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Warriors of the Three Kingdoms Review

By: Zanpakutou posted at Nov 12, 2009 7:09 am

Warriors of the Three Kingdoms is another attempt to make an MMO based on the 3 Kingdoms era in China. This one goes for the action RPG feel which is different from most of the other MMOs. There are a good variety of gameplay options to satisfy PvE and PvP players but if you do not have an excellent internet connection, you will experience problems.


N/A - 3 Kingdoms Era, you join a side and go to war. That's pretty much it.


The graphics are not too bad, but I find that it is still below average. The main problem is that there is no variety. Players who are near your level will wear similar armor. The minor face differences are not noticeable. The enemies often look like recolored versions of the same characters. The skills are only noticeable by the huge trail effects they leave behind.


Character creation is very limited. You get a name, 3 faces, and 2 hair styles that look exactly the same. You also pick which nation you want to be part of. This cannot be changed later on so make it count.

There are 4 character types each that can use 2 different unique weapons. For the most part, the lower the difficulty is on the weapon, the more practical at is. The high di

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Xesolor said:Any screenshots?

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