug 23, 2015 7:18 pm

    When you speak of MOBAs, you instantly think of DOTA2, League of Legends and the more recent Heroes of the Storm. There are probably others, but those are the ones who pretty much dominate the current scene.

    But before any of those (except LoL which came a little earlier) there was another game, one that was considered at the time as the “improved” version of the original DotA – Heroes of Newerth. These days you could say that is more like an underground game, with very little participation in the overall changes of the industry. Anyone who plays it knows that this shouldn’t be happening, as the product is a fine example of how a MOBA should be.

    Nevertheless, HoN chills in the back, mostly visited by a loyal community and wit

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Guest said:when i think of MOBA its only LoL , other games are like its retarded sisters, i just dont get it why ppl play this unbalanced ugly as hell dota2 crap ...

Heroes of Newerth Review

By: Zanpakutou posted at May 07, 2012 7:40 am

So after playing League of Legends for so long I decide to give Heroes of Newerth (HoN) another try. In doing so, I realized now why I thought it sucked and why I quit playing the game in the first place and why I disliked most MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games until League of Legends (LoL) came around. LoL is simple compared to the others and that is what makes it great for me. I like it simple. If you like it complex, then one of the other MOBA games are probably is the one for you.



N/A – A bunch of guys are just fighting it out for some random reason. No one really cares.



The graphics are pretty nice. The spell effects look similar, but the stages are fairly detailed though the character models do need more considering what numerous other games have now. Unfortunately, even their newest champions look like something that came out several years ago. Many of the special transformations look far superior to the champions and some of the skill effects

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HoN: New Hero Midas is live

By: Zevri posted at Sep 10, 2011 5:25 pm



“The tale of Auric of the deserts is perhaps a shrewd allegory to the fall of man. A wise and knowledgeable researcher, he had devoted his life's work to perfecting the ancient art of alchemy. However, upon discovering the vaunted power of transmutation, his lust for knowledge turned to greed, and within the span of a few mad days all around him was transformed to gold. Realizing what he had done, he gave an anguished cry and set out to atone for his sins.” –HoN’s Website

Being that this is news on a new champion, I thought it was bit more fitting to start out with the lore of the champion first, before boring you with other details, not to mention they do a lot better of a job telling you about the hero than how I would explain it.

Midas is a new ranged

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Aluna's Story: HoN adds a hottie to their Pantheon

By: Mandifesto posted at Mar 23, 2011 8:02 pm

They often say "art imitates life," and no truer example of this can be found than in the addition of Aluna to the pantheon of Heroes of Newerth.  Well, it's more of a case of "art imitating art imitating life," but that's close enough.  

You see, the stunningly beautiful actress Paula Garces recently worked on a comic project entitled Aluna.  The main character (conveniently named Aluna) is a shamanistic mage based on Paula herself.  Last year while I was busy at Comic-Con covering it for you fine folks, Paula happened to run into the developers over at S2 Games, and that conversation led to something rather unique:  The addition of a independent comic book character to an already popular MMO.  

I got the chance to play Aluna at GDC a

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Satinus said: Well Aluna was out a few weeks ago in HoN, this news is a bit late, but good work. She is a sexy engame-useless int hero.

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