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Mouth Watering ZX 2 Screen Shots!

By: DogBeating posted at Oct 01, 2009 9:22 pm

Perfect World Entertainment and Cubizone unveiled some mouth watering screen shots of their latest game (expansion/sequel?) Zhu Xian 2 thru their Face Book Fan Page. Zhu Xian 2: Labeled as Zhu Xian 2: Star Horse (? not sure about this) based on the popular internet novel by Xiao Ding. The newest installment will feature a different race called “God Descendants” as well as some internal battles based on the characters natures and belief furthermore ZX2 boastfully gave the immortals an opportunity not just to fly but as well as to kick their enemies backside while flying.

My Verdict about of the ZX2 Updates:

As a former Zhu Xian player the update didn’t fail to catch my attention. I admit it makes me want to come back and continue my journey to immortality again. Especially with the new features; it really motivates me to boot.

The server exclusive quest resuscitates my curiosity. I don’t have the slightest idea about what this means but as a player who loves questing, I hope it won’t disappoint me. I faithfully followed the main quest storyline of the game despite of the “face-palm to desk-head” level of translation that the Philippine’s

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Hyuk said:I have to say this game was made totally with the purpose of stealing your money

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