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Mercenary Wars - the biggest dissappointment for X-Mas!

By: vollmilch2 posted at Dec 22, 2009 9:23 pm

Omg , eye cancer and stammer is what you get from Mercanary Wars - The Next Generation of FPS ...

     It looks more like the Generation before the Generation that was before the Generation of Counter-Strike , and im not talking about Source or 1.6  more like 1.3.

The Menu is the only thing that was able to temper the fire and pain in my eyes after i played a short 4 minute Round, even on the highest Details this game dont even scratches  the visual aids a modern FPS like Combat Arms ( older then  a year now, so it has some scratches here and there but its still better) or A.V.A offers...

The Servers was totally laggy pings of  230-300 for US-Users and  180-230 for European Users...

 Some Publishers... ah well forget about it


       If you want to save ur Time and ur Eyes  stay away from Mercenary Wars...



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