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Battleswarm: Fields Of Honor (Open Beta)

By: Bysta posted at Nov 02, 2009 5:33 pm

I am participating open beta testing of interesting crossgenre online game.

Battleswarm: Fields Of Honorpits First-Person Shooters against Real-Time Strategists in epic online battles waged between elite Human Soldiers and massive swarms of Bugs. This is very interesting concept and I think that with little polishing, this game will be worth playing.

To set one thing clear, this game is free to play. That means that there will be an item cash shop and everything that goes with this kind of games, but all the items you can buy also for the ingame cash.

Weapons and armor are bought on time basis. You can buy them for 3, 7 or 30 days, after which they expire. You can earn enough cash to be properly geared for battles with a decend group.

Here are some interface screenshots. Main interface, shoping, packing gear and game room before the start.


Currently I am playing as a human, and I must say that I enjoy this FPS. There is no soloing or Mr. Rambo actions, since humans need to communicate and organise in order to survive and win against the swarms of bugs.

Maps varies from defend the base full of reactors in Jungle outpost, planting the bombs into the Hive core, defending reactors and planti

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By: Godcrusher posted at Oct 25, 2009 3:49 pm

Human v.s Bugs

You can either play humans and be a marine in the third person view or as bugs and play as a strategy game. Different maps have different objective, there's more but I feel too lazy to contribute see for yourself. xd

I think this may be previously mentioned.



Register, Then DL
Size: Less than 1gb

It's interesting & unique, although the publisher need some work and the game need a lot of changes/edits. It's like  a good idea with bad packaging.

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Battleswarm Field of Honor Review

By: badgamer007 posted at Oct 20, 2009 9:20 pm

*The following review was done before September 23rd

Battleswarm is a game that combines shooter with strategy. The shooter part of the game is when you are playing as a human and the strategy part is when you are playing as a bug. The games graphics are very well done: the shadows, water effects and the overall bloom effect in the game can be visually pleasing on the eyes. The game in general is user friendly and from the start you are given missions that have useful rewards.

Blood splats on the screen indicating a meteor has fallen nearby.

Tutorial                                                                                                           &nbs

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Xesolor said:RIGHTTTTTT...   Where's the actual LINK to some official website or some kind so we can actually see more about the GAME?

BattleSwarm Review: 6 marines vs an Angry Mob of Bugs

By: Ajatz posted at Oct 10, 2009 9:17 pm

BattleSwarm Review: 6 marines vs an Angry Mob of Bugs



Battleswarm is a first/third person shooter with real time strategy elements and revolves around the ever lasting cliche of marines vs aliens (have you ever seen a game where marines and aliens were friends?). Well anyways my first impressions of this game were quite good actually. I will start off with saying that I enjoyed playing the game and it was a new experience since I never played anything like this. But as time went on, it just got more and more frustrating, well anyways here is my review.



There is no story but I can make one up if you like. The army has a budget shortfall so they could only afford 6 marines to fight against an army of bugs, but luckily for them each marine was the secret love child of Rambo and could somehow fight on equal terms with the insect-like invaders.


Server Population:

Very very very very very small. Probably because it was just released from beta, but nevertheless if I have to wait 6-10 mins at night to find people to play a match with, I might just have to rage quit.

Maybe it is just my timezone? (which is PST), so unless everyone else lives in Russi

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FaveSiege said:its awesome

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